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Bawara Dil 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva confirms he doesn’t love Sidhi

Bawara Dil 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva comes to the lord and says thank God she is fine, just bring her home soon.

Mangala tells Kaka that my mind is bursting in anger. Kaka says we have to throw Malini out of the house. Jhanvi comes there and says you are drinking coldrink alone mother in law? Mangala laughs and hi-five her. Kaka says what is going on? Mangala says I have brought Jhanvi in this house.

Ishwar comes to Malini. She says I will not go without my daughter. Ishwar says she is my daughter too, I will not leave you alone here, I am with you. Malini smiles. Yashwant says I am requesting you that this girl Jhanvi.. Ishwar says we don’t care about anyone, we just want our daughter back and we won’t move from here till she is back.

Mangala tells Kaka that I thought about Jhanvi and met her. I called her and asked her to come here. Mangala says now Jhanvi has to do everything. Jhanvi says I love Shiva. She tells Mangala that Shiva got Sidhi’s call. Mangala says before she returns, you have to win over Shiva. Jhanvi goes from there.

Jalwa tells Shiva that this number is registered to someone called Dilip Joshi. Shiva says I saw her on the video call and she seemed fine.

Mangala tells Kaka that once this Sidhi’s issue is solved then I will throw Jhanvi out of the house too.

At night time, Shiva comes home and sees Malini-Ishwar sitting in the garden. He asks them to come inside. Malini asks where is Sidhi? Shiva says I won’t lie to you, that girl Jhanvi is my past, I used to love her a lot but she got married and now she is nothing to me. He tells Ishwar that Sidhi called me, please trust me. He asks them to come inside.

Shiva brings Malini and Ishwar inside the house. He tells them that I have locked Sidhi and my room, this marriage might be forced but she is my wife and nobody can take her place. I respect this relationship and I will never dishonor her, it’s my duty. Jhanvi can never enter this room, I can show you. He takes them to Jhanvi’s room but it’s all decorated like a marriage night. Shiva is stunned. Malini says what you wanted to show, we have seen now. They leave from there. Jhanvi comes there and locks the door. Shiva looks at Jhanvi all dressed up for him. Jhanvi tells Shiva that she loves him, we got married but marriage night is left. She makes him sit on the bed and says I have been waiting for you. Shiva says I used to love you, you were my first love and I never loved anyone else after you. Jhanvi holds his face and is about to kiss him but Shiva pushes her away. He says you left me and didn’t even see if I was alive or not. He shouts that I am already married, I don’t love her, I want to end that marriage but the truth that it’s my duty to fulfill this marriage because it’s important to my God. I don’t love Sidhi but I can fulfill a relationship even if there is no love. Shiva takes a candle and lights fire in the room. He asks her to get lost from his house. He leaves from there. Jhanvi cries.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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