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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 18) KIDNAPPED !!!

Guys, I know all of u enjoyed the previous episode. And Precap is a shocking one too but all your doubts will be cleared soon. And I have something to say…my younger sister has also registered in Tellyupdates @Thathu and she is the one who supported me in writing this FF and also helped me to get my parents approval in posting this FF.

For those who didn’t read previous episode the link is here :

So let’s start today’s episode…..

Riddhima and Vansh reached near a river and both of them were panting as they have ran a lot. Both of them sat on the bank of river.

Riddhima rested her head in Vansh’s shoulders. She then stood up.

Riddhima : Vansh, don’t u think how beautiful this universe is ? The twinkling Stars and smiling moon…It really gives a soothing effect to ours eyes. Right ?

Vansh : You’re right Sweetheart. But I think u have become a little philosophical.

She pats on his shoulders.

Riddhima : Vansh you have no sense to see the beauty of world. You are really a khadoos…. Khadoos Raisinghania…yes, that’s suits u better.

Vansh : Riddhu, I think you’re crossing the limits. We have come for a date not for a debate or argument. Hope u didn’t forget that too.

Riddhima : I am not so forgetful.

She then enjoys some time with Vansh in the river bank. Suddenly her eyes fell into the watch. She is shocked to see the time.

Riddhima (shocked) : Vansh…Its 1 am. Let’s go. Its too late. Hope mom and dad didn’t found out that I am not at home.

Vansh : From when did u started being panicked bcoz of night out. I know that you have gone out night many times with Siya that too without telling anyone. Is this the same Riddhima ?

Riddhima : Oh hello, I am exactly the same Riddhima and those days I have gone out with my friend Siya not with my BOYFRIEND Vansh Raisinghania. If mom and dad found out that I am with you that too at this hour, they will surely…..

Vansh cuts her words and said : What will they do. You will get any silly punishment. Can’t u bear it for your love ?

Riddhima : If they punish me I have no problem but they will tease me for a weak. Not only them, but everyone including dadi and Siya will tease us.

Vansh : Why are u afraid of being teased sweetheart, I am gaving a reason for you to blush.

Riddhima : Blushing…Seriously Vansh, you find it a joke. Let me give u a challenge. Do u have the guts to kiss me in front of whole family ?

Vansh : Oh sweetheart, you are eager to get a kiss from me naa….Naughty…..(He Winks)

Riddhima : Challenge accepted or not ???

Vansh : You know Sweetheart I love challenges. So get ready for getting a kiss from me in front of whole family.

Riddhima : Okay. I will kill you if you don’t drop me home now itself.

Vansh : I am fortunate to get killed by the hands of my Sweetheart.

Riddhima : If u have completed your buttering then come let’s go.

When Vansh and Riddhima came near the bike, Vansh found out that the petrol tank is empty.

Vansh : Sweetheart, can we make the date more romantic ?

Riddhima : How? What happened?

Vansh : Let’s make our date memorable by going to home by walking. How is it ? Did u like the idea ?

Riddhima : What are u saying Vansh, we are already late. Your home is near but I have to walk extra distance. Why couldn’t we go by bike ?

Vansh : That… actually….the petrol is empty.

Riddhima : What the hell !!! Vansh if u go on a date with a girl that too at night you should at least have the responsibility to check whether there is enough petrol or not? What will we do now ?

She gave a dangerous look to Vansh.

Vansh : Why are you looking like this Sweetheart. Its my first date so I am inexperienced. There is only one solution. Let’s walk to home. It’ll take only 30 minutes. You can stay tonight at VR mansion and can go to RR mansion before anyone wakes up. How is my idea ?

Riddhima : It sounds good. Okay I’ll tell Siya to wait for me at gate.

Vansh : As u wish.

Then they walk together at the middle of empty road. They had a great time together. Finally they reached VR mansion where Siya is outside waiting for them.

Siya : Not bad Vansh bhai. You have taken Riddhu for a late night date that too without everyone’s knowledge. You have become brave.

Vansh : Siya, my sweet sister….please don’t tell anyone about this. Do you ?

Siya : Af couse not. But you have to let me go out for a night walk that too alone.

Riddhima : Siya but…

Then she saw Angre behind the gate but Vansh didn’t saw him.

Vansh : No not possible. I can’t let u go alone at night.

Riddhima understood the situation.

Riddhima : Vansh she won’t go alone but I’ll accompany her. And we will return soon. Pakka promise.

Vansh : Okay. Goodnight.

When Vansh went inside Angre came behind gate.

Riddhima : I understood that both are going for a night out. That’s why I said Vansh that even I’ll come with u otherwise he won’t let you go.

Siya & Angre : Thank you so much Riddhu. We won’t forget your help in our love story.

Riddhima : But not free of cost. You have to pay Siya. Give me your scarf right now. You know na that I had an eye on this scarf on the day you brought it.

Siya : Riddhu… Tum bi naa..Okay fine. Take this.

Siya gave the scarf to Riddhima. Siya and Angre went while Riddhima stood smiling seeing them together.

Suddenly she felt someone behind her and when she turned someone made her smell chloroform.

She is brought to a old house and she is tied to a chair covering her head with a black cloth. She got consciousness after sometime. She couldn’t see anything as her head is covered with the cloth. But she heard someone’s foot step approaching her.

Man : I am back Baby doll….

Riddhima is shocked to hear this voice.

Precap : Riddhima – You !!!!

Guys, did you like today’s episode ? There are some questions for u guys….

1. Who is Riddhima’s kidnapper ?

2. Why did he Kidnap Riddhima ?

Continue to be curious guys till I post tomorrow’s episode. All your answers will be revealed tomorrow. Till then Bye.

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