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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarla accuses Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishqi seeing Ahaan’s name in her mehendi. She gets shocked. She coughs and asks for water. Ahaan gets water. She asks how did your name come. He asks what. She asks how did you come. He says from outside. She thinks how would be do this. He asks her to have the water. He says you are having sweets, you are diabetic. She thinks if anyone sees this name, then there will be a big drama. He says its over. He asks what’s the matter. She says nothing, I have to go. He asks her to have fruits. Mayank comes. Ishqi thinks he is coming now. Mayank says Sonu is fasting, you are having sweets, don’t you want to fit in the lahenga. She says yes and goes. Ahaan says I told her because she is diabetic, not for weight, you had made her upset. Mayank says she will get convinced on her own. Ishqi runs out. Maasi looks on. Ishqi tries to wipe the name. She says if anyone sees it, it will be a problem. She slips near the pool. He holds her hand.

Mahiya…plays… He says you spoiled your mehendi. She asks why do you care, I can do anything. He asks what’s this language. She asks him to just go, I didn’t get any name written. He asks are you drunk, are you hurt, what are you doing here. She says I was singing here. He asks what song, what are you doing, mehendi will get spoiled. She says how do you care. He asks does it work for you when it suits you. She says I m seeing what’s written in my fate. He says its because Mayank told about your weight. She asks what did he say. He says nothing. She goes. He says she thinks of me when she needs help.

Sarla dances with the family. Ishqi comes. Suman takes her to dance. Sasural genda phool…plays… Ahaan looks for her. Sonu comes and shows her mehendi. Kartik asks Ahaan to give attention to Sonu. Kartik clicks her pics. Ahaan thinks where did Ishqi go, Mausi is here, it means Ishqi didn’t leave. Sonu asks Kartik to take good pic. Kartik teases her. Raj says I will always be in Sonu’s hand. He shows the photographer. She gets happy. He says I knew you won’t like Kartik’s clicked pic, lets do it the fairy tale way. Everyone smiles and compliments Sonu. Ishqi comes. Maasi asks where were you. Mayank says she was having sweets. Bhola gets cold drinks. Sonu says I m on diet. He asks Ishqi is she on diet. Maasi says no need. Ahaan thinks maybe she is upset because of the comments on her. Kartik says Ishqi is fit, her face is glowing. Sarla taunts Ishqi. Sarla says I m vert fit according to my age.

Ahaan thinks why is Ishqi so silent. Suman says we like healthy girls. Ahaan gets a call. He goes. Mayank sees Raj’s name in Sonu’s hand. He steps on Ishqi’s foot and gets rude. Ishqi thinks to go and remove mehendi. She steps on Ahaan’s foot. Ahaan says sorry, are you okay. She goes. He thinks what is she going. Kartik jokes on Raj. He asks Raj to get shagun mehendi. He asks Mayank to come. Mayank says I won’t get mehendi applied. Kartik jokes. Suman asks Ishqi to tell Mayank. Ishqi says its his wish. Photographer asks Ishqi to come. Ishqi says I don’t want to get pics clicked. Kartik says come on, you are also a bride. Ishqi says no, Sarla’s photoshoot should happen first, she is groom’s mum. Sarla says you said right for the first time. She catches Ishqi’s hand and shows the bandage. Ishqi says sorry. Sarla asks how did you get hurt. Suman asks are you fine. Ishqi says yes. Suman says get pics clicked, Ishqi come, shall we call a doctor if you are much hurt. Ishqi says no. Sarla thinks she always lessens my importance. She says your injury took all the attention, lets see what happened. She removes the bandage and shows Ishqi’s hand. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ahaan’s name in the mehendi. Ahaan thinks that’s why Ishqi was so disturbed. Sarla asks how did Ahaan’s name come on your hand. Dadi and Suman ask her to answer.

Ahaan says its a mistake, I m sure. Sarla asks Ishqi’s mistake, she got her would be groom’s best friend’s name on her hand. Dadi says you got wrong name written and didn’t know. Chachi says its not matching names, there can’t be confusion. Chacha says yes, how can anyone be confused. Kartik stops Sarla and says be careful, maybe its a mistake, Mayank say something. Sarla says its limit of carelessness, how will she manage her house, why does mistakes happen with her, anyone’s name is not written on our hands, how did someone’s name come on her hand. Suman says mehendi artist has made a big mistake. Dadi says its not Sarla’s mistake. Kartik says its not Ishqi’s mistake. Sarla argues. Ishqi cries. The girl says I had asked Ishqi about her would be husband, Ishqi said Ahaan. Dadi asks Ishqi to say. Ishqi thinks why don’t I remember. Kartik signs Ishqi. He thinks you think Ishqi can take Ahaan’s name, everyone knows their equation, she doesn’t like Ahaan, she can never take her name. Chachi says yes, he is right. The girl says actually, its my mistake, someone took Ahaan’s name and I wrote his name, sorry. Suman says confusion happens in loud music, Ishqi isn’t stupid to take her name. Sarla says I find the matter fishy, relation is made with the one whose name is written on the hand on this day.

Ahaan says you didn’t do anything, name will be wiped in few days. Ishqi calls Ahaan for help, she is stuck in the lift. Ahaan goes and rescues Ishqi. He gets shocked seeing his GF Riya. Riya hugs him and says I knew you would come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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