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The Journey of Togetherness – Sequel to THE FLASHBACK STORY – Episode 1

‘’ I love you too ‘’ Shivaay winked and replied to Anika.

Anika smiled and left with Jhanvi and pinky not leaving her blush.

‘’O..someone is madly in love.He who left his smile is now blushing too..not bad, not bad’’ Rudra tried to pull Shivaay’s leg

Shivaay ‘’i..i have lots of if you both don’t prolong your teasing session, then may be I will leave’’

‘’roka kisne hain jaa…waise hame pata hain tu kaha jaane wala hain’’ Om retorted

‘’kaha..tujhe kya lagta hain mein Ms.Surpanaka ke peeche jaoonga..agar tujhe aise lagta hain tho’’ Shivaay looked at both of them

‘’tho hame sahi lagta hain bhayya…jaoona..jaoo…jaoo’’ Rudra replied

Shivaay left from there nodding his head and walked towards the kitchen where Anika’s first rasoi was going on


Pinky ‘’Anika beta…aaj kya banayegi bata…mein sari cheezein kaha hain samjhake jaoongi’’

Shivaay ‘’Mom…’’

Pinky ‘’shivaay..why are’s you here..wait in the hall, till Anika prepares something ‘’

Shivaay ‘’mom..i just came here to say that I feel like eating those famous Hot Belgian waffles with extra chocolate and cold icecream’’

Anika stared at him with widened eyes…

Anika TAM ‘’Mr.Ritchie Rich I sure am gonna take revenge for this weird demand of yours…just wait for my turn’’

Shivaay smirked looking at her

Jhanvi ‘’Par Shivaay, you don’t like such sugary foods, why are you putting such demands?’’

Shivaay ‘’badi mom, I donno may be some cravings today.. ’’

Pinky ‘’OMM Shivaay, are you alright’s?’’

Jhanvi ‘’exactly are you alright Shivaay? You are making my daughter to do such tedious work..not fair and this is way too much don’t you think?’’

Shivaay ‘’hmm yeah…you know what she has been in Belgium for quite a lot of years and I am sure she must have learnt all these…so why fear and frankly speaking after a really long time I have asked for something and you all are denying..this is also not fair ‘’ he pouted

While Pinky and Jhanvi looked at each other confused, Shivaay picked an apple and bit it before her looking deep down into her eyes.

Pinky & Jhanvi ‘’can’t help Anika…now you gonna prepare the same , as it’s his demand’’

Anika smiled at Pinky and Jhanvi and gave a ‘’I will eat you raw’’ wala look at Shivaay

Anika ‘’it’s okay mummy ji and Maa…I will prepare it…but it will take a bit more time’’

Shivaay was about to say something when Pinky and Jhanvi spoke

‘’take your time beta , we all will wait ‘’

Anika smiled , while Shivaay smirked and left from there taking Pinky and Jhanvi along with them. Anika received a message on her mobile and her expression changed.

45 minutes passed by and there was a nice aroma coming out from kitchen increasing the hunger of every member in the house.

15 minutes later, Anika bought the Hot Belgian waffles, a tin of Ben&Jerry’s cookie dough icecream , a tin of special icecream (exclusively for Shivaay) and a cup of melted chcocolate.

Tej and Shakti jumped at the chair and said

‘’this aroma has been killing us..can’t wait to taste those ..serve them beta’’ Shakti spoke being excited

Anika served them the waffles and it sure made a damn good impression on everyone specially Shivaay.

Dadi ‘’Anika for this wonderful food demand your gift, you ask whatever and I will make sure you get it’’

Anika bent her head down

Tej ‘’yes beta, ask’’

Anika ‘’I want two gifts, one from all of you and one exclusively from shivaay’’

Om ‘’ahem ahem…bhabhi…ask the exclusive gift from Shivaay first ‘’

Shivaay ‘’No..first the common gift’’

Anika ‘’Tej papa and Shakthi Papa…my gift is a request to you?’’

Everyone’s eyebrows frowned

Tej ‘’request ? what request?’’

Anika ‘’I want you to take back the papers/shares that you transferred on my name as a gift during my wedding’’

Shakti ‘’whaaat?’’ he stood up

Anika ‘’Papa please listen to me’’

Tej ‘’but Anika why? We have given it as you are our daughter a member of our family and the saviour of our empire. Now you cannot deny’’

Anika looked at Shivaay , Shivaay had a sober look on his face

Anika ‘’papa, the fact is I got whatever I wanted. A happy family, all your blessings and happiness which was far away from me. I don’t need anything more . This is your hardwork and to me this will be a burden. Frankly speaking I want to be burden free and have a peaceful life. So will you all accept my request as gift to my first rasoi’’

Everyone were in thoughts and dadi finally came to a conclusion

Dadi ‘’I have a solution for this. The property will be taken back from the name of Anika , but Anika will have the right on every property of Oberois and it will and should be transferred whenever she asks for.’’

All the elders smiled and so did Anika , shiv Om Ru .

Rudra ‘’now time to know exclusive gift of Shivaay bhayya to bhabhi’’

Anika ‘’for three days I want Shivaay to stay back at home away from work, office, business even phone calls’’

Shivaay was startled with her demand and couldn’t gulp water down his throat

Pinky ‘’perfects…now Shivaays you can’t deny her demand as she didn’t deny your wish’’

Shivaay nodded in NO

Jhanvi ‘’no chance Shivaay to say NO, you are doing it and this is our order’’

Shivaay ‘’but Badi mom’’

Tej ‘’nothing are staying back home that’s it’’

Shivaay gave up his protest and took a deep sigh thinking what grave mistake he did by putting such demand.

Anika smiled and took a sigh of relief.

Everyone left to their rooms and works while Anika and Shivaay entered their room.

———SHIVIKA’s room

Shivaay ‘’that was too much of a demand Ms.Surpanaka…you know I can’t sit idle’’

Anika ‘’every demand has a reason Mr.Ritchie Rich’’

Shivaay ‘’what do you mean’’

Anika ‘’I meant that we could spend some personal good time isn’t it?’’

Shivaay ‘’someone is getting too much romantic not bad…for this I can sit idle for days together’’

Anika ‘’ha ha ha ha very funny…you will be sitting idle while I work from home ‘’

Shivaay ‘’not fair’’

Anika ‘’off course everything is fair in love and war’’

Precap : Why Did Anika put such weird requests as her Gifts ??

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