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Drunken confession #os on riansh

Hi guys. Hope u are fine.So here is the third os.
So this one is vihaan os. So here angre knows the truth of vihaan being vansh. And this is midnight and angre and vansh are working in their secret room known by no one. So let’s start.
Author’s pov
Vangre was working in their secret room . It was midnight and they heard a knock at the door of their secret room both became attentive as it was known by no one they wrapped the documents , loaded their guns and slowly moved to door and when opened they saw none other than ridhima both were shocked how she came here and seeing her state too bcs she dancing with no one.
R:- Hehe 2 vansh and 2 angre bhai  (pointing towards them ) who is this bhai and who is this vihaa.. oo sorry u are vansh no you are vihaan no u are vansh. Who are you (shouted and sobbing)
R(sobbing) who are you haan I know you are my vansh but you are very bad (hitting him on his chest)baddy you are a bad boy bad boy
She was going to shout but vansh kept his hand on her mouth to stope her and signed her not to shout.  She nodded and from eyes signed him his hand and his got his hand back. She was standing there with cute innocent eyes smiling back arched backwards hand at front interlocked she was looking at them. Vansh came near her face smelled it and his assumption was true she was drunk. And he slapped his forehead and said not again. Angre also understood she was drunk but both were confused how she was drunk.
A:- she toh don’t drink so how she is drunk(confused)
V:- like last she must have drank from somewhere not again yaar.
R:- see see you said again and how do vihaan know that I drank firstly also . U are vansh (clapping)
Vansh asked her to low her voice saying it’s midnight and someone may wake up and she kept a finger at her lips and also made a pout🤫
R:- Vansh are you angry why u came as vihaan . U know how bad he is he so flirty . U should deal with him how can he behave with me like this. Bhai u also u both torture him like he do always taunting me abt ur death (index finger towards vansh)u are alive I knew u would come back.
Saying so she hugged her.
He was shocked and thinking that he should torture himself wow.. and then saw ridhima hugging him and something clicked his mind and he signed angre that he has a plan . Angre was confused that what plan he has and they both went inside the room vansh took ridhima inside the room and angre licked the door. He signed angre to stay there he has to do something.
V(angry) so what wrong did he do by taunting you . You are the reason for my jump from cliff . For my destruction.  What wrong did he do. U were the one who helped kabir your lover boy in collecting fake evidences against me. You betrayed me . Due to you sia is in comma. Due to you ragini died and I can’t know my mother’s murderer.  Due to you only because of you everything happened (pointing his index finger toward her) this maybe his plan but all the lines said by him were the real feelings of him. His was angry. And suddenly she started crying his anger melted. He became confused but thought she was drunk so maybe due to this she started .
R:- U are…. very very bad (hitting his chest) u.. u.. never listen to me always say but never listen u are ver bad (still hitting him and now harder) vansh hold her wrist to prevent the hitting and said so what is there to listen everything is clear.  U gave him fake proofs and won what is there to say and listen . So stop ur drama . Jerking her hands.
R:- See again u are only saying and not listening okay u won’t listen to me so see ok and listen to someone else. (Wiping her tears)
Saying so she grabbed his wrist and dragged him and in way also grabed angre wrist . Both were confused.  And she suddenly stopped at the door . They both looked at her aand made a expression of ‘what’ . She pointed towards the door lock. And angre opened the door. She took them in corridor and stopped and again they gave her expression of what.
R:- shhhh…. now slowly slowly no voice ok
They both nodded and slowly slowly without any vouce they moved and stood in front of a room that was of anupriya.  They both looked at each other and then at her she kept index finger at her lips expressing to be quite and listen what is going inside . They both got their ears attached on the door and there it was the talk of anupriya and kabir. They were talking with each other. (Yaar am not in mood to write their convo so pls am really tired)
They both were shocked and confused listening their convo as they were not talking Normally but devilishly and their evil laugh made them confused.  Then ridhima dragged them both from there to terrace. After reaching terrace she left their hand and ran near pool and was watching moon . Vangre moved towards her. She was there standing like a innocent  cute child.
