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Bound To You – Chapter 9 : (Ghosts From The Past – Take Three)

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This is a continuation in the past.

Year 2014 (contd)

Two weeks had passed since Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage. On spending more time with her new husband, she realised that he was a very sharp and witty man. He had a lot of knowledge on many, many topics, and could go on speaking about them.

He also had a liking for dark and dry humour, but the trait that irritated Riddhima the most was his flirty nature. He left literally no opportunity to tease her and make her blush. She secretly liked the attention he gave her, but she also disliked it because that made her impossible to resist him.

Riddhima also fervently tried to collect some proofs against Vansh. In his absence, she scanned his whole wardrobe, his drawers and literally the entire bedroom, but didn’t find anything. The other day, she found an excuse to borrow his mobile phone. Surprisingly, he handed over his phone to her with ease, and even gave her his password. When she checked the phone, she found no useful information. Literally nothing.

“This man is really smart,” she said to herself. “He doesn’t keep any traces of his illegal activity and underworld business either in his house or in his phone. Maybe he keeps everything in his office itself. But how will I ever be able to reach there?”

On the other hand, over these two weeks, Vansh had grown more besotted by Riddhima. The way she easily mingled with his entire family, and took such great care of literally everyone in the house, won his heart. Even though, gradually Riddhima was opening to him, but his heart craved for her love.

He had noticed that whenever he spoke about other random stuff, she would happily take part in the discussion. But whenever he’d start talking about love and romance, she would sneakily try to change the topic or even worse, leave from the scene on the pretext of some work. He tried hard to indirectly convey his feelings to her, but she never understood anything. Or maybe she understood everything, but just did not want to reciprocate it.

Even though it was a contract marriage between them, he really wanted to convert it into a ‘real’ marriage soon.


Riddhima had prepared vegetable patties for breakfast, and was serving everyone.
When she came close to Vansh to serve him, he asked, “What was the need to make all this by yourself? We have so many cooks in the house, they’d have done it.”

Riddhima fluttered her eyelashes. “I love cooking.”

“And I love you,” he whispered.

Riddhima was taken aback. “What?”

Vansh brushed it off. “Oh nothing.”

“Let me get some more patties,” said Riddhima heading towards the kitchen. Vansh’s eyes followed her and Sia noticed that.

“Bhai, how much will you stare at Bhabhi? You are already married to her, so you can stare how much ever you want in the bedroom itself. No need to do that in front of everybody,” teased Sia.

Aryan joined in. “Sia, is Bhai mad to stare at his wife in the room, when he can do a lot more than that….”

Vansh rolled his eyes at them. “Shut up you two!”

Anurpriya giggled. “Thank God, MummyJi is taking rest in her room for now. If she’d have heard you guys speak like this, she’d have definitely berated you and even washed her ears with holy water.”

Just then, a commotion was heard outside the mansion, and soon someone came screaming. Everyone was shocked to see Ahana standing in front of them, in an unkempt state.

Riddhima panicked. “What is Ahana doing here? How did she manage to run away from Kabir’s clutches? Does she know about my truth? What if she spills everything in front of Vansh, he won’t spare me then!” she thought in despair.

Vansh growled at her. “So you finally remembered to return back, huh? You betrayed me and my entire family’s trust by running away on the day of our marriage. I will never forgive you for that.”

Ahana tried to explain, but Vansh dragged Ahana to one of the rooms, and shut it tight from inside. Riddhima had no idea what was going on inside, and grew even more anxious.

After fifteen minutes or so, when Vansh came outside, he looked grim. Seizing the opportunity, Riddhima went upto him.
“What happened? What did Ahana say?”

Vansh replied, “Ahana didn’t run away from the marriage on her known. In fact, she had been kidnapped. She was kept for two weeks in a secluded place, but thankfully wasn’t mistreated or something. Unfortunately, she didn’t see the face of the person who kidnapped her. Today her kidnapper was planning to shift her to an unknown city, but luckily she managed to escape.”

Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness, she didn’t see Kabir’s face, and didn’t yet know about her involvement in all this.

“But there’s a very strange thing, sweetheart, that’s bothering me. The motive for the kidnapping. There was no ransom call, no one tried to misbehave with her too, then why did she get abducted?
And do you remember that letter? Apparently Ahana hadn’t written that, so obviously the abductor wrote it. All this seems really fishy, but I think someone didn’t want mine and Ahana’s wedding to happen.”
All of a sudden he started looking at Riddhima skeptically. “But weirdly, he didn’t try to do any of this stuff, when we both were about to get married. It’s almost like, the kidnapper didn’t want me to marry Ahana, but was completely fine with me getting married to you.”

Riddhima started to sweat out of nervousness, but she tried to speak calmly. “Vansh, our marriage took place in such a hurry, that perhaps the kidnapper had no time to even do anything.”

“Hmmm, that’s a logical explanation, though,” said Vansh. “And I’m glad that the kidnapper did not try to harm you or abduct you instead of her, or else….” He brought his lips close to her ears and whispered. “Or else I’d have died without you!”

Riddhima started blushing. “I need to give medicines to Dadi…”
Saying this, she walked away.

“Till when will you be running away from me, Riddhima. One fine day you will have to come back to me,” Vansh said to himself.

Riddhima heard a loud crash from the terrace. When she went to check in there, she was horrified to find Ahana pointing a revolver at herself.

“Don’t come near me,” warned Ahana. “Or I’ll shoot myself right now.”

“Ahana, don’t be crazy. Why are you doing this?” shouted Riddhima.

Ahana started laughing like a maniac. “My whole life got spoiled within a second, and my to-be-husband got married to you instead of me, and still you ask me why I am doing this?
There is no meaning left in my life after losing Vansh to you! I’ll count till ten, after which I’ll pull the trigger.
Ten, nine, eight…..”

“Nooo, Ahana stop! Please listen to me for once at least,” cried Riddhima. She could not simply stand there and watch the show. She had to save her.

Riddhima took off her long dupatta and made a noose out of it. She then flung the noose at Ahana’s arm, causing the revolver to slide from her hand into the air. Before it could touch the ground, Riddhima managed to catch the revolver in her hands.

Vansh who had reached the scene a little while ago was stunned to see Riddhima perform such a kind of stunt, which usually experts in martial arts or defences carried out. How did she know that?

He brushed off these thoughts on realising that perhaps she had taken lessons in self defence, which every woman must know in today’s times.

Riddhima ran towards a slumped Ahana and hugged her. “Are you mad? What were you trying to do? Vansh was, is and will always be yours only. No one has any right on him except you.”

Vansh was shocked to hear this. Being his wife, how could she say that his ex-fiance had more rights on him?

Riddhima went on, “Our marriage is not a real one. It’s just a contract marriage that Vansh had to do for his Dadi’s sake. In fact, there is nothing like husband and wife between us.”

Aryan who was passing by, heard all this. He said to himself, “That means Bhai and Bhabhi have no physical relation between them and sleep separately. Interesting information.” He left from there.

Vansh on the other hand, felt hurt by her words. How could she disclose their bedroom secrets to an outsider like that?

Ahana looked up at her. “Are you saying the truth, Riddhima?”

“Of course.”

Ahana started smiling. “Thank God! I thought that I had lost Vansh forever.”
Saying this she threw herself at Vansh, who reluctantly hugged her back.

Vansh thought to himself, “So she considers herself as some kind of Goddess, who can easily sacrifice her rights on her husband to another girl. Now, I’ll show her what it actually feels like.”

Riddhima had found herself a seat in a corner, sipping her cocktail away. All the people in the party were having a blast, swaying themselves to the loud music.

But her eyes were set on two distinct people, Vansh and Ahana. They stood very close to each other, and danced away to the tunes.

