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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa tells gopi’s their past life truth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram going to Malaya mountain. As kanha and balram go, they cross through dense forests. Balram says we have to reach the Malaya mountain before that evil shankachur does anything to our gopi’s. kanha says yes brother, suddenly balram is caught by strong vines. Balram says what is this? It has trapped me. Kanha says don’t move brother. The plough from balram’s hand falls down. kanha says wait brother, I will free you. Kanha uses his power and breaks the vines. Kanha and balram then walk ahead in their journey.
There in Malaya mountain, shankachur says to the gopi’s, you will get to know your past live’s truth today, the gopi’s say what? Please leave us shankachur. Shankachur says your god is going to come here. Suddenly kansa appears

and says yes gopi’s just what shankachur said, meet your god, bhagwan kansa. The gopi’s get scared and think we shall call him god otherwise he will kill us. The gopi’s say leave us bhagwan please. Kansa says don’t be so scared, I have just called you to tell you the truth of your past lives, don’t worry.
There narad muni says prabhu Vishnu, if nand baba and all people go to Malaya mountain, they will be in danger, this leela has to be done by kanha himself. Lord Vishnu smiles and says yes devrishi. Narad says then I suppose the time for my role in this event has come. Narad muni goes to earth.
There nand baba and all people are heading towards Malaya parvat and they start hearing sounds of someone praying, om bhagvatey vasudevay namah! Nand says who is that? It seems there is a pabhu Vishnu bhakt somewhere. Nand and all people go forward.
There kansa says gopiya don’t be so scared, I will tell you the truth, you 4 gopi’s are the forms of rishi satpati and his 3 rishi’s. gopi’s say what? We don’t know anything about that. Kansa says I will tell you lovely gopi’s. kansa says in the last life, you, I mean your original forms, you all were rishi’s were disciples of Vishnu, who also made you gopi’s in this life
Laxmi says prabhu, what is kansa saying? Lord Vishnu says kansa is right devi, in the last life, rishi satpati and his 3 rishi’s stayed for years in the Malaya mountain and they prayed for years to me, they did harsh meditation and one day I appeared. In flashback, rishi satpati and rishi’s say pranam prabhu. Lord Vishnu says I am impressed by your payers rishi’s, ask what you want from me. Rishi satpati says prabhu, we are lucky to get your darshan itself, but we just want one wish, when you are born as a human on earth we want to stay with you and witness your leela’s. lord Vishnu says tathastu, you will be born as gopi’s and will live with my dwaparyug form of Krishna. Lord Vishnu says to laxmi, this way the rishi’s were born as gopi’s, kansa knew this truth because he used his powers to know of the past lives of the gopi’s.
There kansa says gopi’s I need your help. Kansa laughs.
There nand and all people see a rishi praying to lord Vishnu and they say rishi, please guide, us we are going towards Malaya mountain and we don’t know the directions, where do we go? rishi says you all go back in the same direction you came from and you will reach your goal. Nand says but rishi we just came from that direction from our village, how will we reach Malaya mountain? Rishi says trust in lord Vishnu, he will guide you and bring you to your goals, go in the same direction and you will reach that goal. Nand says okay rishi and he goes back with all people. The rishi disguised is narad muni and he comes to his form and says nand baba, prabhu Vishnu will take you to your destiny, after all the leela that is to be done by prabhu, how can you do it?
There balram says it is nightfall kanha and I am tired, lets rest for sometime and go again ahead. Kanha says okay brother but we shall reach on time to save the gopi’s.

Precap: there kansa uses his power and says all you rishi’s come out of your gopi form. The souls of the rishi’s come out. Kansa says you asked to witness Vishnu’s forms leela in this life, tell me who is Vishnu hiding as?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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