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RagSan – Do Dil Ek Jaan-Part 4

It’s the day of Swara and Laksh’s Haldi.

Laksh doesn’t love Ragini or Swara. He knows it very well.

In Laksh’s room

Laksh is talking to himself

I am very smart. Though people think I am stupid I am not. I will threaten Ragini that I will post pictures of Swara in a bad light in return for her following my commands. Ragini and Swara will become my toys and I will enjoy their misery.

Sanskar listens to all of this and is shocked.

He rushes to the Gadodia house and calls Ragini.

Ragini: Is everything alright?

Sanskar: No. Nothing is alright. Laksh wants to take revenge from you an he wishes to do bad with both you and Swara.

He then relays the whole scene.

Ragini is shocked.

Later during the day, both the Maheshwaris and the Gadodias are at the same place.

Sanskar arrives with Ragini and announces

Sanskar: If all of you permit Ragini and me wish to get married.

Ragini nods positively.

Everyone is happy but Laksh fumes.

They decide to get them married the next day.

Laksh grudgingly married Swara.

He wasn’t going to let go so easily.

He wanted Ragini badly.

Ragini on the other hand was happy as she confessed her feelings for Sanskar and so did he.

They were in love…………and they got married.

But the real story starts now.

Will they stay married or will Laksh separate them?


 I know this is a very short part. Think of it as a teaser.

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