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Is Love Possible After Marriage?? (Kanchi) Episode 2


Kanchi’s Wedding

Sanchi’s Rudeness

First Day As A Married Couple


Is Love After Marriage Possible?? Episode 2

Shailesh: Accha Sanchi tell us more about your hobbies, your dad was telling me that you love to dance and sing. And that you are a great athlete

Sanchi: Umm  I used to dance and sing. But not anymore

Kusum: He also talked about your friend, Sameer

Sanchi: Sameer, my best friend!! I love him … as a friend. We’ve had so many good times. But now he is in London.

Shailesh: London??

Sanchi: Yes Sameer and I applied to work in London and we got accepted but I decided to decline because of Dad

Meera: Accha Bhabhi when we were at your house we saw a lot of trophies

Sanchi: Well in college I was a competitive runner and swimmer and female cricket player

Chachu: Wow, you are an all-rounder.

Kusum: Do you still continue all that??

Sanchi: Not really since …. Since I started working I never really had time for myself

Chachi: Such a rude boss

Meera: Maa Bhai is Sanchi’s head

Chachi: Exactly

Shailesh: Accha so what was your schedule like

Sanchi: Honestly speaking, my schedule is waking up, shower, get ready, work and come home exhausted, work on my laptop and fall asleep

Vivaan: Not even working out

Sanchi: I spend all my time working and arguing at work and that is enough of a work out for me

Shailesh: Well now that you are married and so is your head maybe he will be a bit more nicer

Sanchi: I wouldn’t prefer that. Just because I’m married that shouldn’t affect my work and my working ethics.

Vivaan: Hey Bhabhi is Sameer that famous youtuber

Sanchi: Yes…

Vivaan: Bingo

Kusum: Let me see


On Video

Sameer: Hey guys this is Sameer… and today WE am back home after 2 whole months!! And a treat for all of y’all

Sameer flips the camera

High (Dua Lipa, 2018)

Sameer and Sanchi start romantically dancing to the song… but then


Sameer: Guys we might have a problem.


Sanchi: WHOOO again

Sameer: Someone’s in a sad mood

Sanchi: Yeah because I declined London

Sameer: WHY!!! That was your… our dream since HS. You always wanted to leave India

Sanchi: I can’t leave everything on Sunny when he himself is going through a tough time

Sameer: Sanchi… why UGH

Sanchi: Sorry

Sameer: Sorry guys time for a private talk

End of Video

Chachi: Sanchi

Sanchi: Yes, my bhabhi was actually pregnant and Sunny bhai temporarily left the business and it wasn’t going so well. So I had to stay, at first I deeply regretted it and somewhere down I still do unfortunately I can’t change the past

Just then Sunny came to pick up Sanchi

Sunny slowly walked to Sanchi and scared her

Sanchi: Nice try but I can see you on the table  

Sunny: But…

Sanchi got up and saw Sameer

Sanchi’s face lit up and Sameer slowly walked to Sanchi opening his arms

Sameer: Idiot, I left you alone for a year and you got married. Aur mere pyaar ka kya hua

Sanchi: Sorry but I don’t go for sore losers

Sanchi hugged him and he hugged her back

Sameer: Sorry I missed your wedding but I brought you a gift

Sanchi: I just wanted you to be here

Sunny: Sorry Uncle Aunty, I just walked in

Kusum: It’s fine!!

Sunny hugged Kabir and then Kabir went to Sanchi

Sameer: Hello

Kabir: Hi

Sanchi: Sameer, that’s Kabir

Sunny: Can I take Sanchi and Kabir with me

Shailesh: Go ahead beta


Sameer takes Sanchi outside

Sameer: Why are you wearing this tacky thing. What happened to the Sanchi who wears tight dresses and is always looking like she is going clubbing

Sanchi: Shut up Sameer


Sanchi: OH… MY… GOD

Everyone was standing in shock…

Sanchi: A TESLA!!

Sunny: Naina?! Rohit!!

Sameer: Your welcome

Sanchi: I love you!!!

