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Shivi TS: Parwah Hai (Chapter 1)

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How are you all doing? Hope you are doing great. Well, I am back with the part one of the Shivi TS: Parwah Hai. Hope you find it amazing. But before this I would like to inform you that the dialogues are written in Hindi as well as in English. For English, it is written in the brackets.

The previous chapter is the Prologue, If you are new to this Story then do check it out so that you can get hooked to this story!!

Let’s Begin…

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Chapter 1 – On The Brim

In Pandya House [Evening Hours]

Raavi and Shiva has reached home and they are safe and sound. At Pandya House the doctor was called to check Raavi and Shiva but mainly it was there for Shiva. The doctor does the dressing and prescribes medicines for both. Complete bed rest for a day for Raavi and three days for Shiva is told by the doctor. He tells that shiva is unconscious due to exertion but Raavi is fine. In reality Raavi’s condition is no better. She is exhausted but seeing shiva like this Raavi is getting more stressed.

Raavi asks everyone to go and take rest. They are emotionally drained whereas Raavi is physically drained as well.

Seeing Raavi like this Dev feels bad and says ” Raavi tum bhi thaki hui ho, rest karlo, me rukta hu na Shiva ke paas, don’t worry [Raavi you seemed exhausted, please take rest and don’t worry I will stay with Shiva]”

Rishita gets shocked hearing Dev making such announcement without consulting her. She is emotionally exhausted and needs Dev by her side. She knows how she felt when Dev went for the rescue mission, where the goons could harm Dev on her father’s instruction. The amount of fear she had undergone because of this situation has drained her. And here, her dear husband is offering his presence for Shiva and Raavi. Rishita thinks ‘Why it is always Raavi and not me Dev’. She nudges Dev with her elbow and says “Dev agar Raavi Shiva ki saath rehna chahti hai to tum usse rehne do, vaise bhi tum bhi to thak gae ho [Dev, If she wants to be with Shiva then let her be, and you must be tired as well.]”

Dev looks at Rishita as if she has lost it, still he calmingly says “Rishita, ye tum kya bol rhi hu, Me bilkul theek hu and Raavi zyada thak gai hogi to agar me Shiva ke paas ruk jaunga to kya ho jaega, vaise bhi bhai hai mera itna to kar sakta hu me uske liye. [Rishita, what are you saying? I am perfectly fine and Raavi must be tired. So what’s the harm if I stay with Shiva, he is my brother after all, I can do this for him]”

Rishita sees Dev with the look that literally translates as ‘Have you lost it, Can’t you understand what I mean to say’. Dev replies with the look that means ‘Keep quiet and let me talk’

Raavi interrupts their moment and says “Chup ek dum chup, koi zaroorat nhi hai ye sab karne ki [Stop it, there is no need for drama]”

Dev looks at Raavi in shock and asks “Kya bol rahi ho tum Raavi ?[What are you saying Raavi?] “

Rishita says “Ha Raavi, Bolo[Yes Raavi, Say]”

Raavi says in a gloomy voice “Aaj humare saath itna sab ho gaya vo sab tumhari vajha se hua hai. Shiva ko itni chot lagi, aur vo [We have been through a lot today because of you. Shiva got injured and he ]”

Rishita gets annoyed with Raavi’s victim act as for her she is the one with whom everyone should sympathize, she interrupts Raavi and says “Raavi Chot to Dev ko bhi lagi hai, aur tum to aise bol rhi hu jaise ki Shiva [Raavi, Dev is hurt too, and here you are behaving as if Shiva is ]” What Rishita meant to say is simply that Raavi is overreacting but her choice of words puts her in trouble. Rather then saying that Raavi is overreacting, the words meant that she is behaving as if Shiva is no more.

Before Rishita could complete her sentence Raavi interrupted her. Even interpreting Rishita’s sentence give Raavi a shiver. “Agar Mere Shiva ko kuch bhi hua to me tum dono ko nhi chodongi [If something happen to my Shiva then I would not forgive you both]” Raavi screamed at Dev and Rishita. Seeing Raavi so mad, everyone got scared especially Dev and Rishita. Rishita never in her wildest dreams has thought that Raavi would behave so boldly. Raavi knows how she controlled herself from hitting Rishita.

