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The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 4

Hi guys 😀😀😀 I’m back with the next part here!! First of all thank you so much Manu, for breaking your silence and commenting on the previous part!! And thank you all the others who commented as well as liked. It really means a lot 😘😘😘.

Now secondly, our friend Anee has organised a best readers choice award event for Savitri Devi writers. It really means a lot to us writers to know how much you liked our ffs as well as readers we get to vote and have fun!! So I hope you too will participate in this. So here’s the link if anyone didn’t see her post yet.


Okay…. now let’s get back to the story. Many of you wondered why I revealed the marriage secret of Sanchi. You thought I’ll do it at the end. But no dearies… it should be now. In the future there would be some other problems 😈😈😈. I think that’s enough!! Or else I might tell you more ☺☺☺.

Previously on “The Reason Of My Life”……,

“Hahaha!! She’s so stupid to believe that I would marry her!! Did she honestly believed I forgave her mother for shooting my maa? No Garv!! I will never forgive her. Because of her, my maa is in a coma again!! I planned all this marriage drama to humiliate Sanchi. Imagine how it would’ve been? Hahaha….! Bride is waiting for a groom that will never come!! Hahaha….!” – Veer

“Yeah! And you made sure her mother come out of jail too!” – Garv

“Of course yaar! How can I let her miss the opportunity to see her daughter humiliated? I got a special permission from the court, just for this!! 😂😂😂 But last moment that Dr. Kabir foiled all my plans!! He married her and became the hero 😡😡😡. She believed him too. That’s why I cooked up a story about Kabir helping Dr. Malhotra. She believed it roo easily. She didn’t thought once, that a person as honest like Dr. Kabir can’t play with a girl’s live 😂😂😂”

“But now they’re getting divorced right?” – Garv

“Yeah. I thought he would give a fight. But he’s giving up on her too easily. After their divorce, Sanchi won’t have Dr. Kabir to help her. It would be so easy to shatter her 😈😈😈” The second Veer finished, the door of his room opened slowly. He, Garv and other looked curiously, only to reveal Sanchi on the other side.



It was unbelievable for her. What she just heard… was it actually the truth? Veer… the person who she loved the most except her mother… did he really betrayed her?

Her world was spinning around. She felt numb.

Seeing Sanchi standing right there with her eyes glistening, it was very clear to everyone in the room that she heard everything. The glass Veer was holding, slipped from his hand and crashed on the floor. “Sanchi??” Came his voice in a whisper.

She walked in like a zombie, stopping right in front of Veer. Both kept staring at each other. She was barely controlling her tears. Seeing her so hurt he suddenly felt the need to forget everything and apologize to her. “Sanchi l-”

Suddenly a loud slapping noise echoed around the room cutting him off.

She had mustered all her courage and slapped him for what he did. Not a single word came out of her mouth. She couldn’t talk to him without breaking down and she did NOT wanted to break down in front of a person who’s trying to ruin her life. Not being able to stay another moment in his presence, she turned to go. Veer tried to stop her holding her hand. That’s when she finally snapped. She pushed him angrily 😡😡😡.

“DON’T YOU DARE!!” she had her finger pointed at him. “TODAY YOU PROVED THAT YOU’RE ANAND MALHOTRA’S SON. I WAS AN IDIOT TO THINK YOU’RE NOT LIKE HIM!! I HATE YOU VEER MALHOTRA!! I HATE YOU!!” she stormed out stepping on broken glass, almost knocking down Kabir who just came through the corridor. He came to find her and get the file Dr. Singhania gave. When he came there he saw the file on the ground. When Sanchi came rushing he was about to scold her for her carelessness, but all he saw was a painful sight. She didn’t even notice him and ran past him.

Kabir knew she won’t be happy to see him bit he wanted to help her if she had any trouble. Following her, he reached a temple. She was sitting in front of the God’s idol without moving like she’s lifeless. He went near calling her. “Sanchi?” But there wasn’t any response. He knelt beside her keeping his hand on her shoulder. That got her out of her blank stare. She hugged him tight like she would die if she let go and cried.



Veer was still in shock of what happened. A part of him wanted to go after her and apologize. Another part of him reminded him of his comatose mother.


“Uss ki itni himmat!! 😡😡😡 How dare she slap you!!” – Ram


“Sun yaar! Don’t get so affected by her tears. She got what she deserves. At least you saved your hospital from her clutches!” Garv said understanding Veer more than anyone. He knew Veer might be having second thoughts about what he did.


Veer made up his mind. “You’re right Garv. She only deserves my hatred!!”


……….back with Kabir & Sanchi……….


He sat there patting her back trying to calm her. She was crying uncontrollably gasping for air. “Sanchi… everything will be fine…”


“N-no *sob* *sob* nothing’s gonna be f-fine *sob* *sob* it all was his plan. It was his pla… *sob* *sob*”


“Okay okay sshhh…”


She pulled back clutching his shirt. “No!! You dont know anything!! It was his plan to leave me on the mandap to get humiliated!! He wanted to take revenge from me!! Everything he did… he did it for revenge!!” For a moment her sobs stopped.


**Oh! She got to know the truth? This is why I didn’t want to tell her! She’s hurt beyond someone could pacify her…**


“Can someone do like that to the person they love?” She questioned him looking in to his eyes. He didnt have any answer to give her. “No… they… ca-can’t… *sob* *sob*” she broke down again in his arms.



