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Qurbaan Hua 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel doesnot believe Chahat is standing in front of him

Qurbaan Hua 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neel starts drinking, Toup Singh tries to question him asking what is he doing because he is not even healthy so must stop drinking, Neel walking away exclaims why do people even love because there is nothing of the sort and he doesnot know why people make such promises which they cannot fulfill, he mentions they made big promises that they would end the barrier between the religions but they were not able to do anything, instead he has lost his love.

Chahat thinks that she was wrong to think she is the only one to feel the pain of living alone but is shocked to see he also misses her, Neel exclaims that they should let the blood flow saying that the best it can do is kill him and he is still not alive with her, he exclaims what she has made of him calling to Chahat saying she would have been delighted around him mentioning she has ruined his life for the worse, he congratulates her but then trying to stand falls beside the bed, Chahat sees the clothes hanging in the bathroom so goes to change them, Neel asks Toup Singh he would be wondering who he is talking about, Neel reveals her name was Chahat she was the most beautiful girl in the world, her eyes were like stars as she made him a human from an animal and now has caused him to become an animal once him, he wishes that she for once come in front og him, he would ask if there was something left in his love for her because of which she left him.

Neel is sitting when he hears the sound of the Payal so is shocked to see Chahat standing before him, he is not able to believe his eyes stares at Chahat.

Aalekh exclaims that Neel has a really good fortune as he always gets saved whenever he tries to kill him, he even mentions that Toup Singh also ran away, he vows to do all that he can to find them and nothing can stop him now.

Neel looking at the Alcohol bottle exclaims that if something had to come in front of him then why did she come, Chahat tries to talk with him however he says he would not listen to anything, he asks what was left in their relationship because he gave her everything but was not only able give her the lifestyle which she was used to but still love her, he even fought with all of his family but she did not love him, he trembles before sitting on the bed, Chahat taking his head starts counting backwards from hundred however he says that it would not do any good, he pushes her away but she is adamant to complete, they both start weeping when Neel finally rests his head against the bed.

Aalekh is pulling Naveli when he sees the motorcycle of Neel so thinks that he would be in the same house and desires to find him, Naveli pleads with him to not harm Neel because he has not returned for so long, Aalekh however pulls her vowing to not listen to anything.

Neel exclaims he really missed her, while also missing the brunt tortilla which she used to make, he also missed how she used to eat in the middle of the night and sleep while lying her head on his chest, he exclaims that everything has ended but Chahat vows to correct everything saying that she has come back now so would make sure there is nothing wrong.

Aalekh reaches the door with Naveli and is about to open it but she yells the name of Neel, Aalekh covers her mouth but she bites it before running, Aalekh remembers that he also killed Saraswathi when she tried running, he wonders why all of his wives like to be killed while running.

Aalekh opens the door but is shocked to see hat the room is empty, Chahat is with Neel in the bathroom, she thanks god that she heard the voice of Aalekh and was able to hide with Neel, Aalekh is about to leave when Neel hits a glass and it falls, he opens the door of the bathroom and is shocked to see that it is also empty, Chahat is hiding with Neel behind the door, Aalekh leaves the room and Chahat takes him outside.

Aalekh is constantly searching for Naveli but she is nowhere to be found, he even threatens to harm her if she doesnot come forward when he stops a person asking about Naveli, he comes to realize she has boarded the bus of Goa, Aalekh exclaims she would not be able to get away from him and he would even find her in Goa.

Chahat once again disguises herself as Toup Singh, she thanks Allah for helping her as Aalekh did not see her as Chahat otherwise it would have caused a lot of problems, she hears the water running in the bathroom and opens to find Neel washing his face, he exclaims he has started seeing him once again so this means that he is healthy now, he mentions that he was foolish to listen to Toup Singh, he hurriedly leaves to find Vyas je.

Neel and Toup Singh both are constantly searching for Vyas je but are not able to get even a clue, Neel asks the locals around who all exclaim to not know anything, he stops a person who claims of not knowing anything but when he starts walking away Neel recognizes the ring he is wearing which belongs to Vyas je, Neel questions him in anger after stopping him but he still claims of not knowing anything, Neel asks from where did he get the ring, the person reveals that an old man demanded some money against the ring but when he was walking away some people forcefully took him in the van. Neel deduces Vyas je has once again been kidnapped, Toup Singh questions about the directions where they took him, the person reveals he heard them talking of taking the person to Goa as no one would know him there, Chahat thinks that she would find the truth about Vyas je in Goa.

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