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Pratigya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna meets Meera

Pratigya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sumitra tells Shakti that I want a girl who can laugh and make everyone laugh in the house. Shakti says you can dream but there are no girls like that anymore.

The new girl tells Pratigya that I had to steal these mangoes but you stopped me from running. The gardener says you keep stealing mangoes. The girl says I just took some so you can leave me alone. The gardener asks her to give the mangoes back. Pratigya says stealing is bad. The girl says I didn’t steal them, I just took them. Pratigya says stealing is wrong so give them back. The girl tells the gardener that God will never forget her. She laughs and runs from there. Pratigya says she is naughty, what’s her name? Gardener says her name is Meera.

Komal comes to Adarsh and asks what he is doing in the garden? Adarsh says talking to birds. She says you understand their language? Adarsh says I can hear all innocent beings. You have to give them attention. Komal says you should give time to humans too. Adarsh asks if she is going out? Komal says you didn’t like me being dressed up? Shakti comes there and asks Komal to go inside, why are you wearing lipstick? You are a widow so don’t forget that. Komal says this is my life so you leave from here. Shakti is about to slap her but Adarsh stops him and says why are you talking to her like that? She just got dressed up so what? Shakti says to stay away from our family. Adarsh says I am sorry but this si wrong. Shakti says I am asking her to follow the rituals, our family has honor, my widowed sister can’t dress up like this. He asks Komal to leave from there. She goes. Shakti tells Adarsh to stay away from Komal, don’t get any ideas otherwise, it will be bad for you and your family. He leaves from there. Adarsh looks on.

All are eating food. Sumitra silently puts poison in Pratigya’s food. Samar tells Shakti that I will get married twice. Krishna says this guy is going on the wrong path. Krishna asks Adarsh if he will get married? Adarsh says I didn’t get anyone like Pratigya. Krishna says she is a unique piece. Sumitra says I have brought food for everyone. She gives it to Pratigya who eats it. Adarsh says food is good here. Samar says someone had to get ill for us to come here. Sumitra says you are like your useless father. Komal says they both keep blabbering. Pratigya starts feeling dizzy. Krishna asks what happened? He gives her water. Sumitra smirks.

Krishna and Pratigya are on a walk at night time. Krishna pulls her closer and says when you are with me, the night looks romantic. Pratigya gets dizzy. Krishna asks what happened? Pratigya says I need to go to the washroom. She leaves from there.

Some kids are sitting in front of a stone and a voice says that God has brought mangoes for you all. Krishna is confused and says God is talking to them? How?

Pratigya comes to her room and drinks water. She takes a medicine.

Krishna comes behind the tree and sees Meera talking like God. The kids thank God/Meera and leave from there. Krishna smiles and thinks she is a God for these kids.

Pratigya vomits in the washroom and sees blood coming out.

Krishna tries to come near Meera but she strikes with him and they both fall down.
PRECAP – Krishna wishes marriage anniversary to Pratigya and gives her a rose. Meera says Krishna is an avatar of love, he is my hero. Meera does Pratigya and Krishna’s aarti. Krishna says I have brought a gift for Pratigya. Pratigya faints in the party, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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