With lots of efforts Kabir managed to bring her home. Kusum looked surprised to see both Kabir and Sanchi come home together. On top of that, Sanchi was looking like a zombie after all her crying, making her wonder what on earth had happened.


Kabir signalled his mother, not to ask anything and that he’ll explain later, whole taking her to her room. He made her sit on the bed but she almost fell to the ground. He noticed a wound on her feet.


“Let it be. Maybe I’ll bleed to death because of that wound. Then all my pain will go away…” She said stopping him from dressing her wound.


CHUP!! ek dam chup!! What do you think you’re blabbering about? Die? You won’t die because of this small wound!! Shall I get you poison?” He yelled angrily. He made her look at him. “Look Sanchi… people face difficult times. Sometimes we think it’s easy if we die. That thought itself is an act of cowardice. You’re very lucky to born as a human. Even more lucky to be a talented doctor. You got a wonderful life ahead. Whatever happened, already happened. You can’t change it. Be brave to face your future!” He kept talking and treated her wound without letting her notice.



“How can you be so nice to me after everything I did?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.


“Forget it now Sanchi…”


“But I don’t think I’ll can ever forget his betrayal…” She was crying again. “I’m such an unlucky person!! Everyone I love either get in to trouble or leave me alone!! Why is it happening to me???” She kept sobbing. “You know what Kabir sir? You should do the same. You shouldn’t let your life get destroyed because of me!! You should leave me!! Where are those divorce papers?” She stood wiping her tears. After searching in her cupboard, “found it!! Wait let me sign”


**She hadn’t even signed it yet? I thought, by now she had already submitted them to the court!!**


She was running around the room like a mad person. “Here!! Take this. You should submit these quickly and should stay away from me!! Wait a sec!! You should call your lawyer and ask him to come here now, so that you can give these to him!!” She placed his phone on his hand.


He couldnt tolerate to see her like this anymore. He threw it away and pulled her to a bone crushing hug. He kept patting her back letting her cry her heart out. What else could he do? Nothing he would say could stop her cries. The only thing he could do was hold her and be with her. After crying for hours, she fell asleep.


When she woke up, she was surprised to see Kabir beside her. He fell asleep last night staying awake with her for hours. Then she remembered what happened the other day. She couldn’t stop the tears. Kabir woke a bit later only to fine her crying silently. It broke his heart to see her like this. He silently got down from the bed and went to the kitchen.


“Malthi, please make breakfast for Sanchi!” He said the maid and saw his mother. “Good morning maa”


“Good morning beta, how’s Sanchi?” – Kusum


“Crying nonstop” – Kabir


“You should’ve told her before Kabir…”


“How can I maa?”


He took a tray and went back to Sanchi. She was sitting on the bed. Now not crying but had an unreadable expression.  “Hey c’mon let’s eat something”


“Did you know about Veer’s plan from before?” She asked looking at him directly.


He got shocked.


“I heard you talk with aunty… did you know?”






“The day of your wedding…”


Her eyes widened. “That long? Why didn’t you tell me?”


“You were depressed that day. I didn’t want you to do anything stupid! If you had known then-”


“You should’ve told me…”


“Even if I did, would you believe me?”


She was silent at that.


“You wouldn’t believe my word against his. If I had told you the truth that day you would’ve thought I was doing that on Dr. Malhotra’s saying”


She started to cry again. “But how did you tolerated all that? I was very rude!! I did many hateful things! And I had accused you for many things!! Things you never did!! I hated you!! How did you-”


“It’s all over now. Don’t think much.”


“NO!! I’m a bad person! A very bad person!! You should hate me!! I-I-”


He cupped her cheeks and made her look at him. She didn’t meet his gaze. “Look at me! LOOK AT ME!! You’re NOT a bad person. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. Bad things happen to people. We can’t stop it. All we can do is, to learn something from those bad things to make our future better. Now stop crying and eat something!”


“I’m not hungry…”


“Listen Sanchi, your problems won’t get solved if you stay hungry. Besides, food didn’t do ANY wrong for you. What’s the point of staying angry with food?” He took a piece of food and held it to her mouth for her to eat.


“Why are you so nice?” She asked softly with tear filled eyes.


“I’m not nice at all! After all I’m the hitler in SDCH right? What? do you honestly think I don’t know interns call me that?”


Sanchi laughed a little.


“Ah good girl..!! Now c’mon, eat..!! Say ah….”


She ate food from his hand. He fed her occasionally cracking lame jokes that made her laugh at his attempts.



Kusum smiled at them from the door. **Don’t know what you have planned in their destiny, bhagwan ji. But please, bring happiness for both of them 🙏🙏🙏**


After a long time Sanchi became less hostile towards Kabir. Well, now she knows all her rude behaviour wasn’t something Kabir deserves. She still doesn’t know why he can’t get out of Dr. Malhotra’s clutches. She will find out one day and she will take him away from Dr. Malhotra’s favours. But for now, it seems like a wonderful friendship will bloom through this ugly heartbreak 😀😀😀.




I’ll stop here for now. In next part, Kabir will try to distract Sanchi from her problems. But how would he do that? Any guesses 😉😉😉??? Meet you soon with another update!! Love you 😘😘😘

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