Sanchi hugged Sameer…

Sameer: I am your best friend for a reason.

Sunny went to hug Naina and Rohit

Sameer: Let me fill you in, Sanchi’s dream car the Tesla Model 3. And Naina Bhabhi and Sunny argued and Naina took Rohit and left.

Kabir: Aren’t you a great friend

Sameer: Thanks, this is your car too IF Sanchi lets you drive it


So they all drive to the Mishra House

Sanchi: Papa!!!

Suniel: Sanchi!! Naina!! Rohit!!!!!


So the Mishra family has reunited and Kabir and Sanchi spent some time in the Mishra household but Sanchi had to go back. Along with ALL her clothes…

Sanchi: Can’t I take Nawab (dog)

Rohit: No Mishri!! Nawab is my buddy

Sanchi: Theek hai, see you on Sunday champion

Rohit: Bye UNCLE

Sanchi high fived Rohit


Drive Back

Kabir: Why does Rohit call you Mishri

Sanchi: Because Bua sounds tacky so Mishri is what he is suppose to call me

Kabir: Then I should think of a nickname

Sanchi(mumbles): Khadoos works

Kabir: You say something

Sanchi: Hmm?? Nothing, can I turn on the radio

Kabir: Sure

Sanchi turns on the radio and it plays Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan (Veer Zaara, 2004) but immediately turns off the radio


Kapoor Mansion

Meera: Bhabhi is back!!

Vivaan: So…

Sanchi: So…



Chachi: Hope you had a fun little trip

Sanchi: Hmm

Chachu: I see your luggage is here

Sanchi: Ji Chachu

Chachu: My my

Sanchi: Sorry …

Chachi: Don’t worry!! We renovated the closet to fit your stuff in

Sanchi: Thank you

Kusum calls for dinner

Vivaan: Bhabhi here

Sanchi: Sorry but I don’t eat dinner, I will usually have a fruit before sleeping and a glass of water

Meera: Kya??

Sanchi: I still maintain my diet despite work

Shailesh: That’s good beta. You may go if you wish…

Sanchi: Maa why don’t I serve

Kusum: … Okay

Sanchi serves dinner and then goes upstairs



Today was the first day of me being Sanchi Mishra Kapoor. And I hated it, I just hated it with all my gut. I just want to go back home. I wish I never had gotten married into this family. They are so strict and disciplined. I feel like I am in a military academy. And my family, what do they expect?? Did they really expect me to have s*x with Kabir, a man I barely know. Let me tell you right now if I ever fall in love with Kabir Kapoor just know it will be fake, just a show for the world to smile upon. BUT I know I signed up for this and I accept all the responsibility that comes along with this role, I will try to be nice and act well but I … I am telling you I will lose it on day. Hopefully that day isn’t too soon.

Just then Kabir walks in and Sanchi hurriedly closes her diary… Kabir notices but figures that he shouldn’t ask…


The Next Morning,

Sanchi wakes up before and quickly gets ready and opens the curtains to let some beautiful sunshine in.

Kabir: Sanchi… close the curtains

Sanchi: Wake up

Kabir: It’s only … 8!!!!

After Kabir got ready

Kabir: Where are you going??

Sanchi: Hmm


Sanchi: Outside

Kabir: I’ll come


Kapoor Garden

Sanchi: Lovely garden

Kabir: Yeah, I remember as kids working on it as a family

Sanchi: That’s sweet…

Kabir: Any long lasting memories of your family…

Sanchi: Well I’ve always been really close to my dad and mom never liked to travel so sometimes Sunny and I would on business trips with my dad and we always had a blast.


Shailesh and Kusum

Shailesh: She is really changing our Kabir

Kusum: She is just getting to know him, after all he is your son. He won’t open up easily

Shailesh: Are you calling me Khadoos??

Kusum: Maybe??

Shailesh rolls his eyes.

