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Anuama FF – Toshu introduces his special friend Ep: 22

Children run and go the play area where the decorations are made. Toshu and Pakhi bring Samar to the play area. Samar looks surprised seeing the decorations made for him

Vanraj: How can a father not celebrate his son’s victory?

Samar goes and hugs Vanraj and thanks him. He hugs Anu and thanks her too. Everyone congratulate Samar together .

Pakhi: Winter!! Cut the cake! My mouth is watering.

Samar: Ohhhhhhhh!! So I will cut it slowly.

Pakhi throws a balloon at him and they start a cute little fight. Then Samar cuts the cake and gives it to everyone. Toshu receives a call and goes from there while the others enjoy over there by playing many mini-games at the resort.After a while Samar starts searching for Toshu. He takes Pakhi along with him search Toshu.They go a long way and finds Toshu talking to a girl.Samar and Pakhi catches them red-handed.

Toshu: She is my classmate.Nothing more than that.

Samar:We never asked about it.Did we Sweety?

Pakhi: No! Not at all!

Samar: Then why is he explaining this to us! Come we will Paapa that Toshu is talking with his classmate and won’t come now.

Toshu: No,Noooo….She is Kinjal Dave.She is not just my classmate she is special to me.


Samar and Pakhi:Awwww!!!!!!Hi Kinjal bhaabhiiiiiii…..

Toshu: Don’t tell this to anyone.Just between the 3 of us.Ok??

Samar and Pakhi agrees with him.They spoke to Kinjal and asks how she found out such a loser(Mocking Toshu)

Kinjal: Paritosh is not a loser. He is smart. Actually we are studying in the same institution run by my parents.

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