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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-27)

The episode starts with Abhimany staring at geethanjali..

Geethu : you are fast..

Abhi : You were in a hurry right..

Geethu : So lets go..

Abhi : Where??

Geethu : To your home..

Abhi : But why??

Geethu (angry) : bestfriends are getting married and brcause of you i am not able to attend their engagement.. And now I have decided that you will take me their..

Abhi : huh??

She walks towards the door..

Geethu : Come on..

Abhimany also follows her..


Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to exchange the rings..

Abhimany and geethanjali teach their ..

Maya and Arjun exchange the rings and

Lucky and yuvi dance on Mahi ve.. were Ragini joins them.

And all were enjoying.. Anitaji goes to drink water were she collapse with geethu who was in ghungat…

Anita ji apologises to her.. while geethu stood still.. and abhimanyu sawed this.. Anitaji went

Abhi : Can’t you just stay properly..

Geethu : I was comming to meet you..

Abhi : For what??

Geethu : Take me back to my home..

Abhi holds geethu’s hand and drags her to the maindoor where they see Anshuman who was on phone..

Anshuman : who is this.??

Abhi : This is our relative.. actually she’s like my dadi..

Anshuman : Where are you going now??

Abhi : Where will I its my sisters wedding..

Abhimanyu takes geethu along with him straight to his room..

Geethu : Why have you taken me in??

Abhi : Because at this time all members are roaming here and there . Thank god it was your bhai. if my relatives sawed us what should have i told…. After the incident Dad even stoped talking to me..

Geethu : Sorry..

Abhi : Oh.. no don’t be..

Geethu : But what are we doing in store room..

Abhi(confused) : Store room … Are you mad?? Its my room..

Geethu : Yuck .. Abhi you are such a lazy bachilore… I can’t belive.. i have to live here…

They both looks at eachother..

In the ceromony..

Maya & Arjun dances on pheli daffa.. And all enjoyes it..

Someone mixes a black powder in orange juice and asks the waiter to serve this to Abhimany’s room.. Waiter does so…

Abhimanyu asks why two glass..

when the waiter says one is for his relative dadi

Family members and relatives were busy in enjoying the function…

He takes the juice and closes the door

Abhi and  Geethu drinks the juicAfter drinking the juice they both feel ineasy and

Geethu faints .. Abhimanyu calls her tries to wake her up.. .. But Abhimany also faints..

Wjen both are not in sense two people enters their room.. And they places both Abhi and geethu in his they are hugging eachother. They unbutton abhi’s shirt and They remove geethu’s jewellery, made her hair a messy..

In total it look like that they were having s*x

One of the man takes a photos of them .. And they went from there..

After reaching outsude The man gives tthe phone to vansh..

Vansh (to himself) : Now its my game.. Dear Maya you should not have said no to me.. And your brother what does he think of himeslf..

Now this photo will go to Mr. vikram singh Rathore and Mrs. AnitaLuthra..

He laughs evily and sends the photos



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