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NILANJANA (NILASH) back with an OS, this OS is dedicated to the sisters of ISHQBAAAZ world, Anika and Gauri. Do read down to find out how they got to know that they are sisters.

Dedicating this OS to my sista- NITHU


“Then why don’t you call me maa…” Choti maa ji said. I can see how much bhaujai is happy today, “I miss you Jiji” I muttered softly bowing my head down. Choti maa ji called the pandit and they did the puja and completed bhaujai’s name in the book. We all went back to our room. Bade bhaiyaa, Omkara ji and Rudy bhaiyaa were discussing something in my room so I decided to go and spend some time with bhaujai, after Bhavya joined us we hardly got any time to sit together and talk our heart out. It’s not that I don’t like the time when I am with Bhavya but I love to be around bhaujai more. Her cute antiques and her language is something that makes her much more special to me. I was thinking all these when I reached to the pool side where bhaujai was sitting on the chair set at the pool side and was staring at a photo and wrapped it to her heart and said something.

“Bhaujai…” I called her. She looked at me and smiled. “Gauri…” she said and placed the photo upside down on the table in front of the chair. “Come” she welcomed me, her eyes were shining bright. I went near her and settled on another chair. She placed her hand over my cheeks and asked ever so lovingly “what happened Gauri, I am seeing you lost somewhere since evening” yeah I was lost as I was missing my jiji so much. I looked down and sighed heavily “actually I am missing my jiji so much…” I said but then thought not to make her sad so immediately replaced my words saying “you were saying that you had a sister… please tell me something about her na” her eyes twinkled listening to my demand.

“My sister…” she took a pause and closed her eyes, maybe she was trying to recollect her memories with her sister, as she has lost her sister long back… she opened her eyes “she was really a naughty girl… I cannot remember clearly but once she was playing outside and ended up eating mud” she smiled. “Ohhh… then” my interest increased more as I felt some connection to her words. “Then I don’t remember exactly but I think I have scolded her” bhaujai rubbed her index finger over her nose twice. “Bhaujai… I am sure your sister also misses you very much” I kept my hand over bhaujai’s shoulder. Her smiling face never changed but tears formed in her eyes. “I hope to meet her and hug her someday… I want to scold her and let her know that her didi missed her so much, every single moment” she said and a tear made its way down her eyes. “Bhaujai, where ever she is… she won’t feel good if she comes to know that that her jiji is rotru” I wiped away her tear and she held both of my hands tightly.

“Gauri, can I call you Choti?” bhaujai asked. “Yeah… yeah bhaujai” my tears now betrayed me. She hugged me tight and we let go of our tears. They went down as if they were stored to flow out someday like this. She was craving for her younger sister and I am craving for my jiji. She kept on stroking my hairs and I kept on crying as if I will loose everything if she leaves me and loosens the hold. “Chutki… stop crying” did I hear it correct… she said chutki, chutki… my jiji used to call me Chutki. I immediately broke the hug and looked into her eyes. “What… what name did you say” I asked her, my voice betrayed me as it choked in between. “Ohhh… am sorry… I was about to say Choti but…” I cut her off in middle “…but you called me Chutki, Chutki…” I repeated twice and she pressed her hands over mine.

“I used to call my sister as Chutki” she said, she used to call her sister Chutki… I could not stop my tongue anymore and I said “my jiji used to call me Chutki” we both smiled sadly. I so hope that Anika bhaujai turns out to be my jiji, I so hope to get called by the name Chutki again, the name that I lost when I got adopted. I want to re-live the warmth of the love of my shelter, my jiji again… I so hope that Anika bhaujai turn out to be my shelter. I was thinking all these when bhaujai jerked me. “Where are you lost again?” she asked while wiping away the tear drop just fell down from her eyes.

“I miss my jiji a lot the way you miss your chutki” I said bowing my head down. She held my face in the most protective hold of her hand and kissed my forehead “we will find our sisters together… we will find that little world of us again” I nodded to her words and hugged her tight. My eyes went to the photo kept upside down. We pulled back from the hug “is this the picture of your family?” I asked excitedly pointing at the photo. I was getting nervous as a strange feeling started to grow inside me. “Yup… me, my papa and my Chutki” she took the photo in her hold; unfortunately I missed the glance as my dupatta fell and I bent down to take it up. She hugged that picture again. My heart was beating fast as if I am near to get something good than best or something bad than worse.

She opened her eyes and smiled looking at the picture, she kissed someone on that picture mumbling “I miss you naughty kiddo” I unknowingly smiled. “You know Gauri…” I again failed to look into the picture when she started saying something. My attention caught to her words and I forgot about the photo for that moment “…the day I got separated from my sister… that day I died many…” I stopped her by pressing my fingers over her lips and nodded a no, I cannot listen to the sentences in which she is explaining her death, maybe she is not my own sister but she is more than that to me. She smiled and held my hands and continued “the orphanage people really tortured me that night” I could feel a sudden shiver listening to orphanage… wait… “Orphanage means bhaujai…” I asked again doubting that she is my own jiji. “An old man has dropped me and my sister in an orphanage, we were not happy there but we chose to stay there as we were getting food and shelter… but that day… the darkest day of my life” she stopped not answering my questions.

“What has happened that day Jiji…” now I at last spell what I was resisting from a longer time. Her eyes shot up and pierced the gaze of my eyes. “We were told that… the small children are going to visit park, and we elder ones will stay back…” I snatched away the next words “…chutki cried and demanded that she wants to stay with her jiji or else her jiji will also go along with her, the woman taking care said a big no… and…” before I could complete, her words started making my heart cold again “…and she started pulling my chutki towards her… I tried Gauri, I tried a lot to stop her… stop them from taking away my Chutki… but… but I failed, miserably…they went away taking my Chutki along with them…” I started to speak in between again “your chutki was screaming and crying that day, she was requesting them to leave her… but those liars handed over your Chutki to someone who has adopted her… Chutki got separated from her jiji” I stopped, our rhythms were matching, does it mean… “that night they did not even gave me food and locked me inside a dark room, the torture over me started as they used to beat me every now and then if I used to ask about you… you chutki” unknowingly or knowingly she gave me the place I was yearning from years.

“Your chutki also never lived in peace after that jiji… people used to call her a sin, a mistake of someone who was adopted by maa” I said and she pulled me in another hug and this time we broke down like never before “why did god separate us jiji… I missed you so much… your chutki has missed you every moment” “don’t worry chutki, from now I will not allow anyone to snatch you away from me again… you are my chutki…” my jiji kissed all over my face showering all her love over me. I looked into her eyes which were glowing in happiness and satisfaction. I GOT MY JIJI AND SHE HER CHUTKI. My wish got fulfilled and so was hers. I took the photo from her hand and kissed over it as she side hugged me. “My naughty kiddo” she said smiling through the tears. I missed these words so much. I got my jiji… Anika bhaujai is my jiji… nothing can be better than this. My jiji, my own jiji. I hugged her back.



Here comes the end to this story on Anika and Gauri, Jiji and Chutki. Do comment down about all your views as I will be eagerly waiting for it. This entire story is dedicated to NITHUNithu dear I hope I had fulfilled at least a bit of your expectation. Please do forgive me if this is not that much satisfactory as you expected. Do tell me and I will try to write another one, better than this again.

Love to all of you doodles.


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