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Riansh OS of love story haters to love (Part 1)

Raisinghania Mansion

Vansh : no way dadi I will not marry her even if I see her I am gonna shoot her

Dadi : beta , this is your mother and father’s last wish as they written in the diary that they promised riddima’s parents that you will get married to their daughter only

Vansh : (thinking) what but how ?????? How is this possible whereas , my parents and riddima’s parents are rivals how could this happen ??????

Dadi : please beta accept this marriage

Vansh : ok dadi (in mind) now I will take my revenge by marrying you

Rathore Mansion

Angre : please riddu marry na as even your both kundali (horoscope) has been matched

Riddima : no bhaiyya I can’t pl leave me alone

Angre : but riddima our parents want you both to marry each other

Riddima : (thinking) what nonsense how this could happen as mom dad are rivals to vansh’s parents how could they tell me to marry each other I think they want me to avenge them so that to take revenge they want me to marry him yes I will marry him

Angre : riddima where you are in dreamland ??? Now listen even vansh accepted now it’s your opinion time tell me whats your decision ???


They get married but hate each other a lot but why no one knows at the family presence they act like they are happy but the the thing is that they hate each other ….

One day

Ishani : bhai riddima se aap mohabbat karte hai na (bhai you love riddima right) say honestly

Vansh : yes I loved her but not now and now I just hate her (in mind) I love you forever and ever riddima

Riddima in her and vansh ‘ s room

Riddima : (crying) why did you done this to me vansh why if you will not betray me I can’t live without you . You know na I and you will definitely not hate each other but we are hurt by each other and we are angry at each other but that doesn’t mean we hate each other I love you forever vansh and I know you will also love me

Guys this is part 1 and is small but part 2 will be big and full mystery will come out and it will clarify your doubts like
1.why they hate each other
2.what they love each other too
3. Why there mom dad has rivalry
4.which reason led them to hate each other
5.why vansh betray riddima
Everything will be clarified In part 2 which is last part bye guys love you and I will post it today only the next part and what do you will be the answers for the above questions comment down …………

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