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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-5)

Chapter- 4

In India-

As the flight was of about 9 hours……..All Mathur’s had reached the airport at 1 pm in night and in standing in the waiting room

Riddhima- Bhai, It’s too late and after a long journey why don’t we check in a hotel even see bhabs is too tired and see these three they aren’t even in their senses

Ruchi- Yaa Veer…..please we will leave tomorrow morning after breakfast

Veer- Yaa Riddhu You are right…You drop a message to dad till then let me book a cab for a nearby hotel

Riddhima- Ok Bhai!!

Meanwhile in Vansh’s car-

Aryan- Vansh Bro!!

Vansh (looking outside the window) – Yes Aryan say!!

Aryan- See it’s already too late ….let’s even we check in a hotel room see even Angre can’t drive back to hotel

Angre- No….. I am not tired…

Aryan- How are you not tired….you are tired see in the mirror dark circles are come ….then who will be your girlfriend and to whom you will marry

Vansh- You don’t have to worry about him……..

Aryan- Bro as you said…time for arrival of the flight is 1 pm so why we are here from last 2 hours

Vansh- Precaution is better than cure

Kabir- Vansh…see Veer is outside but alone…Is he coming alone?

Vansh- No he can’t come alone as you both said Ruchi is pregnant and After that incident with Riddhima. He won’t even dare to leave them alone.. they must be inside

Kabir- May be he came out to book a cab

Vansh hummed after listening to Kabir

Angre- Kabir….Had you guys any picture of these girls

Aryan- That’s the only thing to worry

Vansh- Why?? Don’t tell me you guys don’t have

Kabir- Vansh actually………

Aryan- Bro….we had picture of Ishani, Sejal, Siya and ever Veer and Ruchi but not of Riddhima because before leaving India Veer had destroyed each and every info about her

Vansh- Even pictures……strange…..what must have happened?

Kabir- We had tried to gain info about that also but nothing came as a result

Angre- its ok Kabir!! As we had picture of Ishani, Sejal and Siya and Ruchi must be pregnant so it’s easy to recognize her

Vansh- Had you guys have their picture with you now?

Aryan- Yes bro…I had in my phone I’ll forward to everyone

He forwards it to everyone and wait for everyone to come out so they can follow them as well as recognize them

After sometime they see Veer again going inside with juice in his hand

Waiting Room-

Ruchi- Riddhima….I’m too tired where is your bhai?

Riddhima- Bhabhi he must be coming

Ruchi- I’m hungry Riddhima

Ishani- See Bhabhi…..Bhai came with juice and for us….

Riddhima- Bhai when will the cab come I’m too hungry

Ruchi- And this smell of this waiting room…..I feel like puking and if you don’t get me out from here….I will puke on you

Veer- Don’t it’s my favourite dress….. Let me speak…Cab must have arrived till then lets’ move out so that you can take some fresh air

Ruchi- That’s nice …..Let’s go Riddhima..you’re bhai will bring the bags as this is his punishment for coming late and making US wait

Veer (mumbling) – These women and their pregnancy mood swings……I feel like somedays are left for me to live…..God I wanna live more

Ruchi- You said something…..were you cursing me

Veer- I wanna live…I can’t do that in my worst dream … Let’s go your coolie is after you

Riddhima (Confused) – Coolie??

Ruchi (taking her outside) – He is talking about himself Riddhima

They started laughing and moved out of the waiting room while moving out Riddhima Covered her face with her scarf

Outside the airport vansh’s car was waiting for their arrival and

Angre- Bhai they came out but ….

Aryan- But they all are here and we can see Ishani, Sejal and Siya…Even Ruchi and Veer are there but where is Riddhima

Kabir- She is there only see after them but her face is hidden with her scarf

Vansh (mumbling) – Why is she hiding her face?

Aryan- So that you can’t see her bro.…Simple

Vansh (glaring)- How will she come to know Aryan that we are watching her Aryan…..Use your common sense

Kabir- Common Sense is not common to everyone Vansh…. So how Aryan can use it…Right Aryan ?

Aryan- Yaa…..Wait what?

