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RadhaKrishn 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Banke Bihari Recites Poem

RadhaKrishn 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha asks Banke Bihari to go from there as she doesn’t need his help and she will search her carved idol herself. He asks her to calm down and says he was imaging Radha Krishna’s love story while he went to lake and had water and can describe it in poem, but she is getting angry on him. She asks to recite poem them. He says he will not when she is so angry on him. She says she may calm down and feel peace if she hears his poem. He recites poem describing Radha and Krishna’s love story from start to beginning in detail. He finally he took time to describe his feelings for Radha and Krishna’s love via words. Radha thanks him for calming her mind and leaves asking him to go as she will search the idol herself.

Krishna tries to walk behind her when Balram holds his hand and asks if he thought he cannot identify him, he is his Dau. He says Kanha has taken an unique form and even he got confused once, but when he heard his and Radha’s conversation, he realized only Kanha can describe Radha Krishna’s story in so much detail; asks which form is this as he never saw it before. Kanha says it is Banke Bihari, full of love. Balram says its good. Banke Bihari says he saw Laxmana with citizens calling Radha as insane and trying to send her out of Dwarka, he wants Radha to accept that she is insane and spend time in saint’s ashram outside Dwarka. Balram asks how can he say that and opposes his idea. Banke Bihari says he wants Radha to accept that she has gone mad in Krishna’s love and continuing his long justification says only with Radha’s love and Tulsi’s meditation, he can be back to his human form, etc., and says ultimately he is doing what Radha wants.

Tulsi continues meditating and chanting Om Namah Shivay. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Devi is a symbol of purity, so he should go to her. Purity is like gold, so it will be tested like gold; Devi Tulsi is in search of truth and has to face difficulty, one may even lose life in search of life. Devi Gauri asks why Devi Tulsi should lose her life. Mahadev says bodies perish, but soil transfers into another body, soul is truth and Tulsi will have to see the truth. Devi Tulsi prays Mahadev to show her truth. Mahadev blesses her and she sees her whole truth and opening eyes thinks she was with Krishna, she had not seen Krishna with love before, what king of magic is this. She prays Mahadev that half truth is troubling her more, so he should emerge and show her full truth or end her. Gauri asks Mahadev to go and help Tulsi. Mahadev says he knows, but cannot go even then as his aradhya Krishna has turned into stone, but he can sense him in each atom of the universe. Tulsi warns Mahadev to emerge in front of her or else she will sacrifice herself. Gauri asks Mahadev to go now. Mahadev says Krishna will show her truth even in idol form.

Radha returns to Dwarka. Everyone walk to her. She asks why they are looking at her like that. Laxmana says they want to meet Banke, where is he. Radha asks why did they leave early, Banke Bihari had come after they left. Laxmana says Radha should accept that she is mentally unstable and tells everyone that she proved it. Jamvati says she knows her condition is because of Krishna’s absence and should rest accepting that she is mentally unstable. Radha says this is not truth, she is in sorrow because of Krishna’s separation, but she is both mentally and physically healthy.

Krishna’s idol form reaches universe. Mahadev says since he turned into stone, whole universe is in sorrow, hence he should return soon or else there would be a big disaster. He pleads that if his devotion is true, Krishna has to emerge from stone and speak to him. Krishna emerges.

Precap: Sam says it is proved that Radha is insane and has to go out of Dwarka for treatment. Radha says says this is not true and she will not go. Banke Bihari says this is what happens when love crosses its limits. Radha says its not. He says she should prove it to Sam then. She accepts his challenge.
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