Before they could recover, Raavi threaten them more.

“Aur ha, tum dono mere kamre me aane ke baare me socha bhi mat. Ye sab tum dono ki vajha se hua hai. Aaj mera Shiva is halat me padh hai sirf tumhari vajha se, so back off. [And listen, don’t you dare come in my room. Whatever happened is because of you both. My Shiva is in critical condition because of you too, so back off]” With this Raavi shut the door and sat near Shiva who was lying still, covered in bandages. Tears fell off her eyes as she observed Shiva.

Raavi says “Shiva, Uthu Shiva, Please Aakhe Khol [Shiva, Wakeup Shiva, please wakeup]” and she cries. She sits against the wall and continuously looks at Shiva.

Outside her room the scenario is not different, everyone is crying except Rishita, well Dev and Krish are sad. Dhara and Gautam are consoling their Maa. As far as Rishita is concerned, she is not sad rather she is mad at Raavi for behaving like this, and with Dev for not taking any stand for her just like Shiva always takes for Raavi.

Rishita murmurs ‘ Raavi ki himmat kaise hui mujhse aise baat karne ki [How dare you Raavi, that you talk to me like that]’, alas Suman hears it.

Suman says “Kya bola tumne [What did you say]”. Everyone looks at Rishita.

Rishita stammers a little as she fears that she is caught, “Ku-kuch bhi to n-nhi [N-Nothing]”

Suman says “Sab pata hai mujhe ki tu kya bol rhi thi [I know what you were saying]”

Gautam and Dhara senses that this is not going in right direction, they look at each other and blink, as if communicating all their thoughts. Gautam intervene and says “Bas bhi karo, Abhi Shiva ke baare me sochna Zaroori hai [Stop it, now we should just focus on Shiva]”

Suman says “Ha bas yahi samjhana chah rahi thi me kisiko [Yeah, I wanted to explain this only]”

Dhara thinks ‘If we stay here then there would be a war, so its better if we go in rooms and pray there’. She looks at Gautam, he understands her and says “Dev Rishita chalo ab tum donor room me jao aaram karo thak gae hoge [Dev and Rishita go to your room and rest, you must be tired]”

Dev wants to protest but a look from Dhara silenced him, while Rishita is happy, she smiles and nods. She drags Dev to their room. Krish says “I will stay here. If there would be anything Raavi would need then I will help her out.” Gautam and Dhara nods and accompany their Maa to her room.

Raavi heard what happened outside but she is too engrossed in thinking about Shiva that she decides not to pay attention. Raavi then recalls the events that has shaken up her world.


Today, they were to go to the temple to perform some rituals. Dhara, Gautam and Krish has gone first to make the arrangements while the couple were to wait and then leave. Rishita at the last moment had to change her clothes as it got ruined. Something in the kitchen had ruined her dress, so Dev asked Shiva and Raavi to go first and not to wait for them. They agreed.

Shiva started the bike and signed Raavi to sit. She took a moment to figure out how to sit with Saree, as it was the first time her wearing it. When she sat, she held the back of the bike. Shiva rode for a minute then stopped his bike abruptly causing Raavi to crash on his back.

Raavi complained ” Kya hai bike chalana nhi aata kya [What’s wrong with you, don’t you know how to ride a bike]”

Shiva said “Sahi se pakad mujhe varna gir jaegi [Hold me properly else you will fall]”

Raavi hesitantly grabs his shoulders and said “Chal [Lets go]” Shiva again started the bike then stopped it abruptly causing Raavi to slam on his back.

Raavi complained ” Ab kya problem hai [What’s wrong now]”

Shiva said “Sahi se pakad mujhe varna gir jaegi [Hold me properly else you will fall]”

Raavi held him by wrapping her arms around his waist. Feeling the sensation Shiva smiled and he rode his bike. Deep inside Raavi was feeling butterflies in her stomach. She blushed and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

They were going peacefully, not really peacefully, there was a constant battle happening between them about one thing or the other.