Angre- Guys…..They are leaving let’s follow them

They follow them till Hotel and

Aryan- Are we going to check in the hotel as well

Vansh- What else can we do Aryan …..Mom and Dad must have slept if we go now we need to wake them up

Angre- Yaa……Why to make them bother at this hour…..Let’s go after they had checked in

They all nodded and waited for them

Meanwhile the Cab had arrived in front of the hotel

Veer had checked in and everyone departed for their respective room and ordered their dinner in there room only and then All Four boys even had checked in ……As there was less rooms available so Kava got in single room and Angre and Aryan got in another room

In Kava’s Room-

Vansh- Today even we aren’t able to see Riddhima

Kabir- Aren’t you too desperate to see her…..seriously we will bring her photo by tomorrow and then you can keep it with yourself’

Vansh- Kabir please stay away from Aryan….You are literally talking like him ….Rubbish

Kabir- Ok sorry……I was just making you calm down….let’s sleep we will try to see Riddhima tomorrow morning before they leave for mansion

Vansh- hmm….

They slept

In Riddhima’s room-

She was missing Varun but decided not to call him as in Paris he must be about to sleep or might be due to tiredness while thinking all these she didn’t realized when she slept

In Morning (At 10 pm)-

In Riddhima’s room-

Her Phone rang and call was from Veer as she picked up she got to know it was the conference call from Ishani, Sejal, Siya and Veer

Riddhima- Yes Bro….What had happened ….Is Bhabhi Ok?

Veer- Physically Completely Ok……Mentally not at all

Siya- Bhai bhabhi is in washroom na…

Veer- Yaa….How you got to know

Ishani- Because….we were wondering how you got too much courage to say like this

Veer- Ohhh….You guys are pulling my leg now??

Sejal- How can we even think about doing that?

Veer- Yaa exactly you guys can’t think but can do it……… right??

Riddhima (chuckling)- Right Bhai……by the way why you called us anything urgent?

Veer- Yaa….I was telling tha….

Before he can speak further …Ruchi snatched phone from him and said

Ruchi- So…actually I was feeling to bore over sitting in this room and since last night I’m watching his face only so if you guys are free can you all come downstairs I mean in hotel where we all can eat the breakfast together

Ishani- Why not Bhabhi…..we are coming

They all agreed for coming

Ruchi(turning towards Veer)- So what you were saying that “Physically Completely Ok……Mentally not at all” right?

Veer was shocked that she heard it

Veer- You heard that?

Ruchi- Yes…actually I wonder being a police officer you don’t know how to speak slowly…..(angry) You’re voice was echoing in whole room

Veer- Baby it was just a slip of tongue …..Forget it

Ruchi (coming closer and keeping her hand around his neck) – Forget it…Ok….so even you forget it that you will get anything in breakfast

He turned her around and back hugged her and then nuzzled his nose in her neck

Veer- Ok I will get it from you

Ruchi- Really??…..Then even you can just try to kiss me you won’t be able to I challenge you

Veer- Challenge me??

Ruchi- Yes

He turned her to face him and pinned her towards wall and was about to kiss her just than someone knocked on their door and Veer glared at Ruchi and she chuckled and went to open the door and saw Sejal there

Sejal- Bhai are you alright??…..I mean you called us but you himself didn’t arrived

Veer- Yaa was just trying to search some file

Sejal- Got it?

Veer- What?

Sejal– File Bhai

Veer (glaring at Ruchi)- No….

Sejal- Ok so you search till then we all are in hotel with Bhabhi…..come bhabhi

She took Ruchi with her after sometime Veer arrived there

In Kava’s Room-

All Four are in that room only

Vansh- Any Information Kabir in which room they are or anything?

Aryan- What we will do after knowing there room……… don’t tell me we will kidnap them now? ……..I hadn’t made my body even since yesterday and even hadn’t taken my protein shake I’m feeling too weak

Angre- Aryan there are many think that are much more important than your body

Aryan- Right now ….I don’t think so

Kava (unison) – Shut up Aryan

Kabir- Vansh we hadn’t got there room number but I saw Ishani and Siya downstairs in hotel

Angre- They must be there for breakfast

Kabir- but they were only two where were rest

Vansh- May be they were waiting for them

Aryan- Yaa…..bhai this is the right time to see Riddhima’s face……Let’s go to hotel

Angre- First time you said something correct and useful

They all nodded and went downstairs where all were present

Precap- Vansh tries to search Riddhima in hotel and emotional moment

Guys!!!!!! Do comment and tell me your guesses will Vansh be able to see Riddhima

Sorry for any grammatical mistake…………..

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