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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika promises Dhani to give her husband

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alek comes out of basket. Kesar says how you came in that? Alek says this Varun beat me and locked me in this basket so he could marry Devika. Varun says marriage is done. Alek is about to slap Varun but Lajjo holds his hand and says dont you dare put hands on our son in law, he keeps our daughter like a princess. Father says he takes care of our daughter, if you try to hurt our son in law then we will kill you. Alek thinks that you married her but I will enjoy marriage night with her, he leaves. Varun says to family that dont worry, I will keep my wife happy, calm her and love her, I will do everything right.

Maasa says to Varun that you are great hero, you got married to her, I will get my property now, you did what you said. Varun says but.. Maasa says you are a

great hero, I told you to trap Devika and marry her then I will get my money and you did it, I will give you money as I promised you. Devika is standing near door and claps, she heard everything. Devika says I thought you love me thats why marrying me, you cheated me again, I thought I will marry a nice person but you dont have any identity, you are just a pawn, she leaves. Varun says Devika.. Maasa says leave her, you dont have to spend whole life with her, once we get money then you can go on your way and she can go to hers. Varun thinks I married her, we will go on one path.

Devika comes to her room and sees it decorated, she tries to tear it down but Varun comes there and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Varun says I didnt hold your hand to leave it. Devika asks him to get lost. Varun says we are married, you are my wife, I have right to come closer to you, no rule can stop me from coming closer to you. Devika says you showed your colors, you think this is right? Varun says yes this is right, I dont like to be away from you, I dont like wasting time. He comes closer to her and pins her, Devika closes her eyes thinking he is going to kiss her but Varun switches off lights behind her and says if I had to do all this then I would have done it way before, I am not in mood, you have to work more to get me, he leaves. Devika sadly sits on bed. She tries to calm her nerves. She covers herself in dupatta and lies on bed. She sleeps. Varun comes back to room and sees her sleeping. Boldo na zara plays as Varun comes near her and caresses her face, he sees her shivering and covers her in blanket. Devika wakes up and asks what are you doing? They hear Kesar shouting for Dhani and runs to her.

Scene 2
Varun and Devika comes out Dhani’s room. Kesar says Dhani have locked herself in room and not opening it, Jaggu and Maasa are not in house too. Varun asks Dhani to open it. Kesar says to Devika that this is all happening because of you. Varun asks Dhani to not do anything stupid. Devika jumps in her room from window. Dhani is about to cut her wrist and asks Devika to remain away otherwise I will kill myself. Devika slaps her and takes knife from her, she asks what happened? Dhani says you snatched my Varun from me, I love him.. Devika says I dont accept him as my husband, tomorrow lawyer will come, he can take money then we dont have to be in this forceful relation, he married me forcefully and tomorrow we will end it, you can keep Varun, you can marry him then, I am your sister and I am giving you word that I will give his hand in yours, Varun is yours, I will give him to you. Dhani hugs her. Varun is about to break the door but Devika opens it. Varun bumps into her and they both fall down. Kesar runs to Dhani. Varun lovingly gazes at Devika. Devika moves back. Devika says she promised to not do anything stupid. Varun says what did you do to pacify her? she says I dont care.

In morning, Varun is sleeping shirtless. Devika hits him with pillows, and asks him to wake up, its morning PP. Varun asks what is PP? Devika says its Pakao Pati, you wanted to marry me right? come down and I will show you, she leaves.

Devika ties Maasa, Jaggu, Urmi and Kesar. She says you people kept seeing when I was forcefully married. Devika brings hunter and says what punishment should we give to them. Dhani stands with Devika. Devika says now lets come to the point.

PRECAP- Devika’s robe tie gets lose. Devika thinks Varun pulled and says tharki man, get away from me. Varun pulls her closer and says dont take me as man who likes to cheap acts. Urmi sends her poisonous snake to their room and says bite anyone of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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