Raavi said “Tujhe sharam nhi aati ese karte hue [Aren’t you ashamed]”

Shiva got irritated as Raavi has started the fight for the fourth time, he said “Ab kya problem hai tujhe[What is your problem]”

Raavi complained “Koi itni tez bike chalata hai kya [Why do you drive so harshly]”

Shiva said “Ab agar tujhe itni problem ho rhi hai to tu utar jana mene konsa haath pakde hue hai tere [If you have problem then get down, I am not holding you ]”

Raavi fumed and stated “Tu pakad bhi nhi sakta [You can’t hold me even if you want to]”

Shiva teased her “Tu kya chahti hai ki me tere haath pakdu, to ye sapna tera sapna hi reh jaega [Do you want me to hold your hand, then this dream will not come true]”

She blushed but she acted to be annoyed and said “Kya ye tu kya bol rha hai, pehle mujhe lagta tha ki tera sir bachpan me zaroor takraya hoga par ab mujhe pura yakin ho gaya hai. Kese behki behki bate kar rha hai [What are you saying, I thought that you had a lose screw but now I am affirmative that you have a lose screw. You are talking rubbish ]”

Shiva teasingly said “Are [Ah]”

Raavi asked “Kya Are [What Ah?]

***********END OFFLASHBACK**************

This recalling brings a smile on Raavi’s face, makes her eyes sparkle and unknowingly a word escapes her lips, “Shiva”. Then the next memory brings sadness back.


While they were going, a car came and halts in their way. The goons came and threated them. They asked Raavi to come with them if she wanted to see Shiva alive. Shiva being himself, got engaged in the fight. Out of sudden, one attacker grabbed Raavi and threatened to shoot her. This incident stopped Shiva from hitting them and suddenly another attacker hit him with the stick. Shiva collapsed, seeing this Raavi pushed the attacker and ran towards Shiva. She cried and tried to wake him up by calling his name and shaking him. All her efforts went in vain. One of the attackers hit her at the back of her head. The attackers carried them and pushed them in the car. This was how they were kidnapped.

In between the car ride, Shiva regained his conscious. He scanned and analysed his surroundings but before anything he checked for Raavi. Seeing Raavi unconscious but beside him safe provided him relief. He pulled Raavi towards him so naturally that it looked as if she slipped down. He shook her a bit and wakes her up. When she was about to scream realising that they had been kidnaped Shiva put his hand on her mouth to stop her.

He whispered “Stay quiet” and Raavi nodded. Shiva sensed that their destination has arrived so he asked Raavi to act as if they were still unconscious. While they acted, the goons dragged them out of the car, took them in the room and tied them. They were ogling Raavi but they thought her to be Rishita so she was off limit for them. They left them there till they got next order. Then Shiva and Raavi opened their eyes. Shiva tried to get free. He got free after a lot of struggle. Before he could free Raavi he saw some goons coming back. He decided to act as if he was tied. The goons had known that they had kidnapped the wrong couple. So now, they could ogle Raavi. But they had decided to look in that matter later. To those ‘some goons’ staring Raavi now seemed a good option to pass their time. Shiva couldn’t tolerate it and he hit them. It was an intense fight, which Raavi was helplessly watching. She was guiding him and telling him about the moves which aimed at his back or head. Shiva finally got victory. Then he freed Raavi. They were about to leave then the rest of the goons came. They heard some noise and came to check in. Shiva clashed with them. One of the goons targeted Raavi, this was the last straw for Shiva. He had grabbed her from back. Shiva hit him and the goon threw Raavi on the floor. Shiva was so mad that he began thrashing them. It was an intense fight, he got cuts from knife. One of them was about to shoot Shiva but Raavi got hold of a stick and hit him on the head. Shiva hold Raavi’s hand and ran from there. They ran inside the forest so that the goons got lost of their track. Shiva’s plan was to divert the goons and then run for the road. But destiny’s plan was a little different. Shiva and Raavi were exhausted and were not able to ran. Then Raavi decided to take a break and rest. They sat leaning on the tree. Shiva’s condition was deteriorating, Raavi was no better but she was in the condition to call for help. Somehow Raavi hid Shiva’s phone when Shiva was fighting which she used to call Gautam and asked for help. She explained her location and waited for them to arrive. She and Shiva were hiding behind the tree. Shiva was profoundly bleeding, to control it she wrapped her torn saree strip around his wounds and for the cuts she tried patting it with her saree end. Shiva was breathing heavily and was leaning against the tree whereas Raavi was sitting in front of him. When they heard a sound, she hugged Shiva fearing that the goons were near and Shiva was alert. He had his arms wrapped around her protectively. Then the voice came, which was familiar and it called out their names. It was Gautam, Dev and Krish. Raavi and Shiva were on the slanting end. Raavi called out, “Hum yaha neeche hai [Hey, we are down here]”. They heard them and were going down carefully but Dev slipped and rolled down, and his head got hurt with a tree trunk. Krish supports Dev while Gautam goes towards Raavi and Shiva. They both were in pretty bad shape, especially Shiva. Gautam helped Raavi to get up and then he and Krish help Shiva. They support Shiva and walked forward. Dev extended his hand to help Raavi but Raavi declined his help. They walked out of the forest. The goons saw them walking out but didn’t do anything as their orders were changed.