She on the other hand, felt left out and neglected and….jealous. Men brought their girlfriends or wives with them, but her husband even let Ahana accompany them.
She was new to these type of high society parties, and she didn’t even know anyone. But Vansh instead of giving her company, was busy spending time with someone else.

Not able to control her emotions any longer, she took a taxi to head back home, and left Vansh and Ahana to themselves.

After coming back from the party, Riddhima was getting changed in her bedroom, when Vansh suddenly barged in.

Riddhima sternly said, “Go out, I need to change.”

Vansh came closer to her. “That can wait. But first tell me, why did you leave the party so soon without even informing me?”

“Because I was getting bored there. And I didn’t want to disturb the two love-birds.”

“Wait a minute sweetheart. You were the one who said few days ago that I am only Ahana’s, and that only she has rights over me. So what happened to you all of a sudden?” mocked Vansh. “Jealous much?”

Riddhima got defensive, her eyes welled up with tears. “With what rights can I get jealous anyways? Plus, the contract clearly states…..”

Before she could complete her sentence, Vansh had already placed his lips firmly against her.

She pushed him away and clearly looked flushed. “What the hell are you doing? How dare you!”

“Oh come on sweetheart! I know you feel for me too, then what is stopping you from reciprocating my love?” asked Vansh. “We both know we’ve something special between us, so why are you letting your ego get in the way?”

“I am not being egoistic,” Riddhima said through tears. “In fact, you’re the one who’s being totally illogical and unpractical. We’ve had a contract marriage, and according to the contract, there isn’t supposed to be any kind of intimacy between us….”

“Damn the contract,” said Vansh caressing her face. “I don’t care about any contract, I care only about us. I don’t care about Ahana either, and I was never hers, nor will ever be in the future.
I only want to be yours, so make me yours completely. And in return, I want you to be only mine. Forever.”

He pinned her to the wall, and lowered his face so close to hers, that only a tiny distance remained between their lips to complete a kiss. But Vansh wasn’t going to fill that distance, he wanted Riddhima to do that.

Riddhima could not bear the agony of Vansh standing so close to her, yet not kissing her. She finally gave into her emotions, and pulled him into a long, passionate kiss.

Vansh picked her up in his arms, and gently carried her to the bed. In that moment of bliss, Riddhima forgot all about her mission, and gave herself away to him.

The next morning when Riddhima found Vansh next to her in the bed, she felt ashamed. She ran to the washroom and stood under the shower in an attempt to cleanse herself from the disgust she felt at her ownself.

“What did I do?” she cried. “I slept with the enemy!”
She continued lamenting at her actions for some more time.

Two weeks had passed since Vansh and Riddhima had got intimate, and life was going on as it is. Riddhima still wasn’t able to find any proofs against Vansh, and this was making her very frustrated. She wanted to get away from Vansh’s life as soon as possible.

She had already begun to love him little by little, but she didn’t want to love him more, as that would make it difficult for her to leave him.

She was also getting a little worried because Vansh had been acting quite coldly towards with her since the past few days. He had even started passing snide remarks at her. Why had he suddenly changed? Did he start doubting her or something?

When Riddhima visited the doctor to check if her hypothyroidism was in control, she recieved a news that changed her whole life.

“You are pregnant.”

Riddhima turned pale. She had still not got over her guilt of sleeping with Vansh, and now she was told that she was pregnant with his child.

Looking at her expressions, the doctor said, “If you don’t want the baby, you can consider getting an abortion done. But do think properly before taking any huge step.”

Riddhima crouched up on the floor, caught in a complete stupor. She was pregnant for crying out loud! She couldn’t get it aborted because that was against her principles.

What should she do? Should she forget all about the mission and live with Vansh and the baby as a happy family, ensuring that the child recieved it’s father’s love? Or should she get Vansh punished for his crimes, thus placing the country’s future ahead of her own baby’s future?

She was sobbing really hard, when Vansh entered the room. He came running towards her.
“Riddhima! Why are you crying? Is everything alright?”

He helped her to get up and sit on the bed. He then poured her a glass of water.
“Did anyone say anything to you?”

