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Star crossed lovers: Episode 4: brother’s and sister’s

They entered riddhima’s house and setteled themselves in the hall they opened the beer bottles and pizza packs ‘ so guys which ‘ riddhima asked . ‘ ummm dil dhadakne do’ aryan answered ‘ ya sounds good ‘ sejal added, ” me too” ishani approved ” all in support with aryan decision” ishani asked ,they nodded thier  heads in agreement .

After watching and eating and toasting theh were so tired they fell asleep there itself . It was morning soon riddhima heard someones cold whisper near her ears ” riddhu riddhu wake up we need to prepare breakfast” said sejal  shivering ” good morning sejal , why are u shivering” riddhima inquired. ” The ac ” sejal shivered more ” ok ok calm down lets go” riddhima added concerned they prepared sausages for breakfast riddhima and sejal took a bath.

Riddhima was wearing a cream top tucked in a blue and white checked skirt and a blue cardigan with white canvas sneakers riddhima and sejal went to heat her self up riddhima went out to her garden sat on the swing enjoying her view when she turned towards a better view

” Omg u look more crisp in this sun , just look at u , u haven’t changed a bit since the day we look at his cute smile oh wait is he smiling at me shit riddhima stop staring i said stop staring” Riddhima thought she smiled at vansh he was still smiling at her proceeded towards her and sat next to her  ‘ so what u drinking’ he asked ,to which she replied’ tea’ they were silently sitting there vansh thought to himself” riddhima i like u since the day we met ive always liked u , but am a bit afraid to reveal my feelings i dont want u to feel upset’ Riddhima thought ‘ vansh i have feelings for j but am confused if u like me or not’

‘Guys everyone come for breakfast yaar’ sejal shouted they were having thier breakfast when ‘ guys i was thinking why not plan a trip to goa i mean it will be fun like for saturday and sunday what do u think ‘ asked sia .             ‘ sounds fun to me ‘ added ishani ‘ count me inn’ replied riddhima while munching on her breakfast , ‘ ok so riddhu u come to Ayka industries today say by 2pm’ asked aaryan

‘I’ll be there at 1 pm but why ‘ aske riddhu ‘ for planning and everything’ added aryan then me , u , vansh bhai can sit together and decide’ vansh added’ sure why not’. ‘ok ill be there but now its 8:55 and ive to be at the art studio by 9 wow im late’ she said in hastily . Ok bye guys ee u later’ ‘ ya bye’ everyone in chorus .

It was 12: 30 riddhima reached the Ayka industries vansh was eagerly waiting for her she entered and she dashed with someone they both fell ‘im sorry i didnt mean to’ apologised riddhima while getting up ‘ riddhima ‘ the boy exclaimed she looked up ‘omg vivek how are you ‘ asked riddhima they spoke for a while and reached vansh’s cabin .

They knocked and entered vansh said relieived’ oh vivek u are here please give this file to angre , hi riddhima’ ‘ hii vansh ‘ she said smilingly, ‘ u didnt fell me worked here vivek how bad ‘ she pouted as she smacked his arm. Vansh was feeling uncomfortable with vivek and riddhima’s closeness ‘u both know each other?” He asked to which riddhima replied ‘ya me sejal and vivek sre like brother’s and sister’s we grew up together in the orphanage” brother’s and sisters those words were enough to calm vansh down .

So that is it for today guys hope u like it the first 3 episodes were my youngersister’s work and imagination so glad u liked it thank you for ur love and support

– candid 11 love you and i mean it

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