This is how they were saved.

***********END OFFLASHBACK**************

After some time, there is a knock on the door.

Raavi me Krish [Raavi its me Krish]” , Krish said. He asks “Aap theek ho na [Are you fine]” He is getting worried stricken. Whenever Dhara asked him about Raavi, he lied that she is fine. He heard her cry but now, even that is not there. He fears that she has fainted due to exertion

He knocks more and the constant knocking brings her out of her world. She replies, ” Ha?[Yeah?] “

Krish says “Raavi Darwaja kholo please mujhe tension ho rahi hai [Raavi Please open the door, I am getting worried]”

Raavi replies “Me theek hu Krish [I am fine Krish, Let it be na]”

Krish requests “Please Raavi, acha bahar sirf me hu, me hi aaunga please khol du gate. [Please Raavi, Only I will come inside I promise]”

Raavi opens the door slightly then peeks outside, after ensuring the no one is there except Krish, she allows him. Seeing him coming slowly she hurriedly pulls him inside and shuts the door. After locking it, she turns to Krish.

Krish’s eyes tears up and he hugs Raavi. Raavi consoles him. Then they sit beside Shiva. Krish tries to makeup laugh but he fails in all attempt. But somehow, he realised that Raavi feels better when he talks about Shiva. So Krish narrates some of their unknown special stories to Raavi. Whenever Shiva’s name is mentioned, her eye’s glisten.

It has been an hour since Krish was talking and Raavi was listening. Krish is seeing how her eyes are getting drowsy and still she is adamant on staying awake. He thinks that she should get some energy. He thinks to get fruits for her but rejects that idea because she won’t eat. Then he thinks of another idea.

Krish says “Aap please juice banadoge [Raavi can you please make a glass of juice for me]”

Raavi looks at him in quizzical way.

Krish says “Please Raavi, tab tak me yaha rukta hu, aap tension mat lo me nhi hatunga yaha se aur Shiva ko jaise hi hosh aaega usse pehle to aap aa jaoge nhi to me aa kar bataunga aapko [Please Raavi, I wont move from here till you come and if Shiva regains conscious then I will come and tell you don’t worry]”

Raavi says “Par [But]”

Krish requests Raavi by making puppy dog eyes, “Raavi please, sab room me hai varna me nhi kehta tumse, mujhe bilkul acha feel nhi ho raha hai [Please Raavi, everyone is the room else I wont have asked you. I am not feeling good]”

Raavi couldn’t deny him so she says “Okay”

She looks at Shiva for a moment or two and then leaves the room.

Later, Shiva stirs a bit and groans. Krish hears him and sees him moving. His happiness knew no bounds and he hug Shiva. Shiva groans more and pushes Krish a bit. Krish breaks the hug.

“Shiva Bhaiya aapko hosh aagaya.” Krish exclaimed.

