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My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 2


kk enter in akhash room.. kk look shocked …
akash in unconscious .. blood come from his hand.. krish rushed to akash and shout
kk-akash come on.. wake up akash.. open your eyes ..pls look at me…

suddenly akash splash some red color paint to kk face… and start laugh teasingly …

kk looked embraced ..
and tell angrily ..
kk:-devil…i don’t spare you.. now your dead..

kk start to hit akash with pillow and akash also hit him with pillow.. their have Sweet pillow fight…

Rajan,madhavi and arrived there because of their noise..
and smile…

akash run and hide behind arjun..

kk also come and looked madhavi and tells..
kk:-mom.. see this.. you support your chatta son.. and tell me to don’t prank but see he do prank with me and paint my face also…

madhavi control her smile ..
madhavi – ohhh.. my sweety krish.. come..
(she side hug him)
your look very cute in paint.. you now in childhood also you paint your face own for looking beautiful ..
(everyone smile)

kk wipe colors and going to akash..

akash:- ohh no.. bhaiya save me.. arjun bhaiya! !

arjun:-kk..stop did prank with him so he repeat this … so now. stop this prank game..

kk:-don’t worry bhaiya (smile towards him and apply color in arjun’s full face)..happy na.. your one who advice me to go and say sorry to him now feel my state…
(he leave to washroom.. madhavi and rajan also leave with smile)

akash smile and come infront of arjun…

akash:-bhaiya you’re too cute (kiss his cheek ) bye bhaiya .. now I’m going to class ..(shout) kk drop me in class..

(from washroom)
kk:-ok.. I’ll come in half an hour …


arjun(in shocked) -oh my god.. this two people are always like this .. suddenly fight and suddenly team up…
(he going to his room..his room in near the anshi room .. anamika open the door and come
from anshi room and close the door and turn that time arjum come front her and she shocked to see his colored face )

anamika:-(shout) ahhhhh (and slip)
(arjun hold her …
they have eye lock)
(background music plays..
…Tum…hi..ho…starting vgm)
after 5 minutes …

anamika:-what is this .. you are looking funny..(smile)

(arjun mouth turn as o sharp)

arjun:-yes only..
(she is about to go but him hold her shoulder and apply color on her face by his face)

arjun:-now .. we are same as funny..(he smile run toward his room and close the door and shout)Better luck next time jaan…

anamika smile outside of the door and arjun also smile inside of door and they think about their sweet romance..
(background music plays…)

scene shift to outdoor….
akash going with kk in bike..

kk:- hey aku.. why are you going music class…. it’s time waste..
(akash pout)
akash:- hey bro.. don’t forget yar… you’re the best student award winner in this college .. i also want to became like this…
kk:-(smile) what that is not use in my current life.. I’m boxing champion now and bike rider.. then how will this music is benefit for me..

akash:- hey bro .. i hope.. if you want propose your dream girl then this music use for me… i know before the 1 years you are the music lover but now you hate.. (he became sad ..kk notice akash)

they reach music academy ..
(akash is about to going to the academy..kk stop him)

kk:- hey devil..(akash turn) best of luck.. keep smile(he show smiling expression)
(akash smile) hey one condition.. you never ever ask question if you got doubts on music…

akash:- (taking with walking)
i promise bro.. I’ll surely ask all question to you…(they smile each other) bye..



scene shift to the admission room..
A goon shouted to the old lady who is the in charge of the academy …

goon:-hey old women .. i warning to you .. close your academy and singh this paper and make this land as my property ..

lady:-(imagine shadvi ji as old … her name is also shadvi)
no.. this is my husband ambition and dream ..i never singh this paper..

(that goon is about to slap her but one girl come their and slap the goon)
she is beautiful ..she wear red color top and white color skirt..that is our shivani)

shivani:-“how dare you to touch my badima..acp sir arrest them all”

police arrest the goon .. that goons angrily looked at shivani… they all leave ..

shivani hug shadvi and tell..
shivani:- badima.. don’t worry everything will alright …

akash is in full shock after see the half insidents that happened shivani slap the goon in admission room….
akash in mind”ohh she is dangerous .. be careful don’t make friendship with her.. no akash never look at her again… yes ..)


scene shift to the entry of academy ..

kk speak to the call..

kk-ok.. i drop akash in class that’s why I’m late in 10 min I’ll arrived to stadium …

he is about to go he look at the academy and became sad…
“no kk never think about your past .. that is not good for you family calm down.. ”

kk is about to go one girl gross the road and she hold some papers.. because of the air some papers release from her hand and fly to the road she is about to take it.. a car rushed toward her.. she shocked to see that and close the eyes..kk rushed in bike and hold her with one hand and drop her to one side.. some girls come their and hold her..
her back is seen by kk.. he don’t see her fully ..but her eyes only looked at him though the blank of the crowd .. when he try to see her his phone ring..
kk-ok ..I’ll come fast ya…in 5min.. I’ll arrived …ok..ok..

kk goes from there…

the crowd leave and her face shown(donal as radhika) she wear light blue legenga …

she search kk but not see him .. he leave already …

shivani:-radhu… what are you searching?? I’m waiting for you since long time .. where is papers…

radhu:-shivi!! i seen one superman in real …

shivani:- what?? superman!!!…are you mad??
(shivani look like impossible)

radhu:-no shivi… real..

episode end with radhikka smiling face…

precap :- akash see shivani coming to sit with him in music classroom..
anshi tells mom why are you doing like this..madhavi cry..

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