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A Quest for the Heart – Episode 14

Hi all, I am back again. I tried writing this on my laptop but I took a while to find the picture. Hope you all enjoy the episode it will be a little longer.

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima comes to the kitchen and looks around. There was no one else there. Vansh turned to Riddhima.

Vansh: Where are all the servants?

Riddhima: You have servants?

Vansh: Well yea, you think I know how to cook? The only thing that has been in my hands since I was a child was a gun. How do I know how to cook?

Riddhima laughed.

Vansh: What’s so funny?

He was looking at Riddhima with a puzzled look.

Riddhima continued giggling: Haha, the great Mr Vansh Rai Singhania doesn’t know how to cook. I find it funny. (she giggled again)

Vansh’s POV

As I looked at her laughing, she stood out in the light. it was beautiful. I still was not sure why everytime I went near her, my heart would flutter like I could not be bear to be far from her. What was this? Was there room for feelings inside me? I have never seen how a woman was able to turn my life upside down.

Back to present..

Riddhima’s giggling snapped Vansh out of his thoughts.

Vansh: Come on, let me take you out for dinner.

Riddhima stopped and turned to him

Riddhima: I could cook if you wanted. I have you know I make great daal chawal.

Vansh: That sounds lovely but I don’t want you working in my house.

Riddhima: Come on Vansh, it wouldn’t be that difficult

Vansh: Nahi Nahi (no no). Are you coming or do I have to lift you?

Riddhima: I am not going anywhere.

She stood there with her arms crossed. In her mind, she wanted Vansh to lift her. She did not know what it was but she felt safe whenever she was in his arms.

Vansh: Have it your way.

He started to walk away and smirked as he knew Riddhima wanted to be lifted so he pretended to go while she stood there looking a little sad. He walked until he disappered around the corner.

Riddhima (thinking): Did he really just leave me here? Snap out of it Riddhima, you are living in a fantasy world.

Suddently, she felt a figure lifting her from behind and as she laid in his arms she knew immediately it was Vansh

Vansh: You are very stubborn

Riddhima: Haha yes and that is the real me. Why did you come back?

Vansh: I told you, I won’t let you do any work here so I am taking you out for dinner that’s it even if I have to carry you.

Riddhima: Are you saying I am fat?

She started making funny faces.

Vansh: I think you are perfect just the way you are sweetheart (he winks)

Riddhima blushes and tried to turn away.

Riddhima: Are you going to start walking or are we just going to stand here the whole day?

Vansh: That’s not a bad idea

He laughed and started walking with Riddhima in his arms out of the house. As they went out the front door, they did not notice Anupriya standing by the door in the corner noticing them from behind.

Anupriya (thinking): They are coming closer together, I have to do something.

She pulls out her phone and calls Kabir.

Kabir: Hi mom.

Anupriya: Stop with the hellos and listen to me.

She tells about Vansh and Riddhima and what she had just saw.

Kabir over phone: Thanks mom, I will talk to you later.

He hangs up

Kabir (thinking): It looks like we will be meeting again soon Vansh, you and your little innocent Riddhima.

He calls Ahana and Aakash

Kabir on phone: Guys, we are going tonight. Meet me outside VR mansion in 10 minutes.

He hangs up and goes to his room.

Meanwhile in the car..

Vansh and Riddhima was on the way to the restaurant as Riddhima looked out the window. Vansh noticed she was a little lost in thoughts and thought to turn on the radio. The song Shayad started to play and Vansh looked at Riddhima.

Vansh: Where would you like to go? Indian, Chinese, Italian?

Riddhima: Wherever you want to take me Vansh, I will gladly go anywhere with you

Riddhima realised what she had just said and blushed as she turned away from him without him noticing.

They stopped outside a fancy restaurant.

Riddhima: Vansh we can’t eat here look at this place. It looks so expensive

Vansh: You only deserve the best. Come on let’s go.

Vansh got out and went around the other side of his car to open the door for Riddhima.

She stepped out as he reached out his arm. Riddhima held his arm as they walked in.

Meanwhile back in VR mansion..

The lights were out and everyone was in their room. There was no one around. Suddenly there was a loud opening of the door and a man in disguise came in. Angre came from inside the house towards the door.

Angre: Who are you?

Kabir in disguise: I am an electrician. I heard your house had a short circuit so I wanted to check

Angre: The lights only just went out how are you able to know straight away?

Anumom appeared from behind: I called him.

Angre: Okay, you can come in, the fuse box is in the basement.

Kabir nods and gestured a thank you to his mom. She knew it was him.

Kabir made his way to the basement and changed the course towards Vansh’s office. He sneaked in and closed the door behind him.

Precap: Kabir steals something from Vansh’s office. Riddhima and Vansh return home and Kabir tries to escape but is not able to and hides in one of the cabinets.

That’s all today, hope you enjoyed Riansh scene and the episode. I will post soon. Take care and do stay safe.

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