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Episode starts…
Riddhima and Vansh are engaged!!! ( I am very happy thinking though 😉)
Vansh and Riddhima both were deeply lost in their thoughts. Dadi get them back and Riddhima left for her room. She was quite, shocked and wanted her answers. The main reason was why did Vansh lie? Riddhima was removing her jewellery while she saw a note on the the dressing table. ‘Welcome to hell, Riddhima’. She had no expressions on
face. First her marriage to man she doesn’t like, and then this. She went outside and saw Vansh talking to Dadi. Then she saw Anupriya, she was looking towards her and then, she smirked. Riddhima noticed that something was wrong. But her main focus was to get her answers. She was moving towards  the hall where Vansh’s dad died. She was not in the state of saying anything. In the hall, she got one more note. ‘Riddhima, Vansh is something he doesn’t show to anyone. He is broken. Your answers are in the office. In a drive. It’s inside a deer head- shaped showpiece. Take it. And you will get all the answers.’
Riddhima was looking towards Vansh.
Riddhima to herself: So the real Vansh is inside him, but he still thinks I am here on a mission. I think I should accept this. This is my fate. I really do have a life any person would not want.
Vansh looked at Riddhima and thought: she is hiding something. I don’t know what it is, but I am still not sure she is my enemy or my wife to be. Riddhima, you’ll get your answers soon. Dad knew you before. This means there is something in you.
FB starts
Vansh is 12-13 year old playing with Aryan when his father called him.
Vansh: Yes dad?
Ajay: Listen Vansh, when you grow up I will introduce you to a person. Just like you. And that person will complete you. That person is your missing piece. You wanted to know how did your mother die and what happened? You will get those answers.
FB ends
Vansh to himself: Is she my missing piece? Or just my fate? But if she is… I have a plan (plan not be revealed).
Dadi: Everyone! Go and sleep. Tomorrow is the wedding day. Lots of work to do.
Everyone went to their room

Scene changes to a park, a small girl is playing and a man comes to him.
Girl: Uncle…!! I was waiting for you. I wanted you to answer my questions.
Ajay: Yes, ask
Girl: Why do you come to meet me every week?
Ajay: Because you are like my daughter. And I have done a deed to pay for.
Girl: So why don’t you adopt me?
Ajay: I don’t want you to be my daughter. I have some other plans for you. I am here to tell you that today is the day. After 10 years. We will meet again. And you will be a part of my family.
Girl: Really??
Ajay: Yes. Now I have to go.
Riddhima wakes up from her dream. Riddhima: It was a dream or reality? It was Vansh’s father for sure! Does this mean, I have a connection with Vansh?
Dadi comes and sees Riddhima
Dadi: Beta, get ready for your haldi ceremony.
Riddhima: Ki Dadi
Riddhima came downstairs. Vansh looked at her. Vansh was lost in her beauty in those flower jewelry. He was continuously looking at her. He came back to his senses when everyone started enjoying at a song. Riddhima looked towards Vansh ‘ is he really the one for me? Will I get my answers or ruin my life?’. Everyone applied Haldi to both Vansh and Riddhima. Everyone was happy and it was a prosperous moment. Riddhima became teary eyed and went back to her room thinking about her parents and if they would have been alive, they would be so happy to see this. At a sudden Vansh came inside.
Vansh: I wanted to talk to you.
Riddhima: Yes?
Vansh: Are you sure you want to marry me?
Riddhima was mesmerized by this gesture. She had never seen this side of Vansh before. She kept staring him.
Vansh: Riddhima? Where are you lost?
Riddhima cam back to senses.
Riddhima: It was your father’s last wish. I know what it feels losing someone. But I would like to fulfill his last wish.
Vansh heard this and was a little surprised. He was smiling just a bit. Angre was watching him. It was for the first time in these years he has smiled a bit. He went out of the room.
Vansh was happy to know that she wanted to marry him. But suddenly he started to think: What if it is a plan? No. I shouldn’t have this intention. If dad knows him, she can’t be anyone to harm my family.
Precap: Vansh and Riddhima’s Marriage!!!🎉😁

Thank you for motivating me…!!!

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