She simply shook her head. Vansh caressed her face and said with gloomy eyes, “You know that I can never see tears in your eyes, sweetheart.” He hugged her.

Burying her head in his chest, Riddhima realised that she had fallen in love with her husband. His charm, his love and care for her, had finally won her heart.
He might be a Mafia, a ruthless underworld kin, but he was a very good husband. And she knew he would be a good father too.

Just then, they heard Angre knocking at the door.
“Sorry to disturb you Boss, but there’s an emergency. We need to go ASAP.”

Vansh’s expressions stiffened. Riddhima realised something was amiss.
“What emergency is this?” she asked.

But Vansh brushed her off. “Nothing serious, sweetheart. I’ll be back in sometime, till then you take care of yourself.”

As Vansh was leaving with Angre, Riddhima heard him mumble, “We’ve to end this matter for once and all, or we’ll be in grave trouble.”

Riddhima stood confused. What matter were they talking about? It was definitely something serious, and she felt that this was something related to the Underworld stuff. This was a golden chance to get some proofs against Vansh, and she didn’t want to miss it any cost.
She had decided that she’d first concentrate on her mission, and then only think about her unborn baby.

Just like Kabir used to say : Nothing comes before the country. Not even family, friendship or love. In fact, not even one’s ownself.
Desh ke aage kuch bhi nahi. Parivar, dosti aur pyaar bhi nahi. Khud bhi nahi.

Riddhima followed Vansh’s car, but simultaneously making sure that he didn’t come to know about it.

Vansh’s car halted by an old house. Even though the house itself was old, but it was surrounded by electronic security and many guards. Hiding behind a bush, Riddhima saw Vansh and Angre disappear into the house.

“I’ve to go inside. I can easily dodge the guards, but how will I get past the electronic security?” she thought desperately.

Just then, her eyes fell upon an overhead electric line supplying the house. She also saw a backup generator enclosed within the security system.

Normally after a power cut, it took a generator about twenty seconds to start.

She took out a pocket knife from under her shoe, and flung it at the electric line. There were a few sparks before the electricity to the house was disrupted.

The electronic security had shut down, and Riddhima had exactly twenty seconds before the generator started, to dodge the guards and enter the house.

She patted her back after she succeeded in getting into the house, without getting caught. She could hear screams coming from a room.

When she peeked in, she was shocked to see the scene. Two unknown men were bounded to their chairs, while Vansh and his guards, mercilessly tortured them.

“Who do you work for? Who sent you here?” growled Vansh.

The severely injured men remained adamant. “We won’t say a single word. Do whatever you can Vansh Raisinghania!”

Riddhima was horrified to see this side of Vansh. He had been nothing but sweet with her, and even though Kabir had warned her against him, she still coudn’t believe her eyes.
She quickly took out her phone and started video recording the scene.

Vansh took a knife in his hand and sliced across his captives’ hands. They screamed in pain.

“Will you not tell me anything even now?” asked Vansh with an evil smirk.

The men winced in pain. “No, we will never tell you anything. Even if we had to lay our lives down for that!”

Vansh looked irritated. “So be it!” Saying this, he plunged the knife into one of the men’s stomach. He fell down from his chair, shouting in agony. The other man trembled in fright looking at his friend’s condition.

“You will also end up like this,” warned Vansh.

“Fine, go ahead,” replied the man dejectedly.

Vansh stabbed him too and his screams sent chills through Riddhima’s spine as she witnessed all this. She covered her mouth with her hand to avoid letting any voice.

With both his captives now lying dead, it was expected that Vansh would stop his rampage atleast now. But he instead poured kerosene over the dead bodies, and burned them.

“Once everything is burnt completely, discard the ashes safely. I don’t want any trace of their death left behind,” said Vansh looking at the blazing fire in front of him.

Riddhima was paralysed. She never imagined that the man whom she had been living with in the same room, and had even grown to love him, was such a monster in reality.

