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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) The Unplanned meeting…. Ch-17

!Helpless in front of Fate! 


At XYZ penthouse.

vansh was waiting.

V:- who is she? how much time will she take angre? (Irritated)

Angre:- was just few minutes to 4.

Just then a girl enters entirely in black attire from black shoes to black shirt black, high ponytail both saw each andwere shocked to see each other. She was riddhima.

R:- you?


Ridhima’s manager:- mam this is Mr VR Singhania.

Vansh’s manager:- sir this is ms. RS…i mean Ms. Riddhima Singhania.



Though they were shocked to meet again but they pretended that they were meeting for the first time.

R:-hello! (Smiles).

V:-hello! (Smiles)

R:- shall we proceed?

Both were showing the deal there were proceeding  for…. She presented the gold biscuits he presented the money.

Both smirks 😏seeing each other.

While there were just finalizing the deal someone banged the door and  barged in, it was Chang with his men.

Chang:- so, finally we met again VR, last time  you escaped me.

But this time I don’t think she will do anything for you , right ms. Ex. ?

Vansh:- what’s your damn, problem? why you can’t just live without creating problems for me? and till your question is concerned about her! Then it’s a personal matter don’t try to interfere.(warning him)

Ridhima takes about her gun  and points towards chang and shouts.

R:- don’t you dare! just drop your gun before I shoot, don’t take it lightly! (Warning him)

Vansh was shocked by her unexpected action.

Change:- whatever you may be miss but we are Mafias don’t try to mess with us and I am not gonna drop my gün saying he throws a knife in the air towards her she gets hurt in her  left hand.

Vansh shouts”channg don’t you dare do anything now otherwise I myself will kill you. (Aiming his gun at him)

She sees the, opportunity she tied the handkerchief on a left hand where she was hurt and Shooted  2 mens  of Chang. Vansh was not able to react to her actions because he never saw her doing all this and was not expecting this.

All of them started fighting chang’s men (guys there were only 5 ppl fighting with chang’s men vansh, ridhima,angre, and both their managers)

Vansh was surprised to see her in full action.

after they knocked down the men they were coming out meanwhile two men from their back came behind them one stabbed ridhima in her upper left hand fiercely she got a deep cut and another man gave a cut on vansh’s right leg.

Both Writhered in pain. Aahhh


Ridhima’s manager:-mam!

Riddhima:- it’s not paining too much amay! and ended in pain ahhh.

Vansh:- angre, take her to the car, please! (Concerned)

Ridhima:- no need .you go and treat yourself I am fine(firm).

Vansh:- why do you are you always at the wrong time! (Pissed off)

Ridhima:- you go before his heading men again come to attackers and Jain gets conscious don’t argue please call. (Firm and ordering)

Vansh:- you. . .

Cuts off in between

Ridhima :- now go.

Angre helped vansh to stand and he along with his manager went to the car. angre was bandaging Vansh’s leg whereas ridhima was holding her left hand with the right hand to avoid pain and was making sure that no one else is conscious until they leave that place, she was just trying to inspect the house.


Vansh was just watching her that she was bleeding her left hand profusely then also she kept shooting chang’s man now she is just trying to see that no one is alive inside the house .

He was surprised to see her new form!


I don’t know why but I think she is hiding something  otherwise how a person can change so much in 4 yrs  ……………..or she was like this only but I failed to see it. there is something that I haven’t seen but is important to be disclosed . As  she looks  trained  at Self defence.

Povs ends.





That’s all for today’s guys ,thank you.🤗


1.do they still have soft corners for each other?

2. Was vansh thinking right?

3. The last 3 episodes of immj2 were on fire 🔥, perfect emotions! What’s say?




Thank you, dO comment below and share your suggestions.

Would be looking forward to read them. 😍🤗.

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