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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Decides Not To Bid For Airlines Deal

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka goes to her bathroom applying face mask and thinks why half an hour is not ending. Srikant’s wife calls her and asks where is she? Anushka says she is getting ready. Srikant’s wife says we will leave then. Anushka says no and says she will come. She thinks Siddhant will go soon, thinks of Siddhant and her teenage incident. Siddhant asks her to hold the blade. Anushka finger is cut a bit. Siddhant says you are softie type and shall not have any pain. Anushka asks why? Siddhant says you are KK’s daughter and asks her to leave pain for him. Fb ends.

Prabhakar talks to Goel’s secretary and comes to know about Pilot who took off three days prior to the crash. He insists to meet him. Karthik and Srikant asks Neeta to convince KK to place bid for the airlines deal. Neeta

says she will try. Anushka comes and asks them to come, they are getting late. Srikant’s wife teases her and sees face pack under her ears. Neeta says you are looking beautiful and glowing.

Siddhant is upset and waiting for Srikant. Gayatri calls Siddhant and asks him to see girl’s pic. Siddhant says I am not interested to marry. Gayatri asks Purva to say yes to the girl. Purva says she has an idea. Anushka comes to Srikant’s cabin and gives files to Sweety. She tries to make Siddhant notice bandage on her hand. Sweety notices it and asks if she donated the blood. Anushka says no.

Prabhakar comes to meet KK. KK says you said that yesterday, so I thought that the matter is between you and me, between two friends and not between reddy corp and you. Prabhakar says I know you felt bad as I asked you to choose between airlines deal and me. He says I don’t agree for this airlines deal. KK says why you thought that I will go against your wish. Prabhakar says we have a difference, you are a winner and believes to reach destination, and I believe on staying on the path. He says I want to be on the path for my family. KK says you didn’t let Siddhant join Reddy corporation because you don’t want. Prabhakar says Siddhant wants to be like you and I don’t want him to be like you, and wants him to be like me. KK asks then why did you work for me in Reddy Corp. Prabhakar says as you stood with me when nobody was there. KK says you made me small today infront of you, did a favor on me by working with me. He asks him to leave. He says I have not done any favor on you, but have done friendship, and says this Reddy Corporation is yours and mine. He says I have decided not to take this airlines deal. Prabhakar says it is a wise decision and tells that there is a difference between a criminal and businessman. He says so many people were killed and tells that he has a proof, and tells that Goel’s engineer is involved. KK says I am with you and asks him not to ask him to choose again. They have a hug. Prabhakar says I will be always with you. KK says Siddhant is like me. Prabhakar says no. They have a bet. KK tells that he will release book for reddy corp silver jubilee.

Srikant comes to his cabin. Anushka says you are doing meeting with me. Siddhant says there is so much crowd here, and tells proverb. He asks for his personal space. Srikant asks him to shift to the cabin. Sweety sees girl’s pic sent by Purva and is about to show to Srikant. Siddhant takes mobile and asks what you will do, as you are married. He looks at girl’s pic and says she is good, better than yesterday’s girl. He says he is thinking to marry. Anushka gets upset and leaves. She calls Purva and asks her about the alliance. Purva tells her that Siddhant saw her pic yesterday instead of girl’s pic. Anushka recalls what he said and takes off bandage from her hand.

Anushka cries. Prabhakar apologizes on Siddhant’s behavior and says I know he is arrogant. Anushka says it is ok, and tell that there is nothing between them now. Prabhakar asks if there was something before? Anushka looks on.

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