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Savitri Devi 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer wears alarm band

Savitri Devi 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi agreeing to Savitri’s sayings and tells that she will become good wife and bahu. Savitri says if you do any mistake again then I will kick you out. Veer tells Jaya that he won’t let Sanchi fail and says he is ready to wear band. Jaya says you have to be 10 steps far from Sanchi after wearing the band. Veer agrees. Surprisingly Jaya is carrying belt in her and gives to Veer, says you can’t fool me after wearing it. Savitri asks Sanchi to work only for 9 am-5 pm, then her time will be of Veer and house after 5 pm. Jaya asks Veer to promise to stay away from Sanchi for 6 days. Sanchi gives promise to Savitri. Veer promises Jaya. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri see Savitri scolding Sanchi. He appreciates Gayatri for her wonderful plan and thanks her.

Vikrant asks Priya

to hide and says Police came to arrest you. Priya says that problem is solved, we have given him necklace. Vikrant says now you have done two crimes and asks her to hide in almari. She asks him what is he doing? Vikrant says I am doing this for your betterment and locks her in cupboard. He says if you are caught then how I will stay here. Priya thinks what is this new madness?

Veer comes to Sanchi and says we have hurt Maa and have broken her promise, that’s why we have to wear this band. Sanchi tells him that don’t know what happened accidently. She says we have hurt both mothers. She says Savitri wants her to end all her work between 9 am to 5 pm and spend rest of the time at home. Veer says Sanchi. Sanchi says I will perform best in exam and can do anything if you are with me. Veer gives her band and says we will keep word of both of our mothers.

After locking Priya in the cupboard, Vikrant have fruit. Dadi comes there and asks Vikrant, where is Priya? Vikrant says she is not here? Priya calls her name. Dadi is shocked and opens the door. Priya comes out. Vikrant says they were playing hide and seek game. Dadi goes. Vikrant says I saved you again. Priya gets tensed.

Sanchi calls Veer and says Maa is on video call. Jaya asks them to wear alarm band. Alarm rings as Veer and Sanchi are close. Jaya asks him to go ten steps back and says I will know if you try to take it out and close the alarm. She says this is wrong, but she is doing this for her hospital. Veer says it is difficult to stay separately, but I will manage. Sanchi says even me.
Blackmailer calls Priya and says he needs painting. Priya is shocked. He says he knows about it, as they are popular. Vikrant comes there.

Priya tells him that blackmailer asked for 50 lakhs painting of Papa. Vikrant says I can’t see you in jail and asks her to give painting. Gayatri comes to Sanchi and says you are trapped badly. She asks if you will study or fulfill your responsibilities. She says your mum have tied dog’s belt on Veer’s neck. Sanchi says I knew it, you had added medicine in the laddoo, and asks if she wants to lose again. Gayatri says you will lose this time and cry much.

Veer comes and asks what did she say? Sanchi asks him to make sure that Savitri shall not know about our bands, and tells that Mrs. Malhotra came to know about it, and that’s why she is very careful. Dr. Malhotra laughs on knowing about Jaya separating them using bands. He asks her to tell everything to Savitri and says she will kick Sanchi out. Gayatri says it is fun to expose rather than revealing about them. She says I swear you will love this tamasha. Dr. Malhotra says you have made my return more exciting, laughs and says now time has come to end Jaya and Sanchi’s hopes.

Gayatri asks Veer to go and sit beside Sanchi. Savitri asks him to sit near Sanchi. Veer takes steps hesitantly and tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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