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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari’s mum visits Kunti Nivas

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari’s mom visiting Kunti Nivas. Pari’s mom strange talk irritates Kunti. Pari comes and hugs Kunti instead of her mum. Kunti says these mother-daughter duo will make me go one day. She asks Pari to greet her mum. Pari meets her mum. Kunti asks Pratibha to ask Panjiri to bring food for her. Pari’s mum asks Kunti about Prema. Pratibha says she went to her mayka. Pari’s mum asks Kunti to call DJ. Kunti says your DJK came. Kanhaiya comes and greets her. Pari serves food in her mum’s plate. Panjiri asks how is the food? Pari’s mum says you have j in your hand. She says jadoo, but Kanhaiya has become lean. Kanhaiya says I will go to shop. Pari’s mum says now a days, kids want to have dp. Kanhaiya says display pic. Pari’s mum says duple patle. Kanhaiya leaves.

Pari and Pratibha tell that Kanhaiya became fat during cold weather. She tells that she had seen Kanhaiya with fat stomach last winter.

A fb is shown, Pratibha sees kanhaiya’s fat tummy and his shirt button broken. Prema says she will stitch the button. Pratibha sees Kunti and asks Kanhaiya to go to room. Prema says she didn’t break the button. Kunti asks Kanhaiya to change his shirt. Kanhaiya wears shirt and thinks it will come fit, but it is tight. Prema says she had taken off buttons for few months, and also takes his wallet so that I can return it. She says but I haven’t broken any of his shirt buttons. Prartibha says then how is his shirt buttons breaking. Kanhaiya wears shirt and thinks if he has become fat. Pratibha tells Prema that shirt might be tight. Kanhaiya says I have worn it and says he will send Khatru to take tiffin. Kunti gives him Prasad. Kanhaiya says he will have Prasad in shop. Prema stops him and romances with him using peacock feather. Kanhaiya’s shirt button breaks and falls down.

Kunti says may be shirt was tight. Pari asks Kusum if we can take breathe under water. Kusum says no. Pari keeps glass above her nose and says she can keep nose under water. Pratap comes indisguise of a beggar and asks Pari to take selfie with sleeping woman. Kunti comes out. Pratap tell that he knows that she keeps dry fruits in almari. Kunti comes and asks Pratap what is he doing here? Kusum says he is not common thief. Pari says he knows that Kusum hides almonds etc in almari. Kunti asks what else you know? Pratap tells poetry. She asks Kusum to see and says he is damad ji. Pratap says you can see my stomach, but not of your son. Kunti says my son is not having fat stomach. Pratap says Kanhaiya sits idle in shop. Pratibha thinks to do something. fb will continue tomorrow.

Kanhaiya eats much food and become obese. Pratap drags him and says police came.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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