R:- Vansh do you remember last time I drank we were here we saw the moon we played with water also and that saw our chanda mama (jumping and clapping)
Vangre smiled at her antics.  Vansh smiled at her wife and angre at her sister (well I love their bond so in my ffs she consider him as bhai and say him bhai and he as her small sister saying her ridhima only not bhabhi)
R:- bhai here only your haldi was there(clapping like a excited child).
And suddenly her face turned pale ,sad and fearful.
R:- and here only that devil electrode me(sobbing)
Both were confused at what she said
V:- ridhima what are you saying
She nodded her head negatively and ran to boundary of terrace and sat the railing. vangre ran to her that maybe she fall from there.
V:- ridhima utro yahan se nhi toh niche gir jaogi just get down
R:- hehe vansh if you can come back from jumping from cliff so this is a small one so I will also come.
Pretending that now she is going to jump. Vangre cathed her arms and she giggled.
R:- hehe se how you feared (sad ) do you know how I felt when u jumped from cliff.
Vansh ignored her talks and got her down.
V:- ridhima I camee back but if you junp you will be hurted so sweetheart pls don’t sit there okk
R:- no okkay I also said that don’t jump from cliff but you jumped na but u are saying I toh can’t sit there also that’s wrong I will sit(behaving like ziddhima😂)
Vansh pleaded angre to help
A:- ridhima pls don’t go there sit here only won’t you listen to ur bhai.
R:- no I will listen to you but not him (shooting draggers at vansh) both brother sister are like this bad . Huh.. I hate u Mr rai singhania.
Angre chuckled at the brother sister thing and vansh narrowed his eyes at the bro-sis duo standing in front of him
A:- why are you looking at me like this.  She said true
Till now ridhima was near pool playing with water.
V:- what did she meant by both brother sister bad.
A:- bhai pls don’t be so innocent I know you are this much toh clever to understand the thing she said(mischievous smile)
V:- I will see you later ohh.. not me but ishani (evil mischievous smile)
Angre face turned pale
V:- let me see my wife u toh will be seen by your dear wife
A:- see see she is your wife u can see her how much you want as tadana is free of cost(teasing smile) and abt seeing me am so handsome everyone will see. You know we both bro sis are so handsome and pretty everyone will see us na (proudly )
Vansh palmed his face and thought angre also changed by being with ridhima.  Both bro sis are not going to let him live a peaceful happy and romantic lifeVangre went to ridhima who sitting crossing her legs near the pool playing with water.
R:- Come jaldi itna sloww… come fast.
Both went to her at sat on her either side.
R:- Accha so now letme tell what happened or else again u will do something (nose flared due to anger )
V:- Hmm.. tell(serious)
R(sighs) okkay . (Head on vansh shoulder) so before our meet I met kabir 4 months ago. In these 4 months he used to pamper me show me care love affection . We used to fight on small things but said sorry as we can’t stay without talking to each other. Overall a perfect relationship which a orphan can think of. Vansh I was a orphan never got love sejal was the only family I had and then kabir cam and showed him this cute and lovely world so I thought it to be love but little I didn’t knew that it was just a trap to trap you. He showed you like a devil your bad things and told me that he is doing this for country but wrong it was only for his prsnl motive. Then I came to you at cruise as party planner but it was not our first meet(she chuckled remembering their first meet at beach party) remember .
Vangre also remembered it and a smile crept on the faces of both angre smiled as that day he saw a different vansh and vansh smiled remembering that if he accepts it or not he started liking her and thought abt her all the time till their next meet.