It was at this moment, that she decided to never, ever let even the shadow of this brutal murderer to fall over her child.

“Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, you are under arrest for murdering not one, but two people,” said the Inspector, who had come over to VR Mansion with his force. “And you’ll also be charged for trying to destroy the evidence by burning their bodies.”

The whole Raisinghania was shocked to hear such accusations.

Vansh calmly asked, “What proof do you have against me?”

The Inspector played the recorded video in front of them. Vansh became tensed on seeing that, but most importantly he was curious as to who dared to do this to him.

“May I please know, who sent this video to you?” Vansh was panicking from inside, but from outside he maintained a cool demeanor.

“Your own wife, Mrs. Riddhima Raisinghania did,” the Inspector remarked.

Vansh stood aghast listening to this.

He turned around and glared at his wife, the love of his life. He started reminiscing all the moments he spent with her, and realised that all of it was nothing but just betrayal.

The rest of the family felt equally shocked. They had no idea that Riddhima could do any of such stuff.

Riddhima on the other hand, was burning down under everyone’s stares, especially Vansh’s. All she could see in their eyes was hatred for her.

Anupriya shouted, “How could you Riddhima! How could you betray our family, how could you betray your own husband?
Inspector, I’m telling you that my son is innocent, and this girl is blatantly lying!”

The Inspector said, “A human might lie, but how can a video lie? Mr. Vansh, you need to come to the police station with us. You can call your lawyer and do all other things, but coming to the police station is a must.”

Vansh sighed. He realised he had been trapped very badly and there seemed no way out. “Alright Inspector, I’ll come with you. But before that, let me have few sweet words with my lovely wife.”

Saying this, he caught Riddhima by her arm and pulled her into their room.
“Please don’t act so rough with me. I’m not feeling well.”

“Not feeling well, my foot!” He pushed her onto the floor.
She was distraught to see him manhandle her like that. She almost had got hurt on her stomach. True, she hadn’t revealed about her pregnancy yet to him, but he had no right to behave like that with his wife.

“You blo*dy cheater! Everything you did was just cheat!” He pulled her hair. “You were the one who kidnapped Ahana right? You used me and my family! I had become so blinded in your love that I couldn’t see your true face.”

Riddhima was wincing pain. She finally pushed him away with all her force.

“Don’t you dare come near me Vansh! Right now, you only have a murder case running over you, but if you even try to touch me, I’ll throw such accusations upon you that you will never be able to come out of jail after that.
Our society can forgive a murderer and a Don, but they can never forgive a wife-beater and molester!”

Vansh looked at her, disgusted.  “You’re such a cheap woman!”

“Yes I am cheap. But what are you, huh? You’re a cold blooded murderer! Yes, I betrayed you, and I’m not even a bit ashamed. You play with others’ lives, and if someone plays with your life instead, it’s no big deal.”

The Inspector came to them. “We’re getting late, Mr. Vansh. Let’s go.”

Vansh was soon handcuffed and taken away. Before leaving, he hugged his family and asked them to stay strong.

Dadi cried, “Please don’t take my Vansh. He is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong.” She started feeling dizzy.

Riddhima came over to help her, but Anupriya pushed her away. “Don’t you dare come near us, Riddhima! We gave you so much love and respect, and this is how you repaid us, with your betrayal?
You’re a disgrace to the whole womanhood! Neither you could become a good daughter-in-law, nor a good wife. Get lost from our sight!”

Riddhima fiercely said, “If I’m a disgrace to the entire womanhood, what about your son, Vansh? How can you turn a blind eye to his crimes? He has murdered an innocent person and you show no remorse for that!”

Anupriya said, “You only saw that Vansh killed someone, but did you try to see why he did that? He might have had a genuine reason.
And as a wife, if you’d witnessed your husband doing something wrong, was it not your duty to correct him and show him the right path, instead of standing against him?”

Riddhima was shocked to see how openly she was defending her son, even when he was wrong.
“What kind of logic is that? If a husband does anything wrong, the wife should support him? Now I realised why Vansh is like this, because you never taught him the difference between right and wrong!”

