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Love is hard part 98

Heyy loveliess, sorry i havnt uploaded in so long i have been really busy. Please leave comments and some suggestions of tracks i can add. Or if u guys want i can bring this to an end and start a new one

Saiyam and yuvraj were out jogging in the eary morning
Yuvraaj: saiyam tumne baby ka kya socha hai. Do u think she has really changed
Saiyam: i think she maybe has. Like badi dadi she told me that she offered baby to stay here for longer till she gets better but baby said she will try leave as soon as she can
Yuvraj: its so hard trying to see weather she has changed or not
Saiyam: haan but will see
Yuvraaj: acha voh i had to tell u, yuvaan and priya are coming back today
Saiyam: haan they have had quite a holiday.
Yuvraaj: acha unke choro, saiyam u enjoying parenthood
Saiyam: han its tiring but its worth it
Yuvraaj: tumhari bachi bhi bohut happy baby hai
Saiyam: haan.
They both spoke for a while more and left to go to their rooms
Krishna was still sleeping and pari was awake next to her
Saiyam smiled and started whispering: arey pari, when did u wake up.
He picked up and pari and went over to rags room
Rags: hi saiyam
Saiyam: hi, voh tum isse sambhalo please krishna is still sleeping
Rags: han han no problem
Saiyam: or haan voh apne baby ke barre me kya socha hai
Rags: i dont know yar saiyam, i think maybe this time she is actually good, her intentions are different she wants to go and not be a burden on us
Saiyam: han thats what i am thinking, but i guess we still have to he careful . Okay anyways i need to go get ready for work
Rags: haan aj tumhara pehla din haina after baby
Saiyam: haan yar, koi mood nahi hai
Rags: but u have to go. Have fun
They both laughed and saiyam left
And went to his room, krishna had woken up and was getting ready

Krishna: saiyam tum kahan ho suba se
Saiyam: voh i went for jogging
Krishna: acha suhani auntie is making ur lunch and yuvaani made u and karan ur breakfasts
Saiyam: krishna ek baat batao, maine kaam per jana hai aur tumhe fiker hai.
Krishna: haan toh tum itne dino ke baad jare ho, aur pari kis ke saath hai, i need to give her milk now
Saiyam: ufff krishna, calmm down
Krishna: tum bhi na saiyam hamesha slow motion.
Saiyam was in no mood for work ir in an kind if hurry, he just wanted some attention from krishna he went closer to her and held her hands
Krishna: saiyam what are u doing noww
Saiyam: us vakt sai tum boll te jaario, pari rags ke saath hai, aur mere kaapre bhi ready hai, and it seems like ur ready to send me to
Krishna: no saiyam its not like that. I will miss u so much, i dont like going an hour without u
Saiyam kissed her cheek
Saiyam: me neither
Krishna hugged him
Krishna: have a good day
Saiyam: my say will go well when my work starts with u first
Krishna: acha ji, and when was this rule made
Saiyam: this rule was made before ur pregnancy if u try and remember
Krishna: haan i do actually
Saiyam: exactly, tho dedo ab jo mujhe chaiye
Krishna: why do i need to give it to u
Krishna blushed and looked down
Saiyam: ohhh so u want me to give it to u
Krishna stayed quiet and smiled
Saiyam lifted up her chin
Saiyam: see now u have no accuse ftom daily romance. Ur not pregnant anymore means u are all mine again. Just then saiyam gave krishna a kiss
A few minutes after their romance
Saiyam realised he was really getting late so he left laughing.

Krishna went to rags
Krishna: thank u so much rags
Rags: for what krishna
Krishna: just for looking after her so much
Rags: yarr i love this little princess its no problem
Krishna: acha let me feed her milk and u can have her back
Rags: feed her here, i need to talk to u about something
Krishna: han han batao
Rags: per maine yeh baat saiyam yuvaani or karan ke saath bhi karni hai
Krishna: karana and saiyam have left for work but i can call yuvaani
Just then yuvaani walked in holding meera
Yuvaani: tell me what
Krishna: rags nai baat karni koi
Yuvaani: haan batao
Yuvaani put meera on the bed and say opposite krishna
Rags: okay so, in this house before baby came back, there was quite alot of happiness, now she is back i dont want that to be ruined
Krishna: but she might have really changed
Yuvaani: haan thats what it seems like, before coming here i juss gave her breakfast to her, voh bechari can hardly walk, what will she do
Rags: challo yuvaani voh bechari kabse hogi, have u forgotten what she has done with us all, and now if she does anything it will be worst, there are to babies here now
Yuvaani: aur haan, yuvaan aur priya bhi vapas are hai
Krishna: kitna awkward hoga na
Rags: i think we should plan something to find out
Krishna:what kind of plan
Rags: a very simple one
Yuvaani:What do we do
Rags: baby has always been after money rite, so we will talk about where to put the new gold and diamond sets we got and see if she tries to get it
Krishna: yar yeh toh hai bohut simple plan, there is no lying or no harming
Yuvaani: haan aur mumma ko bhi fiker hai ke yeh jewellery sets kahan rakne hai
Rags: okay good, shall we do it now
Krishna: haan get over and done with
Later krishna and yuvaani both went to see baby and started their plan
Krishna: baby do u want anything else
Baby: nai thank you
Yuvaani: baby try and sit up a little more
Baby: i cant yet.
Krishna: okay dont worry try when u have more energy
Baby: can i ask u guys something
Krishna:haan go on
Baby: how can u be so calm while having me in ur house
Yuvaani: because we do good with people, no matter if they do bad to us
Baby: i am sorry
Krishna: no point of sorry, when so much damage already happened
Just then rags came in
Rags: yuvaani where did u put the million worth of gold and diamonds jewellery
Yuvaani: for now i put it in the the room here, mumma will take it after and put it in the lock up with the other sets
Krishna: rags meera aur pari kahan hai
Rags: voh dono bhavna aur suhani ke pas hai
Krishna: acha teek hai
Baby actually paid no attention to this conversation rather she just starred outside, rags yuvani and krishna took notice if this and smiled
They both went out and waited for any attept of baby but with fail
Krishna: iska matlab hai, ke baby vaki mein achi hai ab
All three ladies went to the elders rooms and explained everything
Suhani: its good u guys did this otherwise i was thinking if its safe for her to be here or not
Pratima: haan, challo hum usse el doosra chance deh sakt te hai
Bhavna: haan bilkul

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