R:- and at cruise you scared me and that dance godd I was so scared

R:- Umm so then I came here as siya psychotherapist.  True saying I only found dadi and sia as normal himan being else were just scary. Huh.. so then I started searching for proofs and the shocker u gave me abt the wedding godd….who gets a girl in force marriage for just knowing her secrets literally.  But now you are mine and in searching for secrets don’t you dare go near any girl(angry)
Vangre smiled at her jealousy and possessiveness
R:- then after the gun shot attack my whole life changed as I saw you a changed prsn. A caring prsn dadi told me that you prayed to god the prsn who never step in mandir prayed for me. I accept it or not from that time only I started falling for you. And then one day before karva chauth I broke all the ties with kabir as I got to know ragini was alive. Vansh that day I didn’t got jn car’s dickey aryan and chachi putted me in that
Vansh face turned dark he wanted to bash them and also him that he thought she spied him.
R:- I was happy that you were not a criminal but was a bit sad too that what if after ragini was fine you make leave me(looking at him with a cute pout)
V(pulling her cheeks and smiling) never ever.
Ridhima hugged him happily.
R:- but again I suspected you doubted you and after that it all lead to your and ragini death.  Vansh I didn’t killed her kabir killed her . Siya was attacked by mummy ji. After kabir came in this house as mummy ji long lost son I doubted their behaviour and then here only I got to know their reality that they were behind it . Mummy knew kabir and helped him . She hated you and this family she only wanted your property and abt my marriage with kabir..
Vansh face turned possessive and angry too
R:- I agreed to marry him just to save dadi ,ishani and her child as in the hall he kept a knife at her belly
Angre was damn angry as kabir thought to kill his child and his wife and also for forcing his sister.
A:- I won’t leave that ba*t*d . He thought to kill my baby now I wi kill him  I won’t leave him(angry and was abt to leave but ridhima held him wrist and calmed him )
Vansh was happy looking at their bond.
R:- So after that u came as vihaan and all these things.
She started hitting him
R:- I hate you I hate you I hate you . You are so bad.
Vansh held her hands and hugged her to calm her
V:- am so sorry sweetheart am really sorry pls forgive me
A:- and pls forgive this bad brother of yours who also didn’t trusted you am sorry riddhu
Ridhima turned emotional after angre said thise words and getting out of vansh hold she higged her bhai
R:- forgiven am also sorry I also didn’t told you anything sorry.
V:- and me..
R:- no u are not forgiven
V:- that’s not fair u forgived angre but not me that’s bad
R:- so are you my brother (raising her eyebrows)
Angre laughed and said saiyaan bane bhaiya(translate lover became broken)and laughed
V:- laugh laugh what se you bro sis can do except laughing at thsi poor man(fake anger)
R:- so if you need forgiveness you need to do something.
V:- what(happy)
R:- pamper me ,don’t scare me and don’t do that vihaan acting and come back as vansh (moist eyes)
Vansh hugged her and said am always your vansh .
Angre joined them in the hug .
A:- but bhai we need proof
R:- bhai don’t be silly iss mansion mein camera ka kya sirf naam ke liye hain nhi na toh get the cctv footage .
They went to cctv room and with difficulty they got the footage as it was deleted so it was difficult to get that.
Vansh got ridhima in room and forcefully made her sleep and was sorry for whatever he did.
Next morning ridhima was ignoring vansh and angre. They both were confused as last night all were good and she also remembered last night happenings but both were confused with her behaviour.  Later police came and arrested both anupriya and kabir. All asked sorry from ridhima. But still she was ignoring vangre.
They both decided to ask her what happened
V:- Ridhima why are you behaving like this now all things are sorted na.
R:- I didn’t forgive you as you didn’t do as I said .(angry)
Vansh face palmed himself.
A:- and what abt me why are u not not taking with me
R:- bcs you didn’t reminded him otherwise toh you always remind him all his meetings amd all but not this . That’s why(angry)
Vangre:-sorry sweetheart/riddhu.
At last she forgave them and now  her and vansh relationship was complete as now their relationship had love , respect, care and most importantly trust.💕
Finally done with this this and the first part of this story were longest I ever wrote this one of 1121 words. Hope my efforts don’t go in vain and if you don’t want it to go in vain vote and specially comment And and and one more thing that is the new cover All thanks to jazzmiiiine10 for this lovely cover. Thanku so much I really loved it. Till then take care.  Luv u all 💕

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