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You Complete Me (Ishra, Rivanya, Abhigya) (Epi-3)

Abhi closed the book he was reading and suddenly pragya’s innocent eyes flashed in front of him

abhi smiled thinking about pragya

, he did not know her name , where she lived , how she was, but her kid act had moved him , made him fall in love unknowingly , now he wanted some girl like her as his life partner . He closed his eyes . again he saw her , standing there protecting the puppy , he smiled unknowingly

Shivanya entered abhi’s  room with ishita

Abhi : you both here ?

Shivanya : why were you smiling when we came inside

Abhi : i was not smiling and all , i was just…

Ishita : just thinking of some girl ?

Abhi : what ishita , if something is like that i will first tell you both ?

Ishita smiled :  nothing happens without my knowledge in this house . you know i am such , anybody can share anything with me , i listen and understand people’s perspective , thats why

Shivanya  laughed : ok ok , we know you are such   , tomorrow i have a recording of a new song , i need good amount of sleep .

Shivanya went , ishita smiled and said good night to shivanya

Ishita looked at abhi : you know , dadi says i am gradually acquiring the skill of reading people’s mind , now by reading your mind , i feel you have fallen in love

Abhi : thinking of a girl does not mean i have fallen in love , he said thinking about pragya

Abhi realized what he told . ishita laughed . abhi glared at her

Ishita : you think about anybody , i dont have a problem, i need sleep

, i am going , she laughed as she went

, abhi threw a pillow on her .

The next day…

Dadi  : ishita beta , today my old friend is coming , she wants to meet you and abhi , please stay at home ?

Ishita : no dadi , till i know abhi has some important surgeries , he cant stay , but yes i dont have any important appointments today

Abhi came there : she is right , i need to go

Dadi : u always dont listen to my words

Abhi :you got me from some temple stairs is it ? why are you so keen in troubling me only ? you want only me to get married first and now this

And he went away

Dadi laughed

Pragya was sitting in her car waiting for the signal to turn green , a old lady came and asked for some money , she did not have eyes , had a small child in her hands

Pragya : is this is your grandchild ?

The old woman : yes , please give us  some money

Pragya  gave  her 5000 . the old woman went ahead and asked for same . pragya peeped through her window and saw the old woman go to abhi

Abhi  said : dadi ma , come with me to my hospital , i will take care of all the expenses and get back your eyes , believe me and sit it my car ,atleast for your grandchild

The old woman smiled and sat with abhi happily

Pragya was surprised to see so much kindness and goodness in a person .

She smiled .

 precap : ritik-shivanya meet again , ishita-raman meet , dadi gets a marriage proposal for abhi


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