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Anuama FF – Samar and Pakhi taunts Toshu Ep: 21

On their way they pick Kavya’s family,Devika’s family and Dolly’s family.

They enjoy and go with all their children dancing playing and having a loads of fun.

Samar sits silently without dancing.Anu notices it and she asks what happened to him.He says he is not in a mood to dance. Anu drags and makes him dance.Vanraj notices Samar and feels sad for talking harshly to him.He just wants his children to be happy and nothing else. Pakhi fights with Samar trying to make his mood better but he was not interested. Toshu was on his phone .

Vanraj: Arey yaar leave your girlfriend alone for sometime and join us.

Toshu: No..Papaa its not my girlfriend.(Blushing)

Samar notices this and he was going to make fun of Toshu. He asks Sweety to join him.

Samar: Ohhh Sweety….Bhai doesn’t have a girlfriend still he is blushing….

Pakhi: Haaa…winter…..Bhaii has changed a lot now a days. He is not at all interested in your filthy jokes(mocking Samar).

Samar(whispering to pakhi):Now you have started mocking me.Stop it and focus on Bhai..

Pakhi: Ahhhh!!Toshu bhai!!! who is that girl?

Toshu: Which girl?I was not talking to any girl.

Anu: Leave him alone.Even if he has a girl friend its ok!We will discuss it after we reach home.

Samar’s mood get back to normal and he starts to dance and enjoy with others.

They reach the resort and get inside their allotted rooms. They get fresh and all elders meet up at a spot.All the children keeps Samar engaged.

Night falls….All the arrangements are ready.Vanraj calls Toshu and asks him to bring down Samar.

He brings all the children down along with him to the lawn area.

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