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Choti Sardarni 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher gets conscious with memory loss

Choti Sardarni 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant says Harleen called me and asked me to change this furniture with a mattress and add flowers here. The servants’ nod. Kulwant says there will be sangat and langar tomorrow. This house’s happiness will come back. The kids come home. Kulwant says you are back? What happened? You look so upset. Robbie said you are out for ice cream. Seher says they didn’t give us the ice cream and took it from us. Kulwant says why? Karan says some bad people came there. Seher says they’re throwing stones at us. The kids go inside. Kulwant asks Sandhya what happened? Sandhya says the same that happened at the hospital. Since we lose Meher ji, I promised myself no matter what happens I will always bring a smile to these kids’ faces. No they are sad because of me. I am tired. I have lost. I will go away from here. But I can’t do that. Every breath of mine is Meher’s debt. I have to pay her back but taking care of her kids. Kulwant says stay blessed.

Scene 2
The doctor says we have to send this patient to an asylum. We can’t keep treating her without payment. If she gets conscious by tomorrow fine, otherwise we will send her away.

Harleen asks Sarab to eat. Sarab says I don’t feel like it. Harleen says we will close this case. Sarab says I feel like losing everything. Seher says see papa’s mama got us dolls and toys. She must have asked you to not let us eat ice cream because it’s cold. Mama’s friend told us. See these toys. Sarab says they’re beautiful. He hugs the kids. They play around. Harleen says eat now.

Scene 3
Rana is worried. He says mummy ji will kill me if she finds out that the stuff is stolen. Ginni counts money. Jeeto says you are counting money for TV? Looks like you will have to sell your AC too. She laughs at her. Kulwant asks everyone to come to the hall. Bitu says mummy ji do you know what happened today? She says the delivery got stolen. Rana says how do you know? Yuvi says dadi knows everything that happens in Atari. Rana says I am sorry mummy ji. I don’t know how it happened. Kulwant says the thief is caught. Kulwant shows the uniform to them. Bitu and Jeeto are shocked. Kulwant says do you have any shame? Did you rob your own brother? And you Rana, you can’t handle the thieves inside the house how will you handle this business? I want 5 lacs tomorrow and office keys. Let’s go Yuvi.

Yuvi says I thought you will slap them. She says I don’t need to. They are fighting with each other. Kulwant says so much is happening in Sarab’s house and these useless people don’t care. I really miss Meher. Why did you take her frmo us God.

Scene 4
The paat is about to start. Sarab calls his guests but everyone makes excuses. Harleen says Sehgal isn’t coming either? He says the entire society has boycotted us. What will we tell the kids?

Kulwant calls Rana and Bitu. Yuvi says wow looks like Bitu has hit you a lot. Bitu says I am the one who was hit. They both limp. Kulwant says the one who comes to me first will get 500. They both run. Kulwant tears the note apart and says 250 for each other you. Bitu says you tore it. It’s value is zero. Kulwant says yes exactly. Its value is zero. Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana you both are zero separately. But if you come together, you can do something. And the mind you use to cut each other, you can take his business forward. You have to run this business. Hug now. The hug. Kulwant says go and run your business now. Yuvi says dadi you tore the note for them. She says it’s a fake note. Harleen calls Kulwant. She’s shocked. No one came for langar.

Scene 5
Seher says mama used to say doing langar makes Baba ji very happy. I will do it today. Seher sits down to sing Kirtan. Karan says no one came who will listen to it then? Sandhya says you stay there and do kirtan. You will do it for Baba ji. Kulwant comes and says mama’s friend is right. Seher starts singing. Sarab recalls how Meher used to sing. Meher is at the hospital. A van stops outside. The driver calls and says it will take some time. They hear someone singing. Watchman says they’re tourists. their bus’ tire is punctured. I can ask them to move ahead. Sarab welcomes them in the house.

Meher moves her finger. She breathes. Meher removes her mask. Meher says where am I? My house is so big. This place is so small. Why is it so small? My house has the noise of smiles and kids. Meher hears her kids saying mama we miss you. Mama when will come back. Meher sees a flashback and says who’s calling me with so much love. She sees blurred faces. Meher steps out and walks. She asks where is she? A man says Amritsar. The nurse says this is Amritsar, Punjab. Where are you from? Meher is confused. She says it’s okay. They give Meher water. The doctor says do you recall your name? Your family. Meher is confused. She cries and says my name.. The doctor says she has lost her memory. Meher cries. She says what’s my name..

Episode ends.

Precap-People give Sarab blessings. They say your ife is beautiful looking at Sandhya. Kulwant looks at Meher’s photo and says I think your happiness would be in doing what I am thinking. Meher screams leave me. The doctor faint her and say take out her organs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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