Hello guys , here is part 6 of my FF . hope you like it.

here it begins…..

Everyone was dancing when a women wearing black saree came under spotlight . When Vansh saw her he smiled and immediately went to hug her while Ishani Sia Kabir were also smiling. Afterward the trio  went to hug that lady. Ridhimma was confused and wanted to know who was that lady when Vansh spoke

Vansh: what a surprise mom. When did you come??

Lady: why  only you can surprise not your mother, after all I am Anupriya Raisinghania.

Ishani: thankyou mom for coming you made my day really special.

Anupriya :oh , my child(hugging her) congratulations on your success Ishani

Ishani: thankyou mom

Kabir : you forgot me aunty

Anupriya: how can I forget you Kabir ( hugging him)


Then her eyes fell on Ridhimma and she looked at Vansh .Vansh understood he question and and said

Vansh: mom she is my PA Ridhimma .

Anupriya: then what she is doing in our family party (harshly)


Ridhimma felt bad and looked down. Vansh saw her and couldn’t tolerate her sadness and spoke

Vansh: she is Sia’s  friend too mom so she is here in the party (little angry then he realized and said softly) don’t worry mom she is a nice girl.


Anupriya who could sense anger in Vansh voice was surprised that he spoke her that way while Ridhimma felt happy listening to Vansh words and smiled looking at him

and he  in return also smiled. While Angre Sia ishani and Kabir smiled and then gave thumbs up to each other . The party finished and everyone went to their room except Vansh and Ridhimma . After everyone went Vansh came to Ridhimma

Vansh: I am sorry on mom behalf she didn’t mean to hurt  you she is just protective about family.

Ridhimma: its okay sir, I can understand now I should leave.

Vansh: wait,  I will call the driver and he will drop you Sejal and Aryan. Its already late night. By the way you are looking gorgeous today .

Ridhimma: thankyou sir ( blushed)

Vansh: okay see you tomorrow at office. ( saying this he went smilingly)


There Ridhimma went home with Aryan and sejal in Vansh’s car. After she reached her room got freshed and sat on her bed and was smiling recalling her  and Vansh dance and Vansh taking a stand for her . Then she recalled Sejal words and


Ridhimma: is sejal saying truth ?? Do I like Vansh sir??? No no he is my boss I have gone mad because of sejal .(saying this she slept)


At VR mansion

Vansh was smiling and recalling his and Ridhimma moments. He was smiling very much recalling their dance . He was remembering all their moments and after  a while he dozed off.

In Anupriya room

Anupriya: for first time in so many years Vansh spoke to me in anger  that too for that newly appointed PA . I must do something  before matter goes out of my hand and that Ridhimma could become a problem in my plan . I must do something fast.


In Ishani room

Kabir Ishani Angre Sia were laughing their heart out .

Ishani: oh I couldn’t believe  bhai bribed the waiter to make Aryan fall . Kabir I must say you did a fantastic job by making bhai realize his feelings.

(now I think you all know whom Kabir signaled thumbs up in party , if you find this lame pls don’t throw chapals at me.  Kabir is positive character)


Kabir: oh I know I  am very smart  no need to tell me . If you have told me earliar this would have been long done( patting himself )

Sia: Kabir just stop praising yourself but I enjoyed seeing bhai that jealous. He was looking like if he would hit Aryan there only.(laughing)

Angre: ya its good boss realized his feeling but what about Ridhimma??

Ishani: I think Aryan can help us in this.

Sia: he is her best friend so he can help. Ishani you have his number right message him to meet you tomorrow at xyz  cafe  .  You have to go  alone as we all have work and you have off tomorrow.

Ishani: okay okay( yawning) now lets go to sleep good night all.


Sia Angre Kabir also went to sleep saying good night.


Next morning at VR enterprises

Vansh was working in his cabin when Ridhimma came holding  a bunch of files .Vansh noticed that she was about to slip and rushed to her. Vansh came on time held her by her waist. When Ridhimma opened her eyes she saw Vansh holding her. They had an intense eye lock. At the same time Anupriya came and saw all this. She was shocked and she couldn’t think anything and went away.

After Vansh Ridhimma came to sense and stood properly Vansh spoke

Vansh: are you okay?? Why you were carrying a so many files??

Ridhimma: Actually sir while I was checking these files I found that someone has done scam by your name in some deals. ( worried)

Vansh: what are you sure??( taking the files)

Ridhimma: yes sir , I even researched about the owners. They have cheated many people.

Vansh( reading the files) : but this deals are not done by me . These deal were supervised  by mom. Let me call Angre .


(2 yrs before anupriya used to handle buissness in India but Vansh signatures were needed for completion of deal . Vansh was in London branch of VR enterprises back then)


After a while Angre came.

Angre: what happened boss you were worried.??

Vansh: Angre look at these files . Scam has occurred in these deals. I want to know who did the deal . I will not leave him he betrayed us and mom also as she was supervising these deals.( angry)

Ridhimma: calm down sir , I am sure you will find the culprit .(smiled)

Vansh looked at her and also smiled back. He was relieved that Ridhimma is with him.


At xyz cafe

Ishani was waiting for Aryan to come. After sometime Aryan came and sat down in front of her.

Aryan : hi Ishani ,what’s the matter you called me urgently??

Ishani: hi Aryan. now  lets come straight,  I think Vansh bhai and Ridhimma like each other. I need your help in making then realize.

Aryan: what?? How can you be so sure about it??

Ishani: actually yesterday bhai bribed the waiter to make you fall down so that he cold dance with Ridhimma. (started looking at other direction).

Aryan who was drinking coffee chocked it and stared at her in surprise.


Aryan: what your brother made me fall you expect me to help you??

Ishani: its about your best friend also Aryan . I apologise on bhai behalf . He was jealous of you. Wait !! Do you like Ridhimma??(looking questioningly)

Aryan: she is like my sister. Are you in your senses??but  I also think ridhimma likes vansh as she also intentionally ruined a girl dress because she trying to get close to vansh ( chuckling)

Ishani(relieved and shocked): what ?? ( laughing) thank god, so you will help me right??(looking hopefully)

Aryan: okay I will help you also tell sejal as she will help me.

Ishani: okay thankyou.

At VR mansion

Anupriya was in her room and was worried for Vansh Ridhimma growing closeness. when she received a call.

Anupriya: hello why are calling me again after 2 yrs.??

Man: mam its important. All the deals in which you did scam to frame Vansh is now known to him. His PA Ridhimma showed him all those files. He is now after me

anupriya: ( shocked) what how can this happen??  Now you runaway fast and if you get caught don’t you dare take my name. (cuts the call)

This girl Ridhimma is now causing problem for me I must do something soon.


Precap: Vansh catches the man who did scams on his name. he ask about his boss.

1 month leap . Vyom’s entry

so here part 6 ends hope you liked it. pls ignore my mistakes and make me know your pov through comments. pls comment and keep supporting me.




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