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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Anticorruption Bureau Officers Arrest Kanak?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ved does Kanak’s kanyadaan and tells Akshay that he is giving his sister’s hand in his hand and he should keep her happy always. Meera thinks soon Kanak will be arrested in corruption charges. Suman cries at home that because of her Kanak is getting married to someone else. Meera’s goons trash Uma on the other side. Kanak and Uma’s pheras start and they finish 6 pheras. Pandit says 6 pheras have finished and after 7th phera, they will be husband and wife. Uma reachesand punches Akshay. Akshay falls down. Guards point gun at Uma. Ved shouts Uma Shankar. Uma says he will not let this marriage happen at any cost. Anticorruption bureau officers arrive and say they came to arrest Kanak Rathi in bribery case. Bhabho says her son and daughter-in-law sacrificed

their life for the country, they came to arrest their daughter. Uma says Kanak that he warned her about Meera and Akshay that they will trap her in bribery case. Akshay shouts what rubbish, he will not let them arrest his wife.

Arpita tells officers they may be mistaken. Officer says Kanak helped K and U company launch fairness cream and earned crores in bribe. Meera says officers are right, she was shocked when Kanak asked crores for this product and when she objected, she warned her, so she informed anticorruption bureau and they suggested her to transfer bribe money in Kanak’s account. Uma says Kanak’s signatures are fake and Aditya gave wrong laptop Meera, so she should be arrested instead to take wrong signatures of govt officers. Meera is shocked. Uma says that is what he tried to explain Kanak, did she understand now.

Kanak walks in from outside and she understood. Everyone are shocked to see her, and Akshay asks if she is here, whom did he marry her. Aditya removes veil and reveals Akshay was marrying him instead. Kanak slaps Akshay for betraying her. Aditya tells Meera that she treated her like a dog and kicked her out of her game, then hired new dog Akshay, so he helped his patloon brother Uma, so he helped his blood relationship instead. Uma asks Kanak how did she know about this plan. Kanak says after knowing Meera and Akshay’s plan, she wanted to call Uma, but her phone was missing. Arpita says Akshay has it and he told Kanak gave it. Kanak continues that Aditya met her and informed everything. Aditya says his record is very bad, so ex-bhabhisa did not believe him, then he showed her proof. Kanak shows mangalsutra to Uma and says it saved her.

Officer speaks over phone and tells Kanak after hearing Uma’s words, he got Kanak’s signatures verified and they are fake, she is free. Kanak asks officer to arrest Meera and Akshay. Akshay tries to emotionally lure Kanak and says he loves her a lot, Meera trapped him. Meera reveals Akshay’s all evil plans. Aprita asks officer to arrest them both. Meera warns dare not to touch her. Officers drag them both.

Prcap: Aditya taunts Meera that Kanak and Uma are getting closer again.
Kanak asks Uma why did he his feelings till now. Meera tells Aditya that she will not let Kanak and Uma reunite.

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