Shailesh: Let’s leave them alone now

Kusum: Hmm

Kanchi Walking Back Inside

Sanchi: I mean you are the Khahoos of SDCH, according to most staff members, patients, and ALL interns

Kabir: True

Sanchi continues to walk but Kabir stands in his place

Sanchi: Are you coming??

Kabir: Yeah, sorry

Sanchi: “Ugh I wanna go ride in my car but this Kabir had to join me” When is breakfast

Kabir: In an hour

Sanchi: And lunch

Kabir: Noonish

Sanchi: Okay

Kabir: Why

Sanchi: Just wondering “ So that I can leave this stupid jail for a few hours and just relax ”


So Kanchi go back to their room and chill but when Sanchi got up she slipped on the carpet and Kabir tried to catch her but fell on her… Both in a deep eyelock…

**Knock Knock**

They snapped out of it and then Kabir pulled Sanchi up. And Kabir went to open the door

Kriti: Sorry but breakfast is served

Kabir: Okay

Kriti: Do you know where Vivaan Bhai is

Kabir: Gym?? Or Kitchen??

Kriti: Thanks

Kabir closes the door

Sanchi: Sorry about the slip

Kabir: It’s fine


Sunday Afternoon

So throughout the week, Sanchi got accustomed to the Kapoor family and life with Kabir and now Sunday, their reception!!

Sanchi: What to wear, no red!!

Kabir: Let me know what you will wear so that I can try to match

Sanchi smiles

Sanchi: Umm I was going to wear pink and black

Kabir: Great. I have pink cufflinks

Sanch: Do you have every color

Kabir: Pretty much



Sanchi was getting ready and Kabir was putting on his pink cufflinks when he saw Sanchi and just got lost in her looks

Sanchi: I didn’t think you actually had pink cufflinks

Kabir: …

Sanchi sits in front of the vanity and Kabir stands behind tying his tie

Kabir: Shall we my lady

Sanchi walked right out the door and waited for Kabir to get in front of her


Both walk downstairs

Sanchi: So do we stay together??

Kabir: Follow my lead sweetheart

Sanchi: Don’t call me that


Everyone was looking at our Kanchi when they were coming down the stairs and why wouldn’t they… the best two doctors and both equally gorgeous, and MATCHING. So cute

First the entire Kapoor family took a picture

Kusum: My my, both you look amazing.

Chachi: Are you two matching

Kabir looked at each other

Meera: You two are so cute

Vivaan imitates Meera

Meera: Shut up

The photographer takes a few more pictures of just Kanchi and then the Malhotras come and take a picture… Kabir’s friends… Sanchi’s friends… hospital gang…. And finally the Mishras. Then Sanchi went to Sameer and took a bunch of selfie and pictures.

Sameer: Sanchi …

Sanchi: Yes

Sameer: Why??

Sanchi: What

Sameer: Why did you get married

Sanchi: Because it was high time I get married

Sameer: Nice one, you can’t sacrifice everything for your family.

Sanchi: I’ve done it in the past, I am doing it now and will continue to do so

Sameer: Don’t be kiddish


Kabir called Sanchi over

Sanchi: We can talk later


Kabir and Sanchi whispering to each other

Sanchi: This feels like our wedding all over again

Kabir: I think I’ve gone blind from all these flashes

Sanchi: Who’s genius idea was it to invite the media

Kabir: Vivaan probably

Sanchi: My jaw will fall off any minute… no more pictures please

Kabir calls a waiter and gives Sanchi some water and he himself gets one glass as well

Sanchi: Thank you

Kabir: Dosti mein

Sanchi: No thank you or sorry

Both smiled at each other


Just then a journalist(J) came

J: Sir and Ma’am both of y’all are looking absolutely fantastic

Kabir: Cut to the point

J: May we schedule a interview

Kabir: Sorry but we will not do live interviews

J: How about for newspapers or online or youtube channels

Kabir: Maybe

Sanchi: I think it is a wonderful idea, we will look into our schedules and let you know

J: Thank you Ma’am

Sanchi: Enjoy the rest of the evening… why were you so rude

Kabir: I don’t like the media

Sanchi: I can tell

Kabir looked at her and smiled

Sanchi: You say that you hate the media yet you are giving them the opportunity to take our pictures…  

And with that Sanchi walks away.


