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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 29

Hello everyone i am extremely sorry for keeping u in waiting I was not well so i didn’t post bt i am back hope you all will forgive me and do support me as usual

I request everyone to pray for those who are suffering from covid or any other issues

Here episode starts

Scene 1

Next day

VR mansion

In hall

Dadi – My heart is saying she is my riddhima😭

Angre (angry) – She is not riddhima and if she is we don’t give a damn😣

Vansh – Angre is right there is no use of dragging this matter

Dadi – I know beta what she did was not right but i can’t ignore the fact that since she left the house our happiness vanished

Vansh (angry) – Her love was fake dadi..that marriage was fake

Angre – i lost my baby and wife because of her i can’t forgive her

Siya – but bhai just think about this once

Why did she take that sinner step may be we are missing something

Vansh (anger) – Enough is enough
I don’t want to see her face

Angre – My wife is more important for me than that girl who didn’t think about his brother’s happiness once

Vangre stare each other for a moment

Vansh – If she not riddhima then ok but if she is then no one can save her from my wrath

Angre – i can’t forgive her no matter what the situation is

Scene 2

VK mansion (vyom kapoor mansion) in mumbai

Shivanya is crying hugging vyom

Shivanya – i was so terrified he was holding me like a monster😭

Vyom – shhh!!! Don’t cry it was just a misunderstanding

Shivanya – what if he comes to me again

Vyom – He is nice guy don’t worry i am here i can’t lose anyone now

I won’t let anything happen to you
You just have to follow my words and please don’t take stress it will affect your health

Scene 3

VR mansion

Siya’s room

Vangre comes

Vansh – can i ask something from my sister

Siya – bhai why are you saying like this just order na

Angre – We need your help siya

They talk about something
Conversation muted

Scene 4

VK mansion

Vansh angre and siya arrives

Vyom – Welcome everyone

Vansh – Actually angre and i wants to discuss something about deal so we are here

Siya – And i wanted to meet anaisha she is so cute

Vyom cuts her in between

Vyom (winking)- Just like me😉

Siya blushes thinking about the dance in party

Suddenly shivanya comes

Vansh’s POv

My heart is not accepting that you are not riddhima
How can someone be so similar to each other

Pov ends

Angre sees her


If you didn’t do that crime i would have hugged you till now
Whether you are sona or not
But you resemble her
How can i forget the face which i used to admire
How can i forget that hairs which i used to comb in childhood
How can i forget that hands which i used to hold when you started walking first time
How can i forget the eyes which had love for his brother back then how can i forget that your eyes which  used to shed tears when i used to leave you even for a second
Pov ends

Siya’s POv
My heart is saying you are my riddhu di
Anaisha resembles vyom perfectly
Although she has your upbringing but she doesn’t have your traits di..
POV ends

Vansh – Mrs. Kapoor i am extremely sorry again for yesterday

Shivanya – Its ok no problem

Siya – Can i see your house and i wanna play with anaisha

Shivanya – Yes come with me

Siya (to vansh) -I am going bhai..

And they leaves

They discuss about deal

Vansh – Mr.kapoor if you won’t mind then can i ask you something personal

Vyom – Yes sure

Vansh – Riddhima was my fiance and your wife is her look alike
I really want to know a about her

Vyom – i understand its the matter of your love and i will cooperate

Angre – Please tell us about your wife

Vyom – Me and shivanya met each other seven years ago in college
We fell in love with each other and get married after 2 years of our marriage my daughter was born
That’s all i wanted to say

Vansh – thank you so much Mr.kapoor

Scene 5

Shivanya’s Room

The whole room is filled with photos of anaisha with vyom and shivanya

Siya – Why their is no picture of you and mr.kapoor alone

Shivanya – vyom loves our daughter alot she is our lifeline

Siya – Yes she is very sweet

Well can i say something to you

Shivanya – Yes sure

Siya – You just look like my riddhu di
She was as sweet as you i miss her
Can i call you di
She is in tears now

Guys i am changing siya now original siya will be siya

Shivanya (weeping her tears) – I don’t know you riddhu di but you can consider me as your di
And they both hug each other

Siya – So tell me something about you

How u got married etc

Suddenly anaisha comes

Anaisha (happy) – aunty aunty i missed you so much

And she pounced on her

Siya (taking her in her lap) – i missed you too that’s why i am here to meet you

And they both started playing

Shivanya anaisha and siya comes to hall

And siya and shivanya are running behind her to catch her

Vansh sees shivanya and lost in her trance

He feels as if she is his sweetheart the same smile the same innocence
Her hairs are blocking her face views and she is tucking them behind her ears again and again

He says

Wahi aankhe wahi gaal
Wahi tere chehre pr udte hue baal
Hakikat bta rhi hai teri
Kya khub bicchaya hai tune jaal

Siya and anaisha made a good bond with each other

Vyom sees them playing and started smiling seeing them so comfortable with each other

Suddenly siya comes running and bumped into vyom and he hold her by her waist

They both stare at each other

But their eye lock is broken by vansh ( kabab me haddi)

Vansh – Are you fine siya

Siya – I am sorry Mr.kapoor it was not intentional

Vyom – Its ok Miss raisinghania

Angre – I think we should leave now

And they leave

Scene 6

At entrance

Angre sees shivanya and a tear drop fell from his eyes


My heart is not accepting that you are not my sona
Yes i hate her to the core but she is my sister and i can’t ignore the fact

He says

Jis hath ko pkd kr kbhi chlna sikhaya tha tujhe
Jis maathe pr kabhi dulhan ka duppatta sajaya tha mene
Jis baalo ko sehla kr kbhi sulaya tha tujhe
Jis gaalo ko chum kar kabhi pyr se gale lgaya tha tujhe..
Aaj bhi ye sb yaad hai mujhe
Kosta hu khud ko ye sb kyu yaad hai mujhe.
Bhul jau ye sb ek din rab se ye fariyad hai mujhe

Shivanya comes to angre

Shivanya – I know you see your sister in me

Don’t be sad i am too like your sister

Vyom and siya are standing at corner

Siya – Thnk you so much Mr.kapoor for saving me

Vyom – It will be better is you will call me vyom only

Siya – For that you have to call me siya only

Anaisha hugs siya and peck her cheeks

Come soon aunty

Siya (looking at vyom) – I will baby

And vansh have a last glance of shivanya and they leave

Shivanya’s Pov

Kuch toh baat hai is jheel si gehri aankho me
Kuch to raaz hai is meethi meethi bato me
Andekhi dor mujhe kahi khiche ja rhi hai..
Kahi mujhe kuch anchahe rishto me bandhe ja rhi hai..

Done for today i know you want riansh together so this may be boring for you but guys this requirement of story for continuing

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