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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 19!!

So as I promised, the next update is here…

And in advance sorry for this shock…(Don’t throw anything on me..)

Episodes start with..

Vansh:-Riddhima…I love you..and I am extremely sorry it wasn’t planned to say you here and right now..and I also don’t have any lines..

but I want to say that It was love at first sight..But I realised it a bit late…I love you..will you be my soul mate..??


Just then a gun shot was heard…



Everyone gathered there…

Vansh:-Riddhima open your eyes..Why you saved me that was meant for me..🥲

Angre go see that who was the bastard who dared to come into VR mansion and did this..

kabir:-We have to take her to the Hospital..

aryan:-Nothing will happen to her..

Vansh, taking his handkerchief ties it in her hand to stop the blood…

Vansh,Aryan and sejal rushed to the hospital..

Scene changes to Hospital corridor..

Vansh:-Why this happened..that bullet was meant for me and she took that..Why Riddhima why??

Aryan:-Because she loves you..she is like this only…can do anything for her love..she proved today..

sejal:-Pls guys handle yourself we have to be strong…

All the Family members also reach there..

Siya:- Where is she…how is she..Doctor ne kya bola..batao Aryan..chup kyu ho..(Crying bitterly)..

Aryan :-Nothing.Doctor has gone to OT..he is treating her right now..

Siya my Riddhu will be fine na..🧐

siya:-Don’t cry Aryan she will be alright..you know na your best friend is very strong..🥺

Aksh:-Mamu… Beautiful!! (He hugged Vansh..)🥺

kabir:-Ishani you should leave aksh at home only with dadi..

Ishani:-I tried but he was not agreeing with me..

Aksh:-Why would I be at home..see bua has lost so much blood(pointing towards vansh’s shirt that was drenched with blood..)

she must be feeling so much pain..

I know  she is strong but pain toh hota h na..

Vansh  hugged him to console him,to support  him..

Vansh:-Ishani where is angre??

Ishani:-Don’t know bhai..

Kabir:- he is there..but how he got hurt..??🧐

Angre are you fine..how this happened..

Angre:-I was behind that man who shot riddhu..then some goon came and attacked me..

Kabir:- Nurse pls do the dressing…

While the nurse was doing the dressing.

Doctor came…

Vansh:- How is she..??

Doctor:- Don’t worry we have removed the bullet..but she is in a critical state…she has to get conscious in 6 hours or else we can’t say anything..

Vansh:- What!!! Why can’t you say anything..you are a doctor na??you have to give my Riddhu back..

Aryan:- Vansh control your self…she will be fine..🥺

Angre:- Riddhu!!….. Riddhu..your bhai is there..

Saying this he lost his consciousness..

Ishani:- Angre…!!!!

Aksh:- papa..!!

Nurse:- I think due to blood loss and weakness he fainted..there is nothing to tension about…

Vansh:- Now how will I ..

Ishani:- Don’t worry bhai I am with angre…

Vansh:- Nurse can we see Riddhima..??

Nurse:- Yes but she is not in a conscious state..

Vansh:- okay..

He rushed towards Riddhima’s ward..

Seeing his love attached with so many machines his heart cried..🥺

Vansh:- Riddhima get up..you need to answer my question..you can’t leave me like this..I will die…pls don’t do this..get up..

Now you are getting on my nerves what was the need to take that bullet…it was for me….damn it answer me…It is the first time that Vansh Rai Singhania has not any answers to his questions..and you have to give me…and for that you have to get up…you also have to answer my proposal.🥺🥺


Aryan:- Be strong..Vansh I know her she is so stubborn she is just teasing us she will get up after some time after teasing.. believe me..I knew her..

And then the machines start beeping…

Aryan:- Doctor!!! Doctor..

Doctor came..

Doctor:- pls both of you to outside…

Vansh:- No..I will not leave.. my Riddhu all alone..no..

Doctor:- pls…

Aryan:- pls Vansh try to understand..

After so much effort Aryan was succeeded in taking Vansh out of the ward..

After a few minutes…

Doctor:- Mr.Rai singhania..we need O- blood group immediately..

You have to arrange it asap.. anyone here is her blood relative..

Aryan:- No..only Angre was there and he is too not conscious..

Doctor:- No we can’t take his blood he is already very weak..

Vansh:- I don’t know anyone who has an O- blood group..

Kabir:- let me try to get one from donar’s list..

Aksh:- Mamu you can take my blood…mine and Papa’s blood group is the same…

Vansh:- no beta you are too small..

Aksh:- pls mamu you only say na I am your champ..pls If my blood will be safe bua then pls…

Doctor you can take my blood…pls…I want my bua back fit and fine..

Ishani:- Doctor you can take his blood…I am her mother..

I will do all the formalities..

Doctor:- okay..I will do all the preparation..

Vansh kisses aksh in forehead..and says..

Vansh:- You are really my champ you are so brave..I love you..

And don’t worry now everything will be fine…

Aksh goes with the nurse..

Vansh (start thinking..):- I can do anything for her..20 years ago I was not able to save my mother but I will save her..

He rushed to the temple which was in the hospital only..

Vansh:- You snatched my mother from me 20 years ago but today I will not do the same..I am begging you pls give my Riddhu back..I know she loves you but I love her more than you…You can’t snatch my happiness from me.u can’t..and I am again joining my hand in front of you after 20 years because she believes in you…you have to…else again my belief from you will vanish as it vanished 20 years ago..

Tumhe bahut maza ata h na..mujhe parshan karne ko..pehle meri mom Ko mujhse cheen liya..phir ragini(you find it very funny to gave pain to me..first you snatched my mom,then ragini) now I will not gave you permission to snatch Riddhima from me…

Siya:- Bhai handle yourself….pls don’t cry nothing bad will happen..

Doctor is calling you…

Precap:- “I am sorry”

That’s it I know it’s a short one but I have given you double so..

And I am really sorry to make this story upside down…pls forgive me..

and I am sad you all didn’t complete the target…two of you commented twice so it’s 50 including mine…

You all have to compensate by completing the target  for this episode..

Again the same 25+ comments try to complete it..

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