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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 4


Holi Festival Celebration begins ,
As it begins everyone enjoy it a lot as riddima applies everyone the colour but she can’t apply it to vansh as he is escaping so she makes a plan she keeps a bucket at the end of the terrace and bucket is tied to the edge of terrace with a rope and when vansh comes she decides to pull it as bcoz of it the colour falls on him and she will win the game

As she hears the foot steps she thinks it to be vansh and throws the colour but unfortunately it was aryan she is sad bcoz it doesn’t fall on vansh but she is happy too as the colour falls on him ishani comes to riddima and asks her she did it ?? Riddima nods and ishani asks why she is happy she says that he tried to tease me but she got saved but she never took revenge but unfortunately today the revenge is taken bcoz the colour fell on him.
Later , they continue playing holi but when 5min left for the game time to end riddima takes some colour in her hand and goes near vansh and she follows him and when he is talking in the phone she applies him the colour and the time is ended and the winner is riddima and when keeps an angry face riddima comes to hum and says ,
Riddima : kabhi khushi kabhi gham
Aise hi , kabhi jeet teri
Kabhi jeet meri samjhi

riddima is sitting alone and is playing with water and making houses with sand and relaxing her self in the sunshine of the sun when two cool hands closes her eyes it turns out be vansh ,
Vansh : why you have called everyone here ??
Riddima : relax vansh sir as I called everyone here to say the punishments to you all as everyone lost the challenge so everyone’s punishment is same you should all come with me to the farmhouse of me which is located in delhi so we could enjoy there done see no one should say no as I have already written the names who will come they are :
1. Angre
2. Ishani
5.kabir(vansh’s cousin brother )
6.ragini (kabir’s lover and fiance )
7. Abhi ram (vansh and riddima’s best friend)
8.sejal (riddima’s best friend )
“So all are coming ok” saying so riddima leaves from there and everyone agree .

As everyone decide to have dinner at restaurant all come to Royal moon Restaurant but riddima doesn’t come when she arrives someone bumps into her and says
Unknown : you look beautiful
Riddima : (irritated)
Unknown : tera naam kya hai (what’s your name)
Riddima : kaafi hai ya address , phone number bhi chaahiye (is it enough or address and phone number also needed )
Unknown : mene toh casually poocha hai ( I asked usually )
Riddima : par meh naa reason ke bina bataungi nahi sir ji (but without any reason I will not say mister )
Suddenly vansh and group interfere there conversation and say that “enough” and their fight stops
Unknown : what is this vansh you have asked me to flirt with a girl seriously vansh how could you ask me like this
Riddima : what ! So you are the mastermind behind this
Vansh : sorry sorry sorry actually it was just a small challenge to him actually what happened is , (he narrates the flashback )

Vansh : So I give you a small dare to you
Unknown : me!! , what is it ??
Vansh : flirt with a girl
Unknown : what ??
Ragini : but why you only chose him vansh as you know that he was in a relationship with me and we are engaged to and baby you will not go stay here
Vansh : no worries he will just flirt with a girl not romance her ok so don’t worry ragini

Ragini : but vansh kabir will not do this
Vansh : pl ragini just for once he will just ask her name if she says he will win ok
Ragini : ok
Kabir walks out of the restaurant and sees riddima and decides to bump into her
Vansh : and thats what happen anyhow you have came so now we can go and enjoy our time let’s go
At the restaurant :
Vansh : so what you all will order
Riddima : I will say as I know what we should bcoz this is my bff sejal’s restaurant and I know this restaurant very well and I will order the most famous items and we could enjoy it , (to waiter) excuse me can you get me ………………………..
Matar paneer
Chicken makhani
Fried rice
Rogan josh
Shahi egg curry
Chettinad chicken
Mutton shahi biryani
Gulab jamun
Ice cream
Malai kofta
Lemon mint squash
Apple Mocktail
Chana masala
Aloo gobi
Egg Samosa
Mushroom curry
Riddima : so guys these are the famous items enjoy
Saying she is about to leave when everyone stops her and ask where she is going ??
Riddima : guys actually I already ate my dinner so you guys enjoy
And from there she goes to meet sejal and she introduces sejal to everyone and she invites her to join the way to the farmhouse
Sejal agrees and after everyone complete their lunch they leave to their respective houses ..

Night 11:30 pm
Ishani calls riddima to house for a girls night out and when they are watching a movie riddima is sleepy and says that she is going and ishani says : bhai riddima ko dikhao na (bhai show riddima the room ) vansh nods and takes riddima to her room when accidentally slip and both fall on the bed riddima below and vansh above they have an eye look and vansh cannot take his eyes from her he is just looking at her and was attracted to her eyes when suddenly a sound disturbs their eyelook and they come back to senses .

Precap : farmhouse fun

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