Isha and Pragya go to Sanchi

Isha: So for how long were you planning to steal my hottie

Sanchi: Please you can have him

Isha: No seriously though

Sanchi: What do you mean?? We literally fought all the time, and then went on like three dates before our marriage

Isha: Come on Sanchi you both have been looking at each other the ENTIRE night

Pragya just looked annoyed at Sanchi

Sanchi: Well if I am married to him then I have to be around him for the media.

Ishagya: Sure …

Sanchi: Shut up guys

Kabir looked at Sanchi and she went to him

Uncle: Arre waah, telepathic communication

Kabir: Meet my wife, Sanchi

Pragya walked away angrily and Isha followed


Veer on the mic

Veer: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us today for Kabir and Sanchi’s reception. I personally have a small request from ALL of us. If this lovely couple can please give a performance…


Kanchi both looked at each other and then quickly look away…

Veer: Please

Everyone started clapping for them and finally they went to the dance stage…


Janam Janam (Dilwale, 2015)

Sanchi and Kabir slowly start dancing together…

Sanchi: “Shit, my foot is bleeding”

End of Song


Once the song is over and the guests stop clapping, Sanchi rushes to their room and plops down…

Sanchi: Sanchi why do you wear these heels when you always end up bleeding… uff

She takes off her shoes tries looking for a first aid kit

Sanchi: Now I am doubting if he is a doctor…



Isha: Kabir

Kabir: Yes

Isha: Was Sanchi wearing heels

Kabir: I think so why

Isha: You might want to take a first aid kit upstairs

Kabir: Why!! What happened

Isha: Just take a kit and go


Kabir quickly grabbed a first aid and quickly walked up

Isha: Now you

Pragya: What

Isha: Look happy, smile. You look like an angry bull

Pragya: That’s because my anger is just boiling inside of me. How can  

Isha: Shh, chalo mere saath


Vivaan heard Isha and Pragya and went to call Meera and Kriti and they followed Isha and Pragya.


Isha: Okay now talk

Pragya: Yaar Sanchi has reached her limit. Good thing we saw her diary, I know we should’ve just given her diary but I had to read and when I read the page she wrote the night before her marriage. Yaar Sanchi ka dimag poori tarah se hill chuka hai.

Isha: Pragya !!

Pragya: Don’t you dare side with her, she sacrificed her entire life for her parents. I love my dad but I love my life as well. Which girl in this time gets married so that her parents are happy and isn’t a burden.

Isha: Many

Pragya: But she just ruined her life and Kabir’s life. How long will she be able to put up an act?? Huh a few weeks, months, one day she will break. And don’t you remember last time what happened

Isha: Pragya… Sanchi put herself in this situation so she can handle it. We aren’t school kids

Pragya: Exactly we aren’t kids!!! She has gotten married to Kabir but why?? I was suspicious when she said yes to Kabir, I knew there was something going on.

Isha: Pragya, calm down.

Pragya: Isha maybe you can see her go through this and act like she is happy but I can’t. I can’t play along

Isha: You have too, this is Sanchi’s personal life and we no longer have any right to interfere.

Pragya: But

Isha: Shush, for Sanchi please

Pragya: Until she doesn’t explode

Isha: Fine


Author’s Note:

Again I know a lot of you probably don’t like this because it’s the opposite. Here Sanchi is rude and Khadoos whereas our Kabir is trying to put an effort in the relationship and I completely understand that but please I really wanted to write this and Sanchi’s heart will start to melt soon.

I know this is spaced out weirdly. I type the ff on Google Docs and then paste it on Telly but it spaces it out so much!! Sorry about that


Definitely Saturday, Wednesday depends


Last but not least Sameer will not be a villian just a mental support system for Sanchi.



Kanchi’s first day at work since marriage

Sanchi’s Heart To Melt (a little)


Hope You Guys Have A Relaxing Day!!!

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