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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Catches Mohana Red Handed

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya picks Ratan, yash and her photo frame, and says I can’t do anything without your support. She says I can bear the treasure loss, but can’t bear to lose your friendship. She hugs him. Ratan also hugs him. Yash says treasure bag was my responsibility, but don’t know how it is stolen. Mohana gets angry. Yash promises to support them always and says whoever have done this cheap thing, I will not leave him. Mohana is angry. Diya says we have to catch that person who has stolen our treasure. She asks Yash to think what happened all night when he was safeguarding the jewels. Yash tells her that he felt dizzy suddenly and had slept for a moment. Mohana says you might have slept as it was night. Diya says he is trained officer and can’t sleep. Ratan asks did you have anything. Yash says

no and tells that he had just water from this bottle. Diya asks him to get the bottle water tested. Yash leaves. Diya apologizes to Mohana on Isha’s behalf and says yash will catch the culprit and came in his police officer avatar. CT talks to Inspector and asks him to search the jewels.

Bhuvan is unwell because of the situation. CT makes him sit. Diya comes there and asks him to have food. She promises to get the jewels back, and asks Bhuvan to have food else Ratan will not have food. CT stops Diya from giving food to Bhuvan and says Ratan will hear you, and will not be hungry as you will feed him food. Diya goes. Mohana locks the room and keeps all the treasure in the bag, thinks to give it to Police before she gets caught. She cones out of room with the treasure box. Yash brings reports and tells that sleeping pills were mixed in the water so that I get sleep. Diya says you have taken water from home. Yash says someone from home have done this. Ratan says he trusts his family. Diya says they will not do such a thing.

Yash says it is sure that they have added pills at home. Ratan says whoever have added pills, must have bought sleeping pills and says they shall check with all chemist. Mohana thinks to keep jewels in police station and go to chemist. Yash sees her leaving and asks if she saw who kept water in his bottle? Mohana comes to the medical store and says she needs medicine, but first need water. Shop keeper goes. Mohana searches for the prescription which she gave to buy pills. Ratan, Diya and Yash come there. Mohana hides seeing them, with the prescription paper. Shop keeper comes and asks where is that girl? Ratan asks him if someone brought medicine from your shop. Shop keeper says I will check my file and will tell you. Mohana is hiding there and checks for the prescription in the papers which she has. Shop keeper searches for the file and finds it in Mohana’s hand.

Mohana runs away hiding her face with the prescription file. Shop keeper says catch her, she is running away with my file. They all run behind her. Mohana runs and makes barrels fall on their way. She hides. Diya asks Ratan and Yash to search at different ways. Mohana hides behind the statue. She sees them coming near her and runs and hides again. Diya comes and stand infront of her. She is shocked to see Mohana. She recalls Yash telling that there is someone from the house. She sees Ratan and yash far, and takes her far. She asks why did she do everything. Mohana accepts to her crimes. Diya asks why? Mohana says so that you thought Yash as careless and breaks your friendship with Yash. She says Yash is my husband, but gives more importance to you and Ratan. Diya is shocked.

Meethi misbehaves with Ratan. Diya scolds her politely.

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