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Porus 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Challenges To Return

Porus 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru warns Darius to stop brainwashing his people and go away. Barsin also joins Puru. Puru warns Darius again if he wants to go after insult or go back with respect as a guest. Darius angrily says he will not let his 21-year hard work of capturing golden sparrow Bharath, he is a hawk and will get its prey. Puru says he is a vulture which eats dead animal and is like wolfe which attacks tiger from behind in herds, but cannot defeat tiger.

Darius angrily orders his soldiers to attack. Puru walks with his team holding each other’s hands and attacks enemies. His whole team fights bravely with enemies and kill them one by one. Anusuya kills Darius’ soldiers in front of him and he fumes. Soldiers attack Kanishk, but Shivdutt rescues Kanishk and says he does not spare anyone who attacks

his family or country and kills them. Darius gets more shocked and angry. Bamni saves Ambhi raj from enemy’s attack and chants Bharath Jetu. Shivdutt captures Mauses while Kanishk captures Faroos.

Puru keeps his sword on Darius’s neck and warns he is not killing him so that he can go and tell whole world that he will not anyone let intruders eye on his country and whoever tries will lose his eyes. Puru continues and says Darius that businessman Darius came empty handed and will return empty handed. He calls Anusuya. Anusuya gives curd put to Darius and says they see off their guests with curd, last time he must not have realized it properly, so this tim he should well and leave her country. Puru thanks Barsin and says whenever she needs him, he will be present for her help. Darius angrily looks at Barsin. Soldiers chant Bharath Jetu. Darius walks down steps towards boat holding curd pot and turns. He shouts he lost his battle, but not war, he will return. He throws curd pot towards Puru. Bamni says next time 2 curd pots will wait for him, one from Pourav rastra and another from Takshashila. Ambhi smiles at Bamni. Puru says his country’s unity is barrier, which no one can snatch it. He holds each member’s hand again.

Puru then emotionally holds Anusuya and says he got his patriotism and good qualities from her, when a tree gives birth to another tree via its seeds, it transfers all its qualities in it. Bamni gets emotional looking at this and says sometimes children teach parents a lesson and apologizes Puru. Puru continues his emotional speech and kneeling down keeps his head on Bamni’s feet. Bamni gets more emotional and asks what his son needs. He says just like Bamni and Ambi raj are fooled by Darius’s evil tricks, Amartya Shivdutt is also fooled by Darius, Shivdutt is a also patriot and never backed off from his duties, so he should forgive Shivdutt. Bamni tells Shivdutt that Puru is right and apologizing Shivdutt and hugging him says he should take back his position as Amartya. Shivdutt gets emotional. Puru then walks to Laachi and smiles.

Jhelum river speaks and says her son Puru achieved his goal, but far away his fate is linked to Alexander. Alexander with his soldiers on boat reaches Faras’ shore. Soldiers informs him same. He throws spearhead on ground and says he is the first king to reach Faras and they are the first soldiers to attack Faras.

Precap: Puru and Laachi’s romance. Alexander tells his soldiers that he is wearing unbeatable Atelus’ war gear, will they believe him now and support him. Soldiers bend in front of him.

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