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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar defends Renu

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renu saying I thought to sit outside your house. Ahilya hugs her and cries. Its morning, Khanderao asks Gangoba when will we leave. Gangoba says I don’t think we can leave within mahurat, Malhar had gone to Renu’s house to solve a problem, I reminded him that we have to reach Malwa today itself, but he left. Khanderao says Malhar can leave anything for Ahilya’s sake, but for my sake. Sushila hears him. He goes. Malhar asks Renu’s family to answer, how can they oust Renu at night, I will not go without getting an answer. Aaji asks why is he getting into this matter. Malhar says if Renu is found crying on the road at night, then matter comes in our circle, I can’t tolerate such a thing, you have forced her to leave, did you think, she could be attacked by a wild animal, what if anything wrong happened. He asks Renu’s mum how could she leave her daughter helpless. She says Aaji had ousted her at night. Aaji asks really, tell him why I ousted her. She shows her other granddaughter, her marriage broke because of Renu, she is unlucky. Malhar says don’t call her unlucky. The man explains that Renu is a widow, her shadow can ruin other’s life. Aaji says the groom’s family found about Renu and broke the alliance. Aaji blames Renu for being a problem for the family.

She asks Malhar to punish her, she did what is right for the family. Malhar talks to the groom’s uncle and lectures them. He asks why do you blame someone for a person’s death, person is born and has to die, why is a wife blamed for a husband’s death, how can you call a widow unlucky, tell me, by what right. Groom’s uncle says sorry, I didn’t wish to take risk for my son. Malhar says fine, return to your village, shut the school, you are burying knowledge in superstition, you can’t teach anyone, knowledge is to change mindset, this didn’t happen with you, if a person can’t understand an innocent and punish her, then his knowledge is meaningless, knowledge gives you responsibility of justice, you aren’t able to understand right and wrong, what’s the use of your education. Ahilya thinks I wanted to study, I didn’t know that responsibility comes with education. Malhar asks do you want to make this relation again for the sake of humanity, or shall I order you. Groom’s dad says sorry, I couldn’t say anything, my Dada ji takes all the decisions, I can’t do this sin, my son’s marriage will happen here.

Malhar asks do you still have a complain with Renu. Renu hugs her mum and Ahilya. Malhar smiles. He takes Ahilya. Ahilya cries for Renu. Sushila comes to Khanderao and gives sweets. She defends Ahilya. She says Ahilya can’t do wrong with anyone, she doesn’t get happiness by insulting others, you are like my son, I want her happiness, don’t get angry on her that she gets away from you. Gangoba comes to call him. He leaves. Mankoji asks Ahilya to take care of everyone. Ahilya says I think of you in any problem, I think what would you and mum do, I try to do that always, you were saying right, I heard Malhar and understood that education doesn’t do everything, one has to use it right way. He laughs. She says we also get a responsibility with it, right. He says yes. Her brother says come soon and stay for more days next time. She hugs him. She asks him to look after Renu. Malhar says its your duty, not your brother’s duty. She says but I m going Malwa, how can I meet her every day. He asks what if she stays with you then… He goes and gets Renu. Ahilya smiles happily. Mankoji says Renu is going to Malwa with you all.

Malhar nods. Ahilya hugs Renu and says we will never get away now, you will like to come to the palace, we will play and talk. Gangoba doesn’t like this. Ahilya asks Malhar is Renu really coming. Malhar says yes. Mankoji asks did her parents agree. Malhar recalls meeting Renu’s family. He asks their opinion. Aaji asks who are others to talk, Renu is a widow, she isn’t permitted to leave the house, you are talking about taking her to Malwa. Mahar says you had ousted her at night, you didn’t think that time that she can’t leave the house. Pandit says its Adharm, what example will we set for others, every widow will wish to leave the house. Malhar asks what’s wrong in this, its not wrong to leave the house for getting happiness, life doesn’t stop for a widow, we don’t have right to limit her, she isn’t happy in her house, I had saved her from getting homeless, what will happen tomorrow, everyone has the same thinking here.

Malhar says there can be a possible attack on the haveli, I don’t doubt your arrangements but I want to check the haveli once. Renu sees weapons with a man. She says it means he isn’t a worker but someone else.

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