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Mere Sai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Tortures Compels Pandari To Suicide

Mere Sai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandari tells his wife that he sold bull to get money. He says he has no other way and will now get seeds from Kulkarni. Wife asks how you will plant the seeds now. Pandari says I will tie myself instead of bull. Wife says God is not ending our test and says we have lost so much. Sai comes there and calls Pandari. His wife tells him that Sai came before also, took bhiksha and asked for money. Pandari is surprised. Sai calls him again. Pandari goes out. Sai asks did you sell the utensils and asks him to give some money from it. Pandari thinks I shall help him and says he will bring money. His wife says we don’t have money and feels apologetic. Sai says no problem and blesses them. Pandari says why did you lie to Sai? Wife says our kids are no strength to play now, as they are hungry. She says she worries

for Sai, but she is more worried for her kids. She says we have taken help from Appa and others, and asks him to give money to Kulkarni first and take the seeds. Pandari says ok, I will go and get land from Kulkarni.

Pandari gives money to Banta. Banta counts the money and says he brought 6 Rs. Kulkarni thinks from where he brings money all the time. Pandari says I gave you money now and asks him to give his seeds and land. Kulkarni says you came late even today and asks him to give 8 Rs. if he wants his land and seeds. Pandari says this is injustice and asks him to return his land and seeds. Anta beats him with stick. Pandari says I need my seeds. Anta throws all seeds in the well and laughs. Kulkarni laughs aloud. Pandari comes to Dwarka maai. Appa bandages his hand. Pandari tells Sai that he has done everything, and still his kids are hungry. Appa says why didn’t you tell us anything. Pandari says what I would have told. Bayaza says atleast we would have fed your family. Pandari says Kulkarni don’t want to free my land. Bayaza suspects something fishy and asks Appa to go and check the calculation. Appa asks Sai what is his opinion. Sai says it is always better to know the truth rather than thinking.

Appa goes there and asks Kulkarni to show the accounts paper. Kulkarni refuses and threatens to go to Police. He says I am taking his land as he failed to pay back my money. Pandari goes from there shocked. Kulkarni smirks. Appa goes to Pandari and asks him to listen. Pandari is in shock. Kulkarni is in Ratnakar’s house and says now Pandari can’t do anything. He says he will play the same game with others too which he is playing with Pandari. He asks him to come for dinner and says he will get the papers ready and asks him to do his work. Ratnakar says I talked to Governor, you will have control on three more villages.

Jhipri comes to meet Sai and asks where you are all day. Sai says I am not busy like you. Jhipri sees Datura plant and asks Sai. Sai tells her about it and asks her to be away from its seeds. Pandari comes home and cries. His wife asks him to tell what happened? Pandari says I have failed as a husband, father, and farmer. Their kids ask why they are crying? Pandari and his wife hugs them. He says now they will get mukti in God’s shelter. His wife tells that she sold something and gives him money. Pandari tells his kids that he will get them food, clothes and toys for them. He buys clothes for them and something to eat. Pandari’s wife takes datura’s seeds in the clothes. Pandari’s son sees Sai and calls him. Kids give food to Sai. Sai takes it and blesses for them happiness and long life. He tells Pandari that he is a good father. Pandari thinks he is such a bad father.

Precap: Pandari’s wife gives poisonous datura seeds to her kids and asks them to eat. Pandari and his wife plan to hang themselves, when Sai comes and calls Pandari.

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