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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima rescues Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying Vyom has the antidote, come with me. Vyom says Vansh has blown the fuse and opened the electric door, your time has come, I have the antidote, how long will you get saved. Vansh asks Riddhima to listen to him. He says I just loved you. Riddhima says come with me. Vansh says when our Vansh comes, tell him that his dad wasn’t a bad man. She says you can’t lose courage like this, come with me. He says I m coming more close to you, by becoming your thinking, you go, don’t turn back. She says you won’t get Angre, don’t know where is he. He says for my sake, go. She says no, take the swear back, I m not going. He coughs. She hugs him. He says you have to go. She asks why and cries. Dil ye tere bina…plays… He hugs her. She recalls his words. She says Vansh, please stop me. He says go. She goes. Vansh goes to Angre. Vansh frees Angre and asks him to come. Angre asks are you fine. Vansh asks him to come. Angre asks how much time do you have. Vansh says few min. He says Ishani can’t see your state. They laugh. Vansh says this time will pass, right. They talk about the past attacks and have a laugh.

Angre holds him. Vansh says Angre, we got saved there, bad phase has begun now, I just have 6 mins. Angre says if we don’t get saved today, then I will have no regret, it was a big thing to live with you, dying with you will be a bigger thing, I will wish that you become my boss in all the births. Vansh says you are not only my bodyguard, don’t forget you are my Jija as well, you are not just a friend, but my brother. He hugs him. Angre says Vyom is not a amateur, its tough to get out of here. Vyom comes and asks where were you running, you got a dead end, I m so excited, Vansh you have no time, hardly 2 mins, then I will miss you, I will see the breaking news, Asia’s no 1 don Vansh Rai Singhania is dead, he died by poison, its a suicide case, what was the reason, was he useless, just pray that Lord gives him soul peace. He laughs and says I can be a huge tv personality, give me that black box.

Vansh laughs and says I have no strength in my body, so I m just laughing, if I lose, then even you can’t win, who will tell you about the black box. Vyom says you are a kid, I have some people who are in your house, they will give me info. Vansh asks shall I laugh on you or your foolishness, you think I m an open book that anyone will read, you don’t know anything about me, you are hitting on your own leg, you will not get the black box, its a secret, its in your house. He laughs. Vyom says don’t worry about that, Angre give me that black box. Angre asks Vyom to give the antidote. Dadi enters the code. The black box opens. She sees the data on the screen. She gets shocked. Riddhima takes the antidote from Vyom and throws it to Vansh. Vyom points gun. Angre goes to fight him. Riddhima makes Vansh eat the antidote. Angre gets the gun and shoots. Vyom runs away. Riddhima says Vansh has taken the antidote. Riddhima cries for Vansh. He closes eyes. She shouts. Angre moves him. One week later in Goa, at VR hotel, Vansh gets down the car.

Riddhima and Angre also come. They get a welcome. The family members come there. Dadi says you know where we stay when we come here. Manager says yes, we made arrangements like that. Ishani flirts with Angre. He says we never had a honeymoon, I thought to take an advantage of this holiday, this is for you, you don’t get free from Vansh’s work, you had almost given life for you, I should thank my stars. Angre hugs her and jokes. She says you didn’t get hurt by taking a bullet for Vansh. He romances her. He says I m fine, I will not let this honeymoon go waste. She says that’s what I wanted to hear, my hunk, you are just mine from now. Vansh comes to Riddhima and asks what are you thinking. She says nothing, if you didn’t get antidote on time, what would have happened. He says if I died that day, I would have regretted to not see my face in your eyes, I would have not seen our baby, I was afraid to lose you. She says I can’t live without you. He hugs her and says even I can’t live without you, I will never separate you from me. Vyom comes there and says Riddhima and Vansh, welcome me, I have come. Vansh and Riddhima say I love you to each other.

Vansh and Riddhima dance and share drinks. Vansh spikes her drink. He aks her where did she go when he asked her to run, what happened that day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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