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KKB (A mysterious love story) (Part 20)

Agayi mein, bohuuuut Dino bad 😬😬😬

here we go:

Next morning

Prachi and Manvi wake up.

Prachi: what the-

Manvi: hellllllllll😂😂

Pranvi at the same time: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee kaaaaaaaaaaaaa hogyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pranvi: itni derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Btw Yeh sab do rooms mein horahahai, dono ek saath sabkuch bolrahehai.

Both rush and get ready. Prachi gets Netra’s call.

Prachi: hello Netra, abhi mujhe bohut der horahahai baad mein baat karti hu, bye.

Netra: arre lekin, mera baat toh. She cut the call, how in the world am I supposed to tell her about this?!!

M.k mansion

Both Prachi and Manvi rush downstairs.

Pragya:  wait wait, eat something.

Prachi: sorry maa, der horahahai

Awkward silence(meri duniya hai maa plays in bgm)

Prachi(hiding her tears): sorry aunty, vo mein, meri maa bhi aisi hai aapke taraf.

Pragya(teary eyed): it’s okay, anyway both of you have this juice 🥤, finish it *sternly*.

Pragya goes, both Prachi and Manvi sit down 🪑.

Manvi: aunty is really sweet

Prachi: I know

Manvi: you do understand that I know that you are aunty’s daughter

Prachi: I perfectly do

Manvi(face darkens and gets sad): and there’s my mother who left me in an orphanage to die 😭😭😭😭.


Servant1: this blender ahhh

The blender busts and the juice(tomato juice) falls all over the place.

Servant: oh my goddddddddddddd, Mitali ma’am will kill me!!!! I should go before anyone sees me.

Servant leaves.

Living room

Prachi: 3 years, I seriously missed them but I didn’t know that I was going to meet them like this.

Manvi: it’s painful when a child who’s been longing to be in a mother’s arms has to stay close to his/her mother without telling his/her mother that it’s actually them

Prachi: hmm

They both wipe their tears.

Prachi: I’ll go and keep this in the kitchen

Prachi goes to the kitchen. She gets shocked and recalls Aarohi’s murder. Her breaths start getting heavy.

Prachi: khoon!!! Khoon!!!

Manvi comes. M.k family also comes.

Manvi: calm down, calm down

Prachi: Manvi khoon!!!

Manvi: kuch nahi hai, kuch nahi hai. Someone call the doctor, quick.

Guest room

Doctor checks Prachi.

Dr: she got a panic attack, but it’s alright now.

Manvi nods

(Please note that m.k family is also there)

Dr: but what happened in her past that she got a panic attack?

Manvi gets shocked

Manvi(in mind): yeh kaha phasadi aapne mujhe Durga maa


Prachi “nahi khaungi, nahi khaungi, nahi khaungi”

Ranbir “yeh kya bachpana hai yaar”

Prachi “dekho pehle toh tum mujhe”

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