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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 18!!

Hello Everyone..


So many of you asked me to add Vansh’s jealousy part so here you go..


Episodes start.. 


Aryan comes to the stage seeking everybody’s attention.. 


Aryan:-  I am so happy today.. And this is due to some special persons..first-My friends, my gang, Sejal,kabir and last very special and very close to me.. Riddhu.. My bestest friend.. My sister.. One part of my heart.. 

Second- My parents.. 

Third- Vansh… Thank you so much for accepting me.. 

Fourth-Siya.. My love.. 

I am very glad to have you all in my life.. 🥺


Sejal:- Aryan from when you become an emotional fool thanking us.. Like Riddhima.. Has your soul exchanged with Riddhu.. 😂


Kabir:-I also think so..


Riddhima:-Stop it guys..


Siya:-(to Aryan..):-I think you will. Thanks that Ahana..she is very special to you na? more than riddhima..😑




Siya:-No need..


Aryan:-Because of Vansh my Siya is angry with me..and that too on our engagement day..(thinking)..


Aryan:- okay so guys are ready for my gift..


kabir:- Yes..and excited also..


Chanchal:- Which gift..


Siya:-Mom he asked all his special couple friends except riddhu to dance..


Uma:-Why Aryan except riddhu..??


Aryan:- vohh mom..


siya:-Because he was busy with someone special more than riddhu…


Riddhima:-Stop it siya..Aunty because I don’t have a partner so..


Chanchal:-So why don’t you make one..There are so many handsome (men)mundey..


Sejal:- Why don’t you pair with Rishi..


(so guys here Rishi is a common friend of sejal,aryan and riddhima..you can say one of the close friends..)(Finally I got one for riddhu😅  after so much research..)


Riddhima:-Okay..so Rishi will you??


Rishi:-Why not if a beautiful girl like you will ask me..😉


Vansh’s pov..

This stupid Aryan because of his stupid idea I can’t dance with my Riddhu and she is dancing with that Rishi he is so flirty..😑


Aryan:- okay so let’s start..and sorry Riddhu I forgot about you..


Riddhima:- It’s ok …you forget no sorry no thank you in friendship..


Music started..everyone was dancing trying to sync with music…


Here Vansh was not concentrating on his own dance he was continuously seeing Riddhima and Rishi…


Vansh’s pov 

how she is so comfortable with him..

I want to see Riddhu jealous of Ahana but she is busy with Rishi…she is not even looking at me..


Ahana:- I know vansh you wanted to dance with Riddhima..but our plan failed.. don’t worry I will do something..


Vansh:- Hmm…but I can’t see Riddhu dancing with Rishi..


Ahana:- so someone is jealous…

It is said na who digs a pit for another falls into it himself ..😂


Vansh:- hmm..it is somewhere true I want Riddhu to be jealous but here I am the one who is being jealous..


Ishani:- So Mr.husband what you say… about your sister how is she for my brother…


Angre:- Well no doubt they are made for each and..


Ishani:- Hmmm..but they are so stubborn they will not realise that…


Angre:- I think somewhere Vansh has realised it…see how he is looking at Riddhu continuously..!!😆


Ishani:- Hmm..I am thinking that we are missing something..I know Bhai he will never ignore Riddhu as a friend also coz they bond very well in a very  short span of time..but today how he ignored her for Ahana was not something reasonable..I think he has planned something..


Angre:- I also think so.. something is fishy..


Aryan:- So my Siya is still angry with her fiance..


Siya:- yes any doubt..


Aryan:- I can see your red Tomato nose..😅


Siya:- you..!!Now I am more angry with you..😒


Aryan:- I know how to make you up.. should I try..


Siya:- You can try but I will not..


Aryan:- Okay…


Aryan kneels down and says…


I never proposed to you..I remember when I was doing so I got a nice punch from your brother.😅..

But today I hope so I didn’t get it from you..

Siya if you are butter then I am bread..

If you are diary then I am your pen..

If you are a charger then I am your phone 📱..

I am a dish and you are my salt…

You complete me and add taste to my life..

Be my better half..

I will  give you my half chocolate which I never share with anyone..😅

Pls forgive me…🥺(here i wanted to be funny..I hope I succeeded..)


Siya:- It’s okay Aryan I was just kidding…and I am sorry… It’s just that I’m afraid of losing the best thing that  has ever happened to me.😢 And don’t worry I will not take your chocolate..😉


Aryan:- Okay so that means I am forgiven..and yes I will not give you my chocolates I was just saying like that…


Ishani:- Awww…..you both are so cute..


Sejal:- Really Siya is so lucky that he got someone like Aryan..my fiance never ever said these lines to me..


Kabir:-I don’t believe in these cheesy lines..

Aryan from where you get these cheesy lines… Google??

Well it was a nice try to butter your fiance..


Chanchal:- Why are you behind my son in law….he did so much of hardwork….and he did not search this from Google..


Vansh:- Then from where chachi..


Aryan:- Aunty (Chanchal) trained me…


Rudra:- That’s why I was thinking that I have heard these lines…😂

It was so cheesy that innocent people like me and Siya slip in these lines easily..

and Else your Chachi would not be here…😂😅


Chanchal:- App bhi na..!!😒


Aksh:- Acha nani and nanu don’t start your fight here..

I was enjoying the dance  so much ….now you all should continue..and this time you all will change your partners okay…😉(Done mamu👍)..


So everyone started dancing again..

and as the song changes partners also get changed..

This time partners were..Aryan-sejal,angre-riddhu,siya-vansh,kabir-ishani,rishi-ahana..

Siya:-bhai I am also angry with you..why you changed your partner..??and that too with that lizard..

Vansh:- It’s nothing like that she insisted on me so I agreed..

siya:-She insisted you and you forgot about Riddhima..

vansh:-okay it’s my fault..now I want to mend it so you can get me riddhima so that I can ask an apology to her..😉

siya:-Okay…anything for my bhai..

vansh:-That’s mean I am forgiven?🤔
siya:-yups..Today I am in a good mood so thought to forgive you..😁

Just then song changes..

and as planned partners also…

This time partners were..Aryan-sejal,angre-siya,ahana-kabir,rishi-ishani,Vansh-riddhima…..

Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqeen

Main jo… tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin…
Kisi ka nahin..

Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…
Le jaayein tujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…

Vanh and riddhima share an eye lock…

vansh:-Riddhima I want to say something…


vansh:-are you upset from me..


vansh:-No nothing..

I want to tell you something that I wanted but I was somewhere afraid..

Riddhima:-So Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania is afraid?

Vansh:-Yes… but promise me first that what I am going to tell after that also our friendship will always there..no matter what will be the consequences…

Riddhima:-Promise..but what the thing is..

That’s all …No precap…if you all give me 25+ comments today I will post another episode today only with a shock…

so Do comments…..bye take care..

And pls pray for those who are fighting for there lives from Covid…pls stay at home stay safe..

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