Anupriya raised her hand to slap her, but Riddhima caught it in mid-air.
“I’ve not given the right to hit me to anyone. Especially not to someone like you, Mrs. Anupriya Raisinghania.”

Aryan said, “Get out this very second!”

Riddhima walked away from VR Mansion, while Sia and Dadi looked on with tears in their eyes.

“Your Honour, this video is not real. In fact, it is morphed. Here are the proofs,” said the defence lawyer handing over some documents to the judge.

The judge said, “These forensic reports indeed prove that this video is morphed. So therefore, this video cannot be used as evidence against Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. Do we’ve any other proofs against him?”

Riddhima and her lawyer were shocked. That video was indeed real….then how come the forensic reports say that?
Soon Riddhima realised with contempt that Vansh being rich, powerful and having numerous contacts, had bought the people to say things in favour of him.

The prosecutor said, “Your Honour, I’ve another evidence against Vansh Raisinghania. And that is none other than his own wife, Riddhima Raisinghania. May I have your permission to call her in the witness box?”

Riddhima came up before them.

“Please tell us what you saw that day,” said the prosecutor.

Riddhima started narrating everything she witnessed.

The defence lawyer started speaking, “Your Honour, Mrs. Riddhima is lying.”

“But why would she lie and pass such a big statement against her own husband?”

The defence lawyer smirked. “Because she doesn’t love her husband. She only married him for his money. This was her whole plan, to send Mr. Vansh to prison, and then to rule over his business empire, along with her other LOVERS.”

Vansh became angry. “Angre, what is this? We don’t need to point at her character….”

“Boss, but the lawyer said this is the only to free you of all accusations,” said Angre.

Riddhima said, “What nonsense are you talking about! This is not true.”

“If there’s nothing like that, then who is this?” The defence lawyer showed Roshan’s picture to the whole court.

“That is my brother,” she cried out.

“Brother? But you said you were an orphan and didn’t have any family…Huh, never mind. Now tell me who is this?” Now Kabir’s picture was shown. “Is he also your brother?”

Vansh recognised Kabir’s photo. “So Kabir is behind all this….”

Riddhima couldn’t disclose Kabir’s identity in front of them. He was an Intelligence Officer who was supposed to keep his identity hidden at any cost.

She remembered Kabir warning her, “It might be possible that you might get caught. But remember no matter what, you will not reveal about our plan to anybody.”

Riddhima instead replied, “He’s my friend.”

“A friend and a brother! What a perfect explanation,” laughed the defence lawyer. “She lied about her family, is that not enough to label her as a lier? And not only that, but she is an unfaithful and characterless woman too, who has had flings with God knows how many men.
Your Honour, such a woman cannot be trusted.
I’d like you to free my client, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, of all accusations.”

Riddhima looked at Vansh, waiting for him to say something in favour of her character. He looked at her too with pain in his eyes, but turned his face away.

“Mr. Vansh Raisinghania is absolved of all blames, he is proven to be NOT GUILTY,” remarked the Judge.

“I’m sorry, but she is no more,” said the doctor.

Vansh’s happiness to be declared as not guilty, was short lived, when he came to know that his Dadi had passed away due to a major heart attack for the second time.

Vansh hugged her lifeless body and wept. “Please don’t leave me. Don’t leave me!”

Anupriya, Sia and Aryan cried too.

“I had warned you to not give her any stress, but you people did not listen to me. I’m sorry for your loss, though,” remarked the doctor.

Vansh screamed, “It’s all because of that Riddhima that I lost my dear Dadi! She gave her so much stress and trouble, that she took it to her heart.

Angre! Where is Riddhima? I want her in front of me, so that I can punish her severely.”

“Sorry, but she escaped. Don’t know where,” said Angre grimly.

“Till when she can escape, huh? One fine day, I’ll find her and that would be the end of her,” said Vansh. “She and Kabir would have to pay for whatever they have done.”

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