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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya plans a surprise birthday party for Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anokhi ordering food. Babli blesses her that she doesn’t have any heartbreak, her dreams shouldn’t break. Anokhi says I just ordered noodles, but all this have come. Babli says Shaurya would have sent this, I won’t have it. Anokhi says good will get waste, please have it. Babli gets Shaurya’s call and says fine, I will come. Anokhi wakes up. She smiles and says its my special day, Shaurya will make it more special. She shouts happy birthday. Babli asks why do you think I will help you. Shaurya says you are Anokhi’s sister, you are an event manager, help me, I just want Anokhi’s happiness, trust me, we both love her. Babli asks what do you want to do. He says I want a good surprise for Anokhi, I want your help.

Anokhi looks for Babli. She goes to get ready. Babli says don’t show her false dreams if you really love her, if she gets hurt, I can’t tolerate, if her heart breaks, then I will not leave you. He says I will not break her heart, I want to see her happy. Ahir comes and greets them. Shaurya says Chandiragh police in Goa, did you get a transfer. Ahir says no, I m here. Babli says he has come with me to help, Ahir also cares for Anokhi. Ahir says a bit more, Shaurya will not understand, we already spoke about it. She asks Ahir to come in Anokhi’s party. Shaurya says you would be busy in case, its fine if you don’t come. Babli asks Shaurya about the party. He tells her.

Kanchan says don’t know Shaurya met Anokhi or not. She calls him. He thanks her for sending Anokhi. She says you met him. He says I was surprised to see her, now its my turn to make it special, its her mistake, I want to make her birthday special. Shagun greets Devi. She says I wanted to meet Shaurya. Devi says I didn’t see him. Shagun asks shall I meet him in his room. Devi says no. She hears Kanchan talking to Shaurya. Shaurya says try to come, Anokhi will be glad. Kanchan says I want to come, what will I tell Devi, its Anokhi’s birthday, Shaurya is planning something special for her in Goa, no, I have to make some other excuse.

Shagun hides. Kanchan says I m sure you have much work. Anokhi thinks is Shaurya still sleeping, no call or message. Ahir hides Shaurya from Anokhi. Shaurya hides Babli also. Anokhi asks for Shaurya and Babli. Ahir says such description isn’t enough, why are you asking someone else when I m here, you look beautiful today. She says its my birthday. He gives her a flower. She says I m waiting for Babli. Ahir says both sisters look for each other, come. Shaurya gets jealous. He says I thought he is helping me, he is making his numbers, I will not leave him, I was going to wish, he wished first. Babli says you have to give her a surprise, sit quiet here. Ahir and Anokhi come to some store. Shaurya gets angry seeing Ahir.

Ahir signs him to go. Anokhi checks the prices. She says I didn’t like it much. Ahir says your birthday dress will be from my side, I can do this for you, this dress will suit you. Shaurya gets in between. Anokhi asks where were you since morning. Shaurya says someone is searching for you, please go. Ahir says I will see. Ahir goes. Shaurya asks did you like something. Anokhi says no. She thinks doesn’t he remember its my birthday, shall I tell him, I will wait and see. She likes a dress. She says I didn’t notice this. He asks do you like it. He says you should have classy taste. She asks what do you think. He says fine, our choices can’t be same. They argue. He says I can’t do this drama. She says okay fine, just be like that. She angrily goes.

He calls Babli for help. Rama calls Anokhi and wishes her. Anokhi says I miss you, thanks for wishes. Shaurya asks Babli to take the dress for Anokhi as his gift. Babli sends an audio note and asks Anokhi to come to room. Anokhi goes. She gets the gift and note. She reads, come to the restaurant when you are ready, did Babli send this. She smiles seeing the dress. She says it means, did Shaurya send this, its so pretty. She gets ready and comes to the restaurant. Shaurya sees her and smiles. O karam khudaya….plays…She smiles.

Shaurya wishes Anokhi happy birthday. She cuts the cake and feeds him. Saberwal family arrives with Shagun. Devi says Shaurya and Shagun’s old engagement will be fixed again. Anokhi cries.

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