Shiva holds his head and says “Hato itna zor se kyo bol raha hai [Yeah so why are you shouting]”. It then strikes him that he is with Krish. He looks at the surrounding and become aware that he is in his room. He is immediately reminded of Raavi. Of course, knows that if he is here then she has ought to be here but he needs to make sure that she is safe and sound. Before he could ask about her, which was again a battle he fought. One side he wanted to ask but the other reminded him that he is her enemy and what will she, Krish or everyone will think of him. Then he silences that side by reasoning out that he married her and Dhara Bhabhi asked him to take care of her. He knows this reason is right but also that this is not the only reason. The main reason is much deeper.

Krish interrupts his thoughts and says “Ruko me abhi Raavi ko bolta hu [Wait let me call Raavi]” It is as if Krish understood his thoughts.

Shiva says “Are tu us [Ah Why You]” Shiva wants to see Raavi but he couldn’t let Krish that he is desperate.

Krish interrupts him and says “Are vo mujhe dantengi ki mene bataya nhi ki hosh aagaya hai aapko jabki unhe parwah ho rhi thi na” krish’s reply shocks Shiva, he gets happy but doesn’t show it. Rather he tries to dig out more information.

Shiva asks “Kya ye tu kya bolrha h usse meri parwah kyo hogi [What are you saying, why would she care]”

Krish says “Are bhaiya aapko nhi pata Raavi ne aapki parwah me kya kiya jab aap behosh the [Ah Shiva you don’t know what Raavi has done when she was worried stricken for you, when you were unconscious ]”

Shiva feels that this topic would expose his feelings and tries to divert the track. He thinks to enquire about the incident as at that time he remember everything but it is blurry, “Usse pehle ye bata ki hum ghar kese aae aur vo [Okay before that tell me how did we reach home]”

Krish gets irritated and says “Are bhaiya vo interesting story nhi h, toh aap kisi aur se sun lena aur vaise to Raavi theek hai par [Ah that story isn’t interesting, so ask somebody else to narrate it. By the way Raavi is fine but ]” Somehow Krish knew that Shiva would like to know about Raavi. Shiva thanks his god that he gets to know about Raavi.

Shiva gets anxious and asks “Par par kya, pura bol [But what happened to her, complete the sentence]” In that second many kinds of fears ran through his mind.

Krish says “Par ro ro kar bura haal ho gaya h bas unka [But she is crying a lot]”

Hearing this Shiva panics, he tries not to think about anything bad happening with her. Shiva asks “Are vo ro kyo rhi h, kya hua h usse [What she is crying, but why, what happened with her?]”

Krish says “Vo to apke liye ro rhi h [She is crying because of your condition]”

Shiva sighs in relief, then he feels a mixture of emotions. He is contented that Raavi cares about him but he feels sad because she had cried too much. Imagining her sweet face with tears continuously escaping her eyes aches his heart. Shiva says “Mere liye [For me]”. But his happiness is more, which even makes its appearance on his face. It is as if he has found a treasure.

Krish notices him and tease shim saying “Aap smile kar rhe hai [You are smiling, not bad]”

Shiva acts to be angry and is about to scold him but Krish interrupts him and says “Haa, ab aap chup karo jaldi se mujhe story sunnae do [Keep quiet and let me complete the story]”

Shiva smiles and says “Haa suna [ Yeah continue]”

Krish continues “Raavi ne Dev aur Rishita ko bahut sunaya aur kaha ki vo is kamre me nhi aa sakte hai [Raavi yelled at Dev and Rishita and forbids them to enter this room]”

Shiva is fascinated by this information, he says “Sach me usne sunaya [Did she really do this? ]” Shiva is feeling proud that Raavi faced Dev and Rishita but it made him wonder what had caused it. Did they again misbehave with her or was it something else altogether, these types of questions came in his mind.

Krish smiles and says “Ha, raavi ne kaha ki tum dono ki vajha se mera shiva aaj is haal me hai, phir Raavi ne unke muh par Darwaja band kar diya [Yeah, Raavi said that they were responsible and it was because of them that her Shiva is under such condition. Then she banged the door on their face]”

‘Mera shiva [My Shiva]’ caught this attention, it gives him happiness which he couldn’t figure out why. ‘Mera Shiva’ keeps on replaying in his mind.

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