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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul meets his uncle

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men beating up Rahul. Swami asks them to leave Rahul and let him go. Gauri asks Rahul not to worry and just go. Rahul says I won’t go without you. The men throw Rahul out and warn him. Namrata is also there. She asks people about Rahul. She meets Rahul and shouts. A car hits her. She falls down. The bag falls away. Rahul goes. She faints. People gather. Shakti says why did Thakur save me, I wanted to kill him, I want my revenge. She sees Namrata being brought there. The man says she has minor injuries, if there is any problem, call me. Shakti stares at her. Inspector asks Thakur to lodge a complaint. Lakhan says Shakti tries to kill you, she is like poison, she won’t change. Thakur looks on.

Rahul comes to Gauri. She asks why did you come here, there are

Indra’s men. Rahul asks whi is this Swami, what’s his relation with Indra. Gauri says he is related to you also, he is your uncle, his name is Ved, he left home 14 years ago and reached here in this matt, Guru taught him everything and made him Nandsandeshwar Maharaj, the Shivling story was started by him, Indra met him here and learnt about the Shivlings, so Indra started chasing it, the one who has Shivlings will get its powers, then there will be Kaal Bhairav’s anger over everyone. Indra asks her to open the door. Rahul asks her to come along. She refuses. Indra shouts. She opens the door. She says I was changing clothes, but you started knocking the door. Rahul hides.

Indra calls Swami there. He says I gave him my prasad. He beats Swami. Gauri asks Indra to leave Swami, he is his uncle. Indra laughs and says he is Swami, a big Sanyasi, who has no family, I m glad you are with me, you didn’t go with Rahul, when I get shivlings, I will give you a life. He tells Swami that Gauri is his would be bahu, Rahul’s would be wife. He goes. Gauri makes Swami sit and asks are you fine. Rahul comes to him and says you are Ved right, I can’t believe you are here, we lost all hopes, come with me, what happened. Gauri says Swami is blessed with powers, he has seen Indra at the ghat with Shivlings. Swami says Indra has promised someone that he will make him mortal, he has fooled me and learnt how to use Shivling powers, tomorrow on Kashi ghat, Indra will be with shivlings.

Flash shows Indra telling everyone that Mahadev has sent a Lord for them, take Shiv’s name, Shivaye Indra…. then he will give a proof. He says I will kill you all and then revive you back, don’t get scared. The people run around. Indra says don’t get scared, I was dead in Siddhpur temple, but I was alive by Lord’s blessing. His men stab some people. Indra sits chanting and gives life to the people. People get amazed and preach him like Lord. Gauri says we won’t let this happen, we will stop this from happening.

Swami says Shivlings should be placed in Siddhpur, else Kaal Bhairav’s wrath will begin. Namrata reaches Kashi ghat. Gauri sees the shivlings dipping in the river.

Update Credit to: Amena

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