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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 12

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Episode begins with… . 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I have a plan.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, you all plan and go inside. I’ll leave..

RIDDHIMA: Where are you going?

SEJAL: I’m going to the hostel.

Saying so, she leaves.. 

ANGRE: Leave her..What is your plan?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, we’ll tell them that we three had gone to the hospital to get my hand treated.

VANSH: Angre, I think this plan will work…

ANGRE: Okay, let’s go in…

Saying so, the trio goes in. As soon as they enter both the families surround them… 

CHANCHAL: Where did you three go?

RIDDHIMA: Mom actually, I got hurt. We went to the hospital for treatment..

Saying so, she shows her hand.. 

RUDRA: Riddhu, how did this happen?

RIDDHIMA: We were running and playing. While playing, I got hurt..

UMA: Riddhima, you should be careful. But, how did she get hurt? ( towards vansh and Angre)

They both simulatneously answers…

VANSH: She fell down.. 

ANGRE: A glass mug fell on her hand..

Seeing their different answers everyone gets confused. 

UMA: What??

Angre and vansh looks at each other.. 

CHANCHAL: Did she fell down or the mug fell on her hand?

They both get nervous and simulatneously answers.. 

VANSH: A glass mug fell on her hand..

ANGRE: She fell down..

Again they both answer differently.

RUDRA: What happened to you both? Now vansh is telling that the glass mug fell on her hand and you are saying that she fell down. Which is the truth?

ANGRE: Actually…

Both look at each other and look at riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Dad, I’ll tell you the truth. Actually, the mug fell on me and I lost the balance. So, I fell down..

UMA: But riddhima, who drove the car?

Now the three answer together..


ANGRE: Vansh..

VANSH: Riddhima…

Saying so, the three look at each other.. 

CHANCHAL & UMA: What!! Now what happened to you three?

RUDRA: Now which is the truth?

The three point out at the self..

RUDRA: You three are making me angry..

RIDDHIMA: Dad, why are you getting tensed? Somehow, I got hurt. They both took me to the hospital and now I’m okay.. Leave it…

Saying so, she looks at vansh and Angre and signs them to escape. She goes in. Immediately, angre takes his phone and acts.. 

ANGRE: Tell me, I’ll send it to you..

Saying so, he escapes.. 

Now uma, chanchal and Rudra looks at vansh.. 

VANSH: Mom, even I have an important work to complete. Come, we’ll leave.

Saying so, he escapes.. 

Vansh comes out. He receives a message. He looks at it. It was riddhima. Riddhima messaged him stating” Thank you for everything” He reads it and uknowingly, a smile appears on his face.. Uma comes out and sees him smiling.. 

UMA: What happened? Why are you smiling looking in your mobile?

VANSH: Nothing mom.. Where is ishani and sia?

UMA: I have already sent them home. Tomorrow is the marriage day. They need some rest. So, I’ve sent them..

VANSH: Okay, come. Let’s leave..

Saying so, he gets in the car.. They both leave.. 

Rudra and chanchal move to their rooms.. 

12.00 am.. 

Angre hears a knock at his door.. 

He opens the door and finds riddhima standing there… 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I couldn’t sleep in my room..

ANGRE: First, come in..

Saying so, he takes her in. They both sit on the bed.. 

ANGRE: Why didn’t you get sleep? Did you had any bad dreams?

RIDDHIMA: No, bhai..

ANGRE: Then, what happened?

Just then, riddhima begins to cry.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened? Did mom or dad scold you? Or else, Did you think about shwetha?

RIDDHIMA: No bhai.. I just thought, from tomorrow we won’t be able to stay together. I can’t just come to your room like this. We won’t be able to go for night walk and have ice creams. We won’t sit together and have our dinner.

Saying so, she cries. 

ANGRE: Why are you speaking all this now?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, tomorrow after marriage I’ll go to vansh’s house. After that all will change..

ANGRE: Riddhu, nothing will change. I’ll always be your brother and you’ll be my sister. If you want to see me, you come here. Or else, you call me.. If you want to go for a night walk then, just tell me. Are you crying for this.. You’ll just go to vansh’s house. But, our relationship won’t change. We’ll remain the same. Don’t cry..

Saying so, he wipes his tears.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I want to sleep on your lap..

Saying so, she lies on this lap. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you are the best brother in this world..

ANGRE: You are my best sister in this world..

Saying so, he pats her and makes her sleep. 

Riddhima lies on his laps and sleeps. Angre reminisces all his times spent with riddhima from childhood.. 

ANGRE: ( thinking) Seriously riddhu, even I thought about the same. Whenever I return from the office, I’ll come to you first. Till today, we used to have our dinner together. We used to chat together and have our night milk. We have never ate seperately. Till today, I have never gone to sleep without seeing you. But, from tomorrow I have to have my dinner without you. I can’t see your face before going to the bed. I can’t see you after returning from the office. I’ll miss you.. I wish that this night shouldn’t get over. I feel that I’m going to lose my biggest support.. I’ll miss you, riddhu..

He kisses on her forehead. He wipes his tears and sleeps holding riddhima’s hand.. 

MORNING, 9.00am…

Riddhima gets ready for her marriage. Suddenly someone pours water on her face.. She wakes up and just then, realizes that it was her dream..

ANGRE: What happened, riddhu? What are you thinking?

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I had a dream.

ANGRE: What is it?

RIDDHIMA: I was getting ready for marriage..

ANGRE: Your dream is going to come true. You have to get ready. Today is your marriage..

RIDDHIMA: Stop teasing me..

Just then, she realizes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, how did I get wet?

Angre laughs at riddhima and shows her the water mug.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I won’t leave you…  I’ve told you many times not to do this..

Angre runs from there while riddhima chases him. While running, they both bump into rudra and the water mug which angre had in his hand fell on him and he gets wet.. 

Just then, chanchal comes there.. 

CHANCHAL: What happened to you three? Have you all gone mad? What’s this?

Immediately, angre and riddhima goes in. Chanchal looks at rudra.. 

Rudra goes out.. 

CHANCHAL: Where are you going? First, change your dress..

RUDRA: Sorry, I forgot..

Saying so, he goes in… 

PRECAP: Ishani and vansh cries.. 

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