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Anupama 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Unexpected Promise To Kaya

Anupama 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kavya shouts at Dolly to shut up. Pakhi warns her that she cannot misbehave with her Dolly aunty like that. Dolly asks Kavya to help them search bhai/Vanraj or else she will file a police complaint that she mentally tortured bhai and bhai and forced bhai to leave the house uninformed, she has Vanraj’s letter as proof. Vanraj walking somewhere outside thinks he should return home as he cannot get weak, god knows what family must be go through, Anu has to face everything alone, and Kavya may take harmful step due to her insecurity. Anu asks Kavya to go home and asks family members to call Vanraj’s ex-colleagues and friends and find out if he came to them. Pakhi asks if they should file police complaint. Samar says not yet. Kavya cries that V cannot do this to her, she will die without him and runs away from there.

Vanraj continues walking on a bride and stands tensed. Family rushes out of house to search Vanraj when they see something and stop. Kavya gets a panic attack and repeatedly messages Vanraj to come back or call her. Police jeep stands in front of Shah family, and inspector asks if this is Vanraj Shah’s house. Anu says he is her husband. He shows phone and asks if it is Vanraj’s. Anu says yes, where did he find it from. He found it near a dead boy as there was suicide case. Anu says this can’t happen as her husband would never do that. Inspector says body is in jeep and she can check and verify. Pakhi panics that he can’t be papa. Anu consoles her and walks towards jeep tensed.

Nandini returns home and not hearing Kavya thinks she must have gone out. Kavya is seen sitting on floor nearby behind sofa. Nandini drops her phone and picks it and walks away without noticing her. Anu runs and hugs Pakhi and informs that dead body is not of Vanraj. Inspector orders constable to send dead body to post mortem and call people who filed missing complaint. Anu asks if she can file missing complaint of her husband. He says not before 24 hours, so she can come to police station after 24 hours if her husband doesn’t return. Pakhi hopes papa is fine. Anu says her heart says he is fine and nothing will happen to him.

Kavya continues panicking and crying that she cannot live without V. She reminisces the time spent with him, records a last message for V, and drops her phone down. Nandini returns home searching Anu. Anu asks Pakhi to take care of Meeu while they search Vanraj as she is sure he will be found soon. Kavya walks to her and asks how can she be so sure. Anu says she knows him since 25 years, he will not run away from responsibilities. Kavya asks why did he write a letter then. Anu says he is stuck between family and Kavya and fears if his family will expect Kavya or not. Kavya says she thinks Vanraj loves Anu. Anu says she is sure he is not as there was no love between them till now, they have relationship of family and not love, etc. Kavya says she loves V a lot and will die if she doesn’t marry him, she has dreamt a lot about their marriage. Anu promises to fulfill her dreams. She hopes he would have spoken to her before taking this step and tells family let us search Vanraj. Vanraj calls her. She asks where is he, how can he go without informing. Kavya snatches phone and speaks, but call gets disconnected.

After 2 days, Anu reminisces Vanraj’s letter that he cannot tolerate it anymore, he relived the memories of 25 years when he spent a few quality days with her recently; he is leaving to find answers to the questions which are haunting him. She asks god to tell where is Toshu’s papa as everyone are searching him including police, Baa and Bapuji are asking about their son, Sweety is crying, Kavya is panicking, 2 days have passed and he is found nowhere, god should help her. Toshu returns and asks why didn’t she inform him before and wants to handle problems alone always. He says nothing will happen to papa and calling inspector asks if he got any update regarding papa, walks aside from there leaving Anu nervous, and insists him to find papa soon. Nandini walks to him and asks if he found any clue. He asks about Samar. She says he went to hotel to see if uncle checked in there. He says papa shouldn’t have done that. She says they are searching uncle since 2 days, Meen and Pakhi are crying continuously, Kavya is in a shock since 2 days as she is very possessive regarding uncle .

Precap: Anu informs family that a man called and informed that Vanraj is in wellness resort. She and Toshu rush to resort and question about Yogi Advaityanath ji.
Receptionist shows them resort map and yogi’s location. Yogi is seen playing flute/bansuri.

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