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Love makes a change CHAPTER 30


DINNER TIME: ( Maheshwari mansion)
Even gagodias were present there. After finishing their dinner all sat on the couches. Swara’s phone was ringing from that time yet she attended the call.

Oh God this phone ah…..I’m gonna break this one day. Can’t this sir understand that I can’t attend the call. Suddenly my thoughts were broken by ram papa.
RAM: Swara go attend the call and come. He said and I immediately walked out to the garden and attended the call.
Me: Sry sir, I was bit busy so I didn’t notice your call. (I knew I laid)
Sir: It’s k but when u r coming it’s already getting late.
Ma: My marriage is in one week.
Sir: It’s just a matter of 2 days, ur flight is tomorrow night.
Me: k sir. I said unwillingly now all my thoughts were what should I do and how will go? Even I have signed the papers I can’t take them back too. This is too much so I texted lucky to come out. We both had no idea what should we do at that time sanskaar came, seeing our tensed faced he asked with concern.
SAN: Any problem?
Me: Woh….I have to go to Mumbai and my flight is tomorrow night. (Sensing my worried voice he said)
SAN: I’ll manage now both come in. He said lucky and I had no idea what he is going to do.
Me: Won’t u ask me y I’m going to Mumbai? (I asked as he didn’t even ask me about this).
SAN: Y should i and moreover I knew my Shona does something only when it’s needed. ( This answer made me feel so lucky that I got such a husband now I really don’t know what he is going to do.) POV ends.
Sanskar stood in the middle.
SAN: Everyone please (all stopped their talks and looked towards him).
He continued….. Actually dad and mom woh our business partner has kept a party in Mumbai. As he knew I’m married he asked me to bring swara too. So with your permission can I take her?
Lak: Oh God that’s for next month ( he mumbled to swara).
Sekh: k beta u take her.
Suju: But rituals….
Shomi: Don’t worry they r already married so that won’t be a problem.
After their talks all dispersed.
Swasan were sitting in the flight.
SAN: Swara u know singer riya?
SWA: ya I know a bit, y?
SAN: All her songs are amazing . Wish I meet her as she is in Mumbai.
SWA: Hmm nice.
SAN: but her last track was before 9 months, wish she should sing a song.
SWA: U r prasing her too much.
SAN: Wish I could meet her.
SWA: u r only mine. Saying this swara held his arms and placed her head on his shoulders. Sanskar smiled seeing her possessiveness. The flight landed in Mumbai. Swara took him towards her flat.

Swara got ready in skirt and sleeveless top with scarf on her hairs and left it open.
SWA: Sanskar get up. He nuzzles in sleep.
SWA: Sanskar!
SAN: Shoru some more time please.
Swara tickles him and sanskar was laughing.
SWA: Finally u got up. He quickly held her through her waist. She fell on him and there face were just inches apart.
SAN: Can I take a kiss? Swara closed her eyes to which sanskar smiled. Sanskar was about to kiss her but her phone started to ring. She got up to see who it was and sanskar again laid on the bed.
SAN: No one likes us to be together for this I could have slept nicely. He said and closed his eyes. Swara went and kissed him on his cheek. Sanskar opened his eyes and saw swara going near the door.
SWA: Hope this is enough. She said and smiled, went towards the kitchen while sanskar got ready. He went to the kitchen and saw swara making roties. He hugged her from the back and after having some kitchen romance both ate and left to the music acedamy.
SWA: Sanskar u go home, I’ll call you when my work is over.
SAN: Hmm…..
Swara went in


PRECAP: Sanskar shocked Swara rocked!

Just because of few readers I’m continuing 😔

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