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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh brings vrinda to lord vishnu’s temple.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh going to a temple and vrinda follows him in her demon form. Vrinda says I caught you elephant headed kid, you cannot run away anywhere now. Ganesh says oh my god, you caught me. Vrinda says now give me that power otherwise I will kill you. Ganesh shows his hands and says see vrinda ji, I don’t have any power, I did not steal anything. Ganesh says I just fooled you so that I could bring you here, just look at this place, you will remember this place. Ganesh says my trunk, help me. Ganesh uses his trunk and then blows air all over the place, the air starts clearing the dust and then lord vishnu’s statue is cleared off dust and revealed. Ganesh ays vrinda ji, this is the same place where before being a demon you used to live and pray to prabhu Vishnu, you were his

great disciple but see what you have made of yourself.
There mahadev cuts jalandhar’s 3 heads. Jalandhar comes back alive and says shiv, you cannot kill me, I am anyway enjoying this game of death and life. mahadev takes his trishul now which starts shaking from electric currents in it.
There vrinda sees lord vishnu’s statue and her anger calms down and she starts having tears. vrinda thinks I have seen this place before. Vrinda then looks in her past and sees herself cleaning that temple everyday and decorating it with flowers. Vrinda then sees herself praying everyday and singing a prayer song for lord Vishnu, she sees herself busy in lord vishnu’s bhakti. Vrinda then sees how she changed just to impress a demon and then changed herself on the path of evil and married jalandhar. Ganesh says vrinda ji, you were so pure and stayed on the path of dharma but you changed yourself and turned a demon just to impress an evil person like jalandhar who wants to be a god after doing so much evil. Vrinda has tears and she cries. Ganesh thinks I have done my work, now jalandhar will be killed. Ganesh goes with mushak ji.
Vrinda cries and says I have done so many sins. Vrinda then takes her previous original form of human and she cries and says shree hari narayana, I renounced your bhakti to support the path of evil, no god can forgive me for that sin ever. Vrinda says I have done too many sins with jalandhar and he is alive only because of me, but now I regret what I have done and I shall make amends for my crimes. Vrinda removes a huge dagger.
There mahadev aims his trishul at jalandhar as jalandhar grows 100 heads on his body. Jalandhar laughs and says try as much you can shiv. Mahadev jumps in air and all his various forms are seen in a huge size behind mahadev. There vrinda takes the dagger in air and says prabhu Vishnu, please forgive me if you can for my sins, vrinda thrusts the dagger in her heart as tears roll down her eyes. There jalandhar thinks I feel something is wrong, vrinda! Jalandhar then stands looking shocked at mahadev. Mahadev throws the trishul at jalandhar and jalandhar’s heads burst as he screams. Jalandhar’s body falls down.
There vrinda falls down dead.
Ganesh is flying towards kailash and he says i think the battle is over now.

Precap: ganesh is flying and he says I feel something is wrong. There 2 demons look at parvati and say wow, this woman looks so beautiful, we want her. Parvati sees them and gets angry and says you will be killed for your sins